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Obama Leaks His Syrian War Strategy

Obama Leaks His Syrian War Strategy 

By de Andréa
August 30, 2013

Like a boxer telegraphing that he is about to throw a right cross, Obama went on PBS and announced that he plans to fire a limited "shot across the bow" of the Syrian government.  "If we are saying in a clear and decisive but very limited way, we send a shot across the bow saying, 'stop doing this,' that can have a positive impact on our national security over the long term," Obama said with the twinkle of his Muslim stars and crescent moon in his eyes.  “Assad has crossed the red line”…said Obama, and used WMD.  But has he really?  It’s apparently not the truth that’s important; it’s the seriousness of the accusation that matters.  Obama wants to appear to his Muslim brothers as if he is supporting them at the same time appear to the rest of the world as if he is tuff on tyranny.  What a lying sack of, hypocrisy…This is Islamic Taqiyyah at its finest my friend.

"Clear and decisive but very limited" -- let's think on that for just a moment.

First…If we threaten to attack Assad and then we don’t, do you know just what kind of a message that sends to the enemy? 

Second…I could imagine a different president – lets say, Reagan or Truman -- using a "clear and decisive but very limited" attack to send an effective message.  Say something like dropping a really, really, big bomb on the presidential palace in the middle of a city -- something just short of a nuke ‘or not’, like one of those infamous "daisy cutters.”  But I somehow don’t think that this is what Obama actually means. 

Obama’s history shows not an aversion to violence, but an aversion to violence being attributed to him.  This guy is slipperier than snake snot…

Think of Afghanistan, where the rules of engagement were changed to appease the Muslim culture at the cost of American lives.  And think of Libya, where the U.S. military "supported" other countries in the fighting and employed mercenaries, even though we were key in instigating the conflict that tossed out Moammar Gadhafi while supporting the Muslim brotherhood. 

And then there's Syria itself, where Obama has been covertly and illegally supplying arms (the Benghazi cover-up comes to mind) and personnel (mercenaries again) for years to instigate and carry out this proxy "civil" war.  If Obama were, for once, to come out and openly attack a country with U.S. resources, I'm guessing that we're talking about blowing up another nerve gas/milk factory, and maybe an airfield or two.  That's about all Obama has the stomach for because he has never been a man of convictions to do what is right.  As much as he wants to boot out the Assad regime and replace it with his Muslim Brotherhood Jihadists, he also wants to keep his flagging poll numbers high.

The announcement of his military strategy was done just to stroke Obama's ego, of course.  He hopes to appear as a man of reason, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, all the while continuing his warmongering in the Mideast.  If he were to start feeling broader support from his party or from other country leaders, the picture would rapidly change.  Obama would relish the opportunity to repeat the Egyptian experiment in Syria and see if the Syrians, unlike their Egyptian counterparts, will sit still for the new tyrants from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama should be worried about the hornet's nest he will be poking if it opens fire on Syria, with Russia, China and Iran all staring down the barrel of a gun at U.S. involvement.  After greatly weakening our armed forces with his sequester nonsense, pandering to homosexuals and pushing women into frontline combat units, even Obama can't be dim enough to think the U.S. alone could stand off against three nuclear-capable armies. 

Obama's emotional support for the Muslim Brotherhood has been public for some time.  His actual connections to the Brotherhood seem to be all secondhand but are prominent enough to be obvious and worrisome, including his brother Malik, who has been accused by Egyptian officials of being one of the Brotherhood's main international money men and is sanctioned by Obama’s IRS as a 5013c, while any American patriot group need not apply.  Do treason, high crimes, and misdemeanors come to mind?  Oh Yeah!  And just where is our Congress and DOJ?  Well…they are all criminally involved.

I recently talk to Congressman LaMalfa about this very thing after a Tea Party meeting, he said “the wheels of congress turn exceedingly slow,” yeah Doug I think the wheels are stuck on stop…
THE BOTTOM LINE: But how much do those considerations even weigh in Obama’s decisions, which are ultimately all about feeding Obama's narcissism and Islamic Jihad.  He's being egged on by the New York Times Nazi propaganda machine, which showed its hypocrisy by running an article telling Obama to "bomb Syria even if it's illegal," meaning that the U.S. should jump in even without Congressional approval or the UN Security Council support.  The fact that Obama thinks he can just tell Syria "stop doing this" with a "shot across the bow" and then walk away shows how immature, egotistical and dangerous he really is.

The rest of Washington and the media is drinking their own Kool-aid taking the stand that Assad is to blame for the WMD attacks before the UN inspectors have been given time to prove or disprove the allegation.  British Parliament House of Commons has just voted to pass on getting involved in yet another quagmire in the Mideast.  Looking back on our involvement so far in the Middle East such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt etc…are we’ or they’ any better off today than we’ or they’ were before our involvement there.  I would have to say the only ones that have benefited so far in this so-called war on terror, is the Muslim Brotherhoods advancing Jihad in the Mideast and in North Africa.  Of course this has been the agenda of Obama since he took office in 2009. 

I have so often said even in the face of criticism, that Washington has absolutely no clue as to what is going on in the Middle East.  And when McCain returned from Egypt he admitted that he had no Idea that it was as bad as what he saw while he was there.  The truth is that he and his collogues in Washington not only do not know what is going on in the Middle East but they have no idea who the enemy of America really is because they refused to read Mein Kampf in the 1930’s and they refused to read the Quran in the 1990’s.  “One cannot effectively fight an enemy that one does not understand” –The U.S. War College Manual. 

If you agree, please share these posts with your friends, family, co-workers.  The only way to defeat the apathy and propaganda of the government controlled media is to spread the truth.  Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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