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Police Kill A 95 Year Old Man, Armed With a Cane?

Police Kill A 95 Year Old Man, Armed With a Cane?
Just a few weeks shy of his 96th birthday, in need of a walker to shakily move about, cops came through the door of his retirement home and first tased him then shot the weak and sick old man in the stomach with a shotgun.  Why’, because he wouldn’t take his meds.  And besides, this’ my friend…was a CANE FREE ZONE!

By de Andréa
August 6, 2013

This is what is happening in Park Forest, a suburb of Chicago in Cook County Illinois where only criminals and police are allowed to have guns, and maybe canes too.  Looks to me like the old folks should all arm themselves in defense against “Chicago Justice”.  No wonder Cook County has the highest gun violence in the Nation.  I guess they are trying to clean up the geriatric gang violence in and around the city of Chicago.

When John Wrana was a young man, he was fit and strong, and fighting in World War II with the U.S. Army Air Corps, in the Pacific.  But did he ever think it would all end this way?  I bet not!  But then he didn’t know he was fighting for a country that would eventually become worse than the enemy he was fighting against, did he?

So why did this happen anyway?  The nearly 96 year old man, described by a family member as "wobbly" on his feet, had refused medical attention; this must be a serious crime in Cook county, because when the paramedics were called they brought in the Park Forest police to deal with this dangerous barely ambulatory cane wielding criminal.

First the police tased him, but when that didn't work on the wobbly old man, they fired a shotgun at him at close range, hitting him in the stomach with a bean-bag round.  (There that’ll get his attention.)  Wrana was struck with such force that he bled to death internally, according to the Cook County medical examiner.

"The Japanese military couldn't get him at an age that he could defend himself, in uniform in the war.  It took 70 years later for the Park Forest police to do the job," said the Wrana's family attorney, Nicholas Grapsas, a former prosecutor.

Wrana's family wants answers.  The Illinois State Police are investigating the horrific incident but won't comment…and neither will the Park Forest police pending the outcome of the investigation.  Watta you bet this will go in the same place, as Obama’s “Fast and Furious” and the “Benghazi cover-up”, right in the ole round file.

I wasn't at the scene, and maybe the police think they have a good explanation.  But common sense tells me that cops don't need to be called in on a paramedic call much less use a Taser or a shotgun to subdue a 95-year-old man.  But then that’ just me…I’m just sayin…

What the family was told is that the Park Forest police said, “on the night of July 26, John Wrana, a resident of the Victory Centre senior living facility, threatened the staff with a 2-foot-long shoehorn and his cane” because he didn’t want medical attention.  The police statement neglects to mention that the old man also used a walker, at least according to photographs supplied by Grapsas.  And since when do we not have the right to refuse medical attention, especially at 95.  I guess since we live in a Police State.

When I am 95, I am going to refuse medical attention, but the cops better bring more than a taser and a bean bag, because I will have my 40 and I’ll take at least one of those ‘punk jack boots’ with me!  In self defense of course…but because of the Zimmerman trial by the time I am 95 (in just a couple of years) and the way things are going, self defense will be a serious criminal offence, right up there with refusing your medication.  

"Attempts were made verbally to have the resident comply with demands to drop the articles, to no avail.  The resident then armed himself with a 12-inch butcher type kitchen knife,” the police statement reads.  But lawyer Grapsas says that Wrana's family never saw a knife in his room, and that the staff also told him that Wrana didn't have such a knife.
"So where did the knife suddenly appear from?  And where is’ this mysterious knife now?”  Grapsas asked.  The police statement leaves the impression that the staff was under threat, leaving police with no choice other than to shoot him.  How big of a threat can a 95 year old sick and disabled man be’, against two trained jack booted cops, even if he had a knife?  Unless of course he was an expert knife thrower like me...   

THE BOTTOM LINE: Not only did they illegally disarm the citizens of the county, but now they are killing defenseless old war heroes armed with shoe horns and canes.  Why’, because they can!  It’s a CANE FREE ZONE you know!  Oh well… its just Cook County law and justice/tyranny.

I hope you watch for it, because it will’ come to a retirement facility near you…soon…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa
Late breaking news since I wrote this article, revels some differences and more information.  The killing of  John Wrana is now be called a homicide. Well', maybe there is still justice in Cook County Ill.  Check it out HERE.

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