Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Billions Go To Our Enemy

No Money For Our U.S. Military But Billions Go To Our Enemy

I received this notification from one of my readers, it is an action alert…

By de Andréa
March 6, 2013

As I’m sure you are aware, that on the first day of this month, President Obama imposed the so-called Sequester, a budget control act that will dramatically impact our military strength among other vital things.  Already, the Army is planning to cut tens of thousands of soldiers.  But something you likely didn’t know is that on the 4th,  just 3 days later, Obama’s new Communist Secretary of State John Kerry, announced the payment of $250 million in new taxpayer aid to the Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt, moreover our government is scheduled to give $billions more.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood government has implemented Shariah law, it has vowed to destroy America, and it murders Christians, breaks its peace treaty with Israel, and obstructs our investigation of the Obama Benghazi terror attacks.  Why are we starving our military while giving our enemy the Muslim Brotherhood an economic stimulus?  Because Obama is a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood that has vowed to destroy America, and since your Muslim President has the same goal, he commits treason and supports the Enemy of the free world.

You can do your part to save your country from tyranny.  No!  Don’t leave it up to someone else, today; the ACLU is launching a new campaign, demanding that our government cut the Muslim Brotherhood's budget before it cuts our own military.  America must cut its budget deficit, but the first cut, should be the terrorist Jihadists that have vowed to kill and destroy us.

Thanks for your support – de Andréa
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