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State Department Considered Honoring A Terrorist

State Department Considered Honoring A Terrorist

This story released by Fox News on the O’Reilly Factor typifies both the promotion of, and the ignorance of, ‘Islamic hate and supremacy’ by most of the American people and especially our Government officials.

By de Andréa
March 9, 2013

Before I begin I will say that I really don’t make this stuff up as I have often been accused.  I know this is bazaar, but ‘everything’ I write is well documented including this insanity…  This is so telling of the devil leading the willfully blind!

The State Department was pressured recently by “The Weekly Standard” to finally reverse its decision to honor an anti-America hate filled Jihadist Muslim woman called Samara Ibrahim, a so-called Egyptian Women’s Rights Activist who is a member of the terrorist group - The World Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.  She is known for regularly displaying anti-Semitic and anti-American hate all over the internet.  Watch the video of Bill O’Reilly investigates.

I continually write about the fact that in General, Chairman Obama has the Nation, including the Federal Government officials, buffaloed about the fact that he is an anti-American anti- Semitic Muslim Sleeper Jihadist himself.  No!  I really mean that, if you look closely at the last four years of his treasonous actions regarding Islam and his support of the World Terrorist Jihadist group called the Muslim Brotherhood, and all the leaks of secret Intel to the enemy regarding Israel, one cannot help but see that Obama is a Treasonous “Enemy of the State”.  But alas most people are mesmerized by his satanic like power of the teleprompter.  He even told the world that he was a Muslim and somehow it just went over the heads of the western mind especially the blind and brainwashed politically correct robots.  

Read what the liberal Washington Post published about this useless piece of …garbage that pretends to be an American president; they just may be turning on their own.

After listening to Bill O’Reilly’s report on this blatantly obscene disgusting plan by Obama’s State Department of honoring this enemy of America, I just couldn’t make the connection to John Kerry or even former Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Even though this was a so-called achievement award given’ by the State Department, this had to have come directly from Obama.  But oh’ did they get caught…

Read just a few of the wonderful things this so-called honorable Muslim overachiever Samara Ibrahim “tweeted” about America, and the Jews, she also subscribes to Hitler’s Ideology, probably because it is fundamentally the same as Islam’s and well…Obama’s as well.  She tweeted a quote from her and Obama’s hero - Adolph Hitler saying: “No act contrary to morality, no crime against society, takes place except with the Jews having a hand in it.”  And she also expresses her love for America on the day the U.S. Embassy was attacked in Cairo Egypt by writing:  “Today is the anniversary of 9/11, may every year come with America burning.”  And after a terrorist attack in Bulgaria that killed 5 Jews she tweeted: “Today is a very sweet day with a lot of sweet news.”  Hate murder and mayhem is “sweet news” to any Muslims ears. 
After their so-called “careful consideration,” what did the State Department think would be this woman’s ideology?  I mean come on…she’s a Muslim and Muslims hate…period.  They are taught to hate from birth my friend, they are indoctrinated, brainwashed, programmed to hate and kill Jews, Christians, and anything that isn’t Allah/Satan, and Sharia/Islam…again I say…period!!!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Did they really think she might have been a so-called moderate Muslim who would ‘WHAT!  Moderately hate and kill Americans and Jews…  Wake up Congress and State Department…there are no moderate Muslims, one is either a Muslim or one is not, and your boss Obama is the enemy of America, who is promoting and supporting Islam, the enemy of the world.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa 

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