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Arkansas: Second State To Protect School Children

Arkansas: Second State To Protect School Children
Is anyone ‘really serious’ about protecting our school children from mass shootings?  Generally the answer is no!  The question should really be, is anyone promoting the mass killing of our school children?  The answer would then be - yes! 

By de Andréa
August 4, 2013

"As Cheyn Dougan rounded the corner at Clarksville High School, he saw three students on the floor moaning and crying.  In a split-second, two run out of a nearby class room. "He's got a gun" one of them shouted as Dougan approached with his pistol drawn. Inside, he found one student holding another at gun point. Dougan aimed and fired three rounds at the gunman." 

Fortunately this was a just a training program at Clarksville High school, a program to actually protect children rather than the present school program of inviting criminals to come a kill their children by hanging signs that read this is a GUN FREE ZONE telling them that it is safe for them to come here and kill your kids…

Until now the only state that actually protected the lives of school children was Utah.  Recently the citizens of Arkansas have joined the very small group of people in America that actually want to prophylacticlly protect the lives of their children instead of inviting the crazies with guns into their children’s schools to kill their kids like the citizens of Connecticut did by advertising that their schools are GUN FREE ZONES.

In the past, anti-safety anti-American anti-gun groups and their parrots in the media have expressed strong opposition to teachers and armed guards carrying weapons in schools.  Well of course they are…because they are petrified that it will work.  So will this work to keep kids safe and prevent mass shootings?  You decide…

Teachers in Utah have been carrying concealed weapons in schools for more than a decade now.  The result my friend, is in the statistics…the state of Utah has not  had a mass shooting in its schools for the last 10 years and has never had an accidental shooting or problems with students getting their hands on a teacher's gun. 

In spite of these facts the rest of the country has not wanted to protect their children lives, you will never even begin to understand how mind boggling this is to me.  Why parents would rather have their children’s safety left up to chance.  This is the same chance that Sandy Hook took, and twenty children and six teachers lost everything at that crap game.

In Arkansas, gun ownership is pretty common and gun laws are relatively relaxed.  However, teachers were not allowed to be armed, until now.  A little known law has resulted in Arkansas training and arming 20 teachers, administrators and other school employees all summer for the new school year.  Schools in Clarksville are making use of a little-known law that already allows licensed, armed security guards on campus.  All they have to do is train and license the teachers as armed security guards.  

Until now, Lake Hamilton School District in Garland County Arkansas was the closest to getting firearms in the hands of teachers.  For years it’s kept several guns locked away in case of emergency, but only a handful of trained administrators, not teachers, have had access to those weapons.  The problem with that is, a locked up gun is useless.  But, Clarksville is going a step further by actually training and putting weapons in the hands of teachers, not locked up and inaccessible.  

Jonathon M. Seidl gave a brief glimpse at the training at the beginning of this article.  Preparing for such scenarios has become common for police after a school shooting in Connecticut last December that left 20 children and six teachers dead.  But that’s like closing the barn door after watching your prize stallion disappear over the hill in the back of your ranch house.  Dougan is no policeman.  He’s the assistant principal of this school in Arkansas, and when classes resume in August, he will walk the halls with a 9 mm.  Gun that is! 

Superintendent David Hopkins said that the school district’s previous plan in the past was “Well, lock your doors, turn off your lights, and hope for the best,” but  then he added, “That’s not a plan.”  Hopkins believed in utilizing those who were already employees of the schools to guard students, rather than paying for security.  “We’re not tying our money up in a guard 24/7 that we won’t have to have unless something happens.  We’ve got these people who are already hired and using them in other areas,” Hopkins said.  “Hopefully we’ll never have to use them as security guards.”  Through a program, participants are given a one-time $1,100 stipend to purchase a handgun and holster.  The district is paying about $50,000 for ammunition and training by Nighthawk Custom Training Academy.  Mr. Dougan said, “There’s pressure on you, because you’re shooting real bullets if this actually happened.  I was nervous to start, but once it started and I was going through what they had taught us, it just took over.”  Dougan has three children in Clarksville schools. 

The training is specific for teachers responding to shooters on campus.  “That teacher is going to respond to one thing and one thing alone, and that’s someone is in the building either actively or attempting to kill people,” Jon Hodoway, director of training for Nighthawk.  “That’s it.  They’re not going to enforce the law.  They’re not going to make traffic stops.  If somebody is outside acting like a  fool, they’re going to call the police.”  Students, who are children of teachers and staff, are also involved in the training to make it more realistic.

Sadly most parents in America have been drinking the Kool Aid of the elitists who have demonized guns in the hands of anyone except their own.  These parents trust no one except the government with the safety of their children.  They have been brainwashed against arming teachers. My question is…how is that working out for you?  How did it work out for the children at Sandy Hook?  How did it work out for the children at Columbine?  How did it work out for the kids at Georgia Tech?  Sherry Wommack said it’s one of the reasons she is removing her eighth grade son from Clarkesville schools.  She doesn’t think teachers should be making life or death choices involving students.  “I think police officers are trained to make those decisions, not teachers,” she said.  Well…all I can say to that is “when seconds count the police are minutes away”  I’ll just bet Ms. Wommack would be singing a different tune if what happened in Newtown, Connecticut happened in a Clarkesville school and a teacher was able to stop the massacre.  The concept of the training and arming teachers and administrators I fully support.  After all, they are not only protecting students, but also themselves.  The problem with the Wommack’s of this country while they believe they are doing the right thing, they actually don’t think at all.  Thinking is no longer part of the equation, the Wommack’s are programmed by the Brady Bunch, and I don’t mean the TV show.  Logic, reason, truth, facts, all that is irrelevant because it doesn’t fit with what they have been brainwash with.

I’m sorry if you think I am taking to hard a line on this, but the harsh truth is these people are ignorantly deceived, and are enabling the possible murder of the own children.  They are stubbornly putting their’ children and other children at risk, the statistics support the truth my friend.

If you are a parent of small or large children, I would seriously look into the statistical safety record of GUN FREE schools and stop thinking with your heart and instead clear your head of all this America hating trash that the control freaks in government are vomiting out all over themselves.  And educate yourself with the true history of this country for a CHANGE.  This is the kind of “change” we need.  We need to look at why the Framers wrote the Constitution the way they did.  These were not ignorant people.  They came to this country to get away from the oppressive control and brainwashing that we are again now exposed to.  The Second Amendment wasn’t written to protect the rights of hunting.  In fact, the word “hunting” cannot be found in the entire U.S. Constitution.  The Second Amendment was written to protect the Security of a Free State.  It says so, read it for yourself.  A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.  It’s for Security not hunting, hunting was a given, a natural right of survival, a free state isn’t.  Security means safety, the Second Amendment was written for the security of your kids.  Don’t let these control freaks dictate to you how to protect you kids.  You should be mighty suspicious of someone that tells you that your kids are safe behind a sign the reads, “THIS IS A GUN FREE ZONE”.  Remember most criminal crazies can read too!

Ask the parents of Sandy Hook

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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