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Walt Disney Would Turn In His Grave

Walt Disney Would Turn In His Grave
I haven’t had the Disney Channel since Walt died, but I certainly wouldn’t subscribe to it now.

By de Andréa
August 23, 2013

Obama ignores the Defense of Marriage Act, California has same sex bathrooms and showers for their schools children , and now Disney Productions promotes the Lesbian Family, the next thing we will see is naked grocery shopping.  I think I’ll grow my own food!  

When Walt was alive, Disney use to be a leader in all that was good, fun, and wholesome.  Well maybe you can tell my age when I say that I remember when America was a leader in all that was good, fun, and wholesome.

Nevertheless, in a move that’s being described as chasing “the whims of political correctness and immorality,” the Disney Channel reportedly will feature a “married” lesbian couple on a popular ‘kid’s sitcom’ in the coming season.  Is this all part of the robotic indoctrination of America to except anything that comes your way?  I think so!

“It’s a disappointment to millions of Americans that Disney would choose to join this groundbreaking in immorality,” commented Movieguide, the organization headed by Christian media critic Ted Baehr. “New concepts of morality have had a very negative impact on marriage, families, and children.”  Movieguide also said that instead of “becoming a leader in political correctness, we encourage Disney to hold on to their title as the leader in good, fun and wholesome.”

TV Guide reports the lesbian characters will appear on an episode of Good Luck Charlie”.  The series, which debuted in 2010, will be canceled after the current fourth season.  New lesbian episodes, however, will be rolling out through early 2014.  It quoted a channel spokesman: “This particular storyline was developed under the consultancy of child development experts and community advisers.”  Well these so-called experts could have only been those appointed by the Obama Regime.

According to the Christian Post, Ross Murray, spokesman for the homosexual-advocacy organization GLAAD, said the show “really isn’t that different than what kids encounter on a day-to-day basis.  GLAAD didn’t create or promote the storyline for the show, but we are thankful that Disney wishes to include all families in their programming,” Murray told the Post.  Well…now…if it’s endorsed by GLAAD it’s got be good fun and wholesome right?

Alison Howard of Concerned Women for America said parents and viewers should contact Disney and their cable provider if they object.  “In the same way the Boy Scouts had a ‘no-sex’ policy before advocates sought to indoctrinate youth, Disney should be leaving sex out of its programming for young audiences,” Howard told CP. “This is reflective of the dissolution of marriage and the traditional family unit that we know is best for kids. Disney is clearly looking to gauge public reaction so we should see this as an opportunity for those who disagree with exposing children to same-sex behavior to give Disney and their cable provider feedback.”

Movieguide added that remaining the leader in “good, fun, and wholesome” also is good for business.  “The research shows time and again that movies and programs that have moral content (though some considered old fashioned) actually make MORE money at the box office and on television than their more raunchier and political correct competition,” the commentary said. “That’s because most people want the kind of programs that Disney has become legendary in creatingWe hope Disney realizes the legacy and, yes, the obligation, that they have to the millions of parents around the world that want Disney to simply be Disney. We will know the future of Disney by whether they elect to air this episode on the Disney Channel or whether they choose to stand with millions who look to Disney to give us the good, the fun and the wholesome.We strongly encourage Disney to not chase the whims of political correctness and instead to simply ‘Be Disney,” 

If you object to this kind of programming being aimed at your children and are considering blocking the Disney channel from your kids you might want to tell Disney about it directly.  Here’s how Reach out to Disney here.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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