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Declare War On The Despotic United Nations

Declare War On
The Despotic United Nations
The United Nations is an unelected world hegemony of wannabe dictators.

By de Andréa
March 27, 2013

For the last fifty years or so, the United Nations has been working towards global disarmament through their US Conference on the so-called Arms Trade Treaty (“ATT”) which continues this week in New York City.  Many UN Member Nations have signed on to the treaty ignorantly disarming their own citizens, and that my friend, is exactly what the UN wants to see happen in the United States.  You will be left helpless in the face of ‘World Despotism’.  

Food for thought…if you for whatever reason don’t by into this conspiracy of the UN to disarm the world, even though it is well documented.  And if you also believe that the control of arms will have a direct effect on lowering the crime rate…Think…why would the UN be interested in the crime rate of an independent sovereign country?  The UN has nothing to do with crime and law enforcement within a sovereign country!  It’s because ATT has nothing to do with crime, or the control of guns, but has everything to do with the international control of PEOPLE and world despotism.  It’s the only way the dots connect my friend.

The United Nations is a self appointed unelected hegemony, accountable to no one, working to outlaw our American Constitutional rights and freedoms.  Bear in mind the ATT treaty if signed, also encompasses a nation’s military.  The ultimate goal of the UN Arms Trade Treaty is to regulate ‘all’ arms world wide - leaving the UN Military the only fully armed force in the world, moreover as in all terrorist organizations ‘world wide’, the U.S. is its largest supporter.

The UN is not working alone
The UN has a propaganda machine that is tirelessly working every day targeting American constitutional organizations such as the NRA and painting Free American gun owners as evil.  That propaganda machine is known as “The International Action Network on Small Arms” (“IANSA”) located in London, England.

According to IANSA’s mission statement, through research, and advocacy campaigning, IANSA members are promoting local, national, regional and global measures and, its goal is “to stop the proliferation of small arms and light weapons world wide.” IANSA’s power and influence comes from over 500 anti-Freedom, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are members of the group.  As Hitler did, they align themselves with the nation of Islam who also hates America as well as Freedom. 

Rebecca Peters, who originally headed up IANSA, and is still on its board of directors, also worked for well-known, billionaire, and America-hater George Soros’s Open Society Institute, a Communist affiliated organization.  Ms. Peters has been successful in obtaining an endless supply of money for IANSA’s gun-ban agenda from Soros.

Ms. Peters led the gun ban in her home country of Australia, and is resigned to do the same to Americans.  Ms. Peters is now a so-called international arms control advocate.  With her leadership, the Australian gun law banned all gun ownership.  The Australian government destroyed more than 700,000 of these weapons, with the largest gun buyback and destruction program in history.  While America, in spite of the increase in guns, the crime rate has decreased over the past decade, Australia’s violent crime rate has climbed to over 170 percent of what it was before its national gun-ban.  They are not interested in controlling the crime rate or even the control of guns; what they want is to control ‘you’ completely.

Britain gave a $2 million grant to IANSA in 2001 through an organization the Britain Socialists created to hide the real source of this money, known as the Global Conflict Prevention Pools (“GCPP”), whose said purpose is disarmament and controlling the proliferation of small arms.  It makes one wonder, after nearly 240 years: Did we really ever truly win our freedom from the King of England?  Yes we did, but the fight to preserve it, has never stopped.

UNICEF, an anti-American UN organization which has always had a misrepresented reputation for benevolence in the world, is a partner in all of this.  According to Carol Bellamy, Executive Director, “The spread of small arms creates a serious global problem and requires an equally urgent response, because the lives and futures of children are at stake.  These weapons have extinguished more young lives than they have protected.”  FBI Stats show just the opposite.

"The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes.”  -- Thomas Paine

"No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.”  -- General Douglas MacArthur

What are you doing to preserve freedom for your kids and Grand kids…?  Or are they going to ask you…why...why didn’t you do ‘something,’ ‘anything’.

England and Australia have already proven that their gun bans have backfired.  Crimes in disarmed countries have sky rocketed and innocent victims have been left defenseless in every so-called GUN FREE country.  Nevertheless, many countries are already enforcing the UN’s agenda, such as Japan, England, and surprisingly, Canada – leading the way.

The UN’s ultimate goal is a binding international world treaty and the UN just may succeed.  If a treaty is ratified just by 2/3rd’s of the Senate, that’s it…, the house the peoples representatives, will have no vote…why do you the people or the individual states have nothing to say about this atrocity?  READ THIS.  ‘All’ our rights will be gone, not just the Second Amendment my friend.  Remember the Second Amendment is what ultimately protects all of our other rights and freedom.  It says so “…it is necessary for the security of a free State”… 

On the other hand, maybe all that is necessary to lose all our rights, is an anti-gun President, who will pass yet another executive order, such as President Clinton did in the early 1990s with the implementation of the United Nations Agenda 21.  Agenda 21 has been stealthily and surreptitiously implemented under the secret code-name of “Sustainable Development” for the past 20 years.

Thomas P. Kilgannon, President of the Freedom Alliance, and author of “Diplomatic Divorce: Why the US Should End its Love Affair with the UN” describes the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty being discussed in New York this week, as “an international agreement that is very broad and overreaching.”  Mr. Kilgannon claims that the UN Arms Trade Treaty is trying to regulate the manufacture, ownership, and possession of conventional firearms, big and small.  It would also reach into other aspects of the manufacturing, technology, related parts and equipment that are all part of the firearms industry and create a UN international bureaucracy that would adjudicate and enforce the provisions of the treaty.  According to Mr. Kilgannon, the UN Arms Trade Treaty aims to “track and regulate every gun ever made.”  The NRA said the treaty would also regulate the manufacture of shotguns.  All arms…

So, the question is, can the Senate pass a treaty that contradicts our own Constitution, and do they care?  Moreover, do we currently have an anti-gun President and Senate?  During the Democrat Presidential debate back in 2008 between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, a question was asked about Washington DC’s then gun control law which had been in place since 1976 turning DC into the murder capital of the world and which then was before the Supreme Court.  The question asked was - if this gun control law, which “prohibited” gun ownership conflicted with an individual’s Constitutional right to bear arms.  President Obama replied, “Just because you have an individual right doesn’t mean that that state or local government can’t “constrain” the exercise of that right.”  Is “prohibition” the same as “constraint”?  Doesn’t our Second Amendment state that our right to bear arms “shall not be infringed” in anyway?  Of course it does, but again they don’t care!  You my friend need to make them care…

THE BOTTOM LINE: Americans have more to be concerned about than NY Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act and the U.S. Federal regulations to disarm us.  It’s time for us to look back at history, look at the big picture, and connect the dots over the past 250 years.

It’s time to get the Oppressive United Nations out of the Free United States while it’s still’ FREE and we still’ can.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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