Thursday, June 15, 2006


By de Andrea

Every spring time I thank God for global warming. After nine months of cold, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and any other kind of cold or frozen stuff that may fall from the sky without my permission, global warming feels sooo goood.

An acquaintance recently asked me if I believed in global warming. I replied, yes and I believe in global cooling as well. Just spend a winter with me sometime, it will make a believer out of you.

The question is not whether global warming exists, but did humanity do anything to cause it? Well according to history and science, global cooling and global warming has been around long before humanity was emitting anything but flatulence, so I guess not.

That should be enough to dispel any argument about whether we as civilized human beings have anything to do with the weather. Well we don’t, however some human beings have something to do with the global warming cult/religion. This is what caused this writer to search for the origins of this religion. I call it a religion because a religion is a belief in something by faith, for which there is not the necessity of any substantive proof. One cannot find a credible scientist to support human caused global warming.

So what is the origin of this religion? It has its beginnings in the 1950’s. The department of energy known then as the energy commission was looking for a way to sell the American public on the idea of atomic energy, “a clean form of energy”. The public was more than a little concerned about anything atomic since the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan less than a decade before. People were just not too excited about the idea of having an atomic reactor in their neighborhood.

By the mid 1960’s NASA had discovered that the atmosphere on Venus was mainly carbon dioxide, one might ask what the atmosphere on Venus has to do with global warming on earth. Well it does, but only to the extent that an almost pure carbon dioxide atmosphere on Venus is what contributes to its almost 800 degree temperature. Needless to say it probably doesn’t snow on Venus; moreover, one might need more than a dab of sun screen.

When this hit the AP, that increased levels of CO2 could contribute to global warming, this became an issue. But like anything else, a little bit of information can be dangerous. Never the less the atomic energy commission decided to use this hysteria to promote their atomic energy agenda. A lump of coal is dirty and when burned produces hydrocarbons. A lump of uranium is clean and when refined and used to run a reactor produces no hydrocarbons, clean energy, the public bought it.

So did the airhead ecologists, and with this little bit of information they created the Religion of Global Warming. It doesn’t matter that all the Hydrocarbons produced by humanity doesn’t amount to a fly on an elephants butt. Just the idea that humans produce CO2 and CO2 produces Global warming is enough. Never mind that one substantial eruption from one volcano produces more than a one hundred times the “green house gases” than all of humanity has since the beginning. Like I said “a fly”…

THE BOTTOM LINE: Global warming is here to stay folks, get use to it. Moreover so is global cooling, it happens every winter up here in the high country.

de Andréa

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Sandy said...

Very entertaining and educational. I think you're developing your own unique style of writing--I like it.