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From historical Spartan fighters comes the statement “Molon Labe” which is a Greek expression for ‘Come And Take Them If You Can’

By de Andrae
March 20, 2013

Molon Labe is also the motto of the United States Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT)  

Starting March 18-28 the United Nations will again meet with an updated draft to try to finalize passage of its Small Arms Treaty, however it doesn’t seem to be a story that one can find anywhere, despite the fact that it is the now the 20th of March.

Conservative blogs and sites are as guilty as the slipperystream Media.  Almost no one is speaking out against a Treaty that has the ability to change America, and the world, as we know it, forever.  To give credit where credit is due I will say that the NRA has not’ dropped this fight.  It just seems that most everyone else views it as a non-story.  As of this morning I found seven sources reporting the story within the last two days.  I consider that unacceptable.  Here is a quote from NRA opposes U.N. arms treaty, which was published yesterday in The Washington Post:

“The NRA is among the treaty’s most vocal opponents and a founder of the World Forum on Shooting Activities, an international coalition of gun rights activists and gun manufacturers who plan to speak against the treaty.

‘What we really object to is the inclusion of civilian firearms within the scope of the ATT,’[Arms Trade Treaty] said Tom Mason, the group’s executive secretary and a lawyer who has represented the NRA at U.N. meetings for nearly two decades.  ‘This is a treaty that really needs to address the transfer of large numbers of military weapons that leads to human rights abuses.  We have submitted language that you can define what a civilian firearm is.’

The NRA also argues that the treaty could infringe on gun rights as understood in the United States and could force Americans onto an international registry.”

I can’t help but think that the media is under some official White House Gestapo gag order over The UN Small Arms Trade Treaty.  Think about it.  This story should be all over every American news website everyday.  Especially knowing how everyone wants the “scoop” in journalism.

It’s all about agendas.  The Fuhrer Obama did not officially endorse this treaty until after he fixed the 2012 election.  Obama was elected on November 6th, 2012 and on November 7th, 2012 he officially endorsed the treaty.  How obvious is that?  The administration blamed Hurricane Sandy for the timing of the matter, but they always have an excuse.  An excuse is not an explanation.  To wait until after the election to declare a stance on such an important issue is, at the very least, not providing the American people with the so-called transparency that they need to make good decisions.  Do Republicans do it too?  Oh yes, without a doubt.  This is one reason I consider myself independent.

Previously Obama objected to the treaty and its inclusion of ammunition as part of the agreement.  Egypt and Syria carried the same objection mmm! Very interesting I wonder why.  The Chinese and Russians also objected for different reasons.

But now it seems like no one is objecting and my sincere hope is that our Senate will hold their ground, because it will take only 2/3 of them to ratify this treaty that if passed will eventually ‘End Freedom World Wide’.  As of last year we had a majority of the Senate objecting to this treaty, but we have to remember that Obama was also objecting.  Now that “The Fuhrer” has spoken, many of his brainwashed subjects will begin to follow.  And with a democrat majority in The Senate it will take only a handful of RINO Senators to insure the ratification of the UN Small Arms Treaty.  As DiFi’s Gun Ban Bill has been virtually defeated will the UN ATTreaty take its place? 

The democrats currently have a 53-45 majority but in reality you could argue that it is 55-45.  The two independents are generally left-leaning.  If the democrats and independents vote in favor of the Fuhrer’s position then it would take only 12 Republican votes to ratify this.  I am not saying that this is likely, but it could happen.  Remember The Fuhrer just finished romancing 12 Republicans, is there a connection…time will tell.

Let’s not forget what happened during Senator Rand Paul’s historic filibuster:
“Wednesday night in Washington was a big one for the future of the Republican Party. At the Capitol building, Sen. Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican, was filibustering the nomination of John Brennan as director of the CIA.  At the swanky Jefferson Hotel, Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, was convening a dinner with President Barack Obama and 12 other Republican senators. These simultaneous events revealed while elephants are no closer to resolving their party-wide identity crisis, there is a way forward.”

OK, so what were they talking about at that dinner?  You won’t get a straight answer, though I’m sure at least one or two Rand Paul barbs came out.  But again, how many votes would need to come from Republicans to ratify?  Potentially as few as 12.  How many Republican Senators dined with the President while Rand Paul was fighting for America? Thirteen.

I think that may be part of the reason that more conservative blogs and sites are not running this story, it is simply because they think this has no chance to make it through the Senate.  I would respectfully disagree.

I think we are in a fight for our freedom here, and I think it is passed time to raise some major awareness on this issue.  Whether you can share this on social media or bombard your Senators with emails…anything will help.  We must raise awareness before it’s too late.

This is just another “backdoor” attempt to suspend the conditions of the 2nd amendment, and just another step in the process to systematically grind it away.  Accepting the terms of this agreement is a clear violation of our constitutionally protected rights and it violates our ability to protect our lives and freedom.

Obama is not my dictator.

The United Nations has no authority on American soil.

These are the facts.  We are protected in this country by Constitutional law which the current lawmakers seem determined to rip to shreds.

This will not happen on my watch.  I am an American Patriot.

You will not take my guns and you will not infringe on my rights that are protected by the Constitution, and they are endowed by Our Creator.

THE BOTTOM LINE: It is more than past time to get vocal.  There is a plan in place to destroy this country and you cannot count on our Senate to hold the line this time.  We must make sure that they hear our voices and realize that there will be consequences if they cross this line.

So today we must draw a line in the sand and tell them, ‘don’t you dare cross it’.  Moreover, we have to mean what we say.  We cannot keep ignorantly endorsing and protecting people who do not have our best interests at heart.

Molon Labe My Friend! 

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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