Monday, June 12, 2006


By de Andréa

Many new vicissitudes were introduced into our society as we approached the twenty first century; such as Global Warming and letting forest fires burn because they are natural. One of these modern ideas is a new creative reason for the development of pharmaceuticals. Designer Diseases. The main difference between these diseases and other diseases are that either the medicine is developed first, and then a disease is created to support the need for the medicine. Or the disease is created so that a medicine can be created for the disease, either way it is a 15 billion dollar a year business that is doing nothing more than creating a plethora of side effects including death.

Probably the most well known of these Designer Diseases is A.D.D Attention Deficit Disorder or a custom made variation of the disease, AD/HD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Suggesting that the person afflicted with this dreaded disease is board, and or, has an enormous amount of energy. The group most afflicted with this disease is the little people of the male gender, boys from preschool age through junior high. (A group not likely to protest) Moreover, these children are dying by the hundreds every year, not from the so-called disease, but from the drug treatment program.

The burning question that lights this writer’s fingers on fire is where did this disease come from? It seams to be an epidemic, with no origin. Is it a new kind of virus or a bacterium from another planet? No, it is a mental disorder created by the same liberals that created global warming and natural forest fires. A.D.D. was created by a small group of people starting with a militant liberal lesbian feminist school teacher, together with a Pharmacist, a Marketing Engineer, and an MD. Moreover, to date this disease has no medical consciences.

In many cases parents are coursed, even threatened by the school and Child Protective Services to put their child on drugs or they will be brought up on charges of child neglect or some other trumpet up charge. It is a monetary advantage for schools to get as many children as possible diagnosed with A.D.D because they receive additional money for special education programs.

Born out of laziness, irresponsibility, incompetence and a desire to subjugate the male of the species; this part of the feminist movement created a way to vanquish male children in a bazaar attempt at female domination. The subsequent drugs to deal with these rowdy little boys soon came to the rescue. Teachers and parents of course, welcomed the new wonder drug Methylphenidate better known as Ritalin named after the creator of the disease Rita Lin and Amphetamines or Atomoxetime which sedated the little boys and made their heads full of mush quiet and orderly. One less problem/responsibility a teacher or a parent needs to deal with until it comes to learning; kids on drugs become learning impaired, oh well at least their quiet. This may have possibly created yet another need for a designer disease that impairs their ability to learn, this may be one reason why they can’t be taught to read; maybe somebody could design a drug for it.

I do not deny that the symptoms of some of these disorders are real and do exist, however for the most part they are just normal human traits or in some cases disorders than need to be dealt with. By calling it a disease and drugging people up does not address the problem and certainly does not cure the problem it just sedates it, covers it up, and that is why it seems to take care of the problem until one runs out of drugs or forgets to take them or they kill you. So one does not have to be responsible for dealing with the disorder or trait, just pop a pill, it’s much easier.

Just a side note; Albert Einstein the famous Physics genius, had all the symptoms of AD/HD. Just think for a moment, what if little Al had been drugged up with Amphetamines instead of being allowed to develop normally. He had so much energy and was so board he failed the third grade, and yet went on to become a mathematical genius. One has to wonder how many geniuses, potential inventors or possible future Presidents are all drugged up because parents and teachers do not want to deal with an energetic special child, and as a result will never reach their full potential.

Not to be outdone in this new lucrative industry are such designer diseases a Restless Leg Syndrome for which there is of course a designer pill. And Erectile Dysfunction for which there is also a pill, and many more normal human traits that have been turned into diseases. The latest addition to our designer disease portfolio is I.E.D. no, not Improvised Explosive Devises, that is an Iraqi terrorist disease, but it is close, this new designer disease is called Intermittent Explosive Disorder, I.E.D. The new disease just announced on the A.P. on June 6, 2006 is so new that there is little information about it yet. After all it has just been invented, give them a little time. According to the so-called experts this is a disease that causes such symptoms as bar fights, road rage and spousal abuse. So all you people out there that have poked somebody’s lights out in a bar or have run somebody down on the street because they made an obscene gesture, or husbands who have beat their wives nearly to death. According to the designer disease people you are not responsible, you are victims, and simply have a new designer disease, for which I am sure, their will be a designer drug forthcoming.

THE BOTTOM LINE: According to the new Airhead Liberal Philosophy, we are not responsible for anything; we are just victims of a new Designer Disease. Well I have news for the Lib’s, LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER, and which I think, is at least partially caused by mixing too many drugs, and smoking to many funny cigarettes...

de Andréa
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