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Joe Says Fire Your Shotgun Through The Door

Joe Says Fire Your Shotgun Through The Door
A Virginia Beach resident did just what V.P. Joe Biden told him to do and he went to jail.  No, not Joe…Trevor Snowden of Virginia Beach.

By de Andréa
March 3, 2013

If your government tells you to do something that is against the law…don’t’ do it.

During the past few weeks, Vice President Joe Biden has been passing out advice on how to use a shotgun--the problem is, most of what he has advised Americans to do, is against the law.  Virginia Beach resident Trevor Snowden found this out the hard way when he fired "a shotgun out of his back door" and faced charges for "reckless handling of a firearm.”  The 22-year old Snowden fired out of his door after seeing two masked men by a window of his residence. 

It was during an interview with Field & Stream that Biden said one of the pluses of using  a shotgun for home defense over an AR-15 is that you can "just fire the shotgun through the door" to keep people away from your house.  The problem with this advice, as Trevor Snowden discovered, it that using a shotgun in that manner is illegal and could also be dangerous to children an other living things. 

As a Breitbart report pointed out in another place, this bad advice goes right along with Biden's suggestion that homeowners randomly fire shotguns into the air to scare off intruders--after all, that is what he tells his wife to do if she hears someone outside when he's not home.  But firing guns into the air within city limits is illegal as well. 

This typifies the problem that our elected officials really no nothing about…well… nothing.  As I have said so many times our lawmakers no nothing about the law and in addition here they no nothing about guns.  And these are the people that are making the gun ban laws.  Watch a video of a woman firing a shotgun as advised by Vice President Joe Biden.

Then watch a video of experts firing a shotgun, and what can happen.  In some cases an AR 15 would be a safer and more effective choice for less chance of collateral damage. 

THE BOTTOM LINE: Just as a general rule, your government knows little or nothing about anything.  My suggestion is, to go to the experts not the government.  Unless of course it’s about how to be a criminal, they have proven to be fairly proficient in that area…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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