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Back To School Days

Back To School Days
The title is back to school, only because school’ is how these state institutions of indoctrination are known.  The word school suggests education, learning, expanding of the mind.  And while the purpose is to ready children for the future, one must ask…just what kind of future do these STATE institutions have in mind for your kids?

By de Andréa
August 21, 2013

The first day back to school is usually an exciting day for most students all across America as they anxiously find their new classrooms and meet their new teachers.  They wonder about making new friends, and how they will ‘fit in’ with their new classmates.  Teachers are busy with their new lesson plans and decorating their classrooms.  Such has been the tradition of “Back to School Days” all across America for decades. 

But things, they are a’ changing my friend!

This year things are different, very different indeed.  This year, instead of “Welcome Back” signs, public school students in Tennessee and Kansas for example, were welcomed back to school on their first day with signs hanging all over the hallways promoting the “Five Pillars of Islam.”  These are not the only states and counties in America that are doing this very same thing?  These are just the ones that have made their way into the news. 

Without going into a lot of useless detail, but in case you don’t know what the “FIVE PILLARS OF ISALM” are, they are the very basic laws of Islam that your child will swear on the Quran to uphold for the rest of their little lives, turning them into little Muslims.  A NEW MUSLIM CELL WILL BE BORN…

On August 14, 2013, Lady Patriots published an article titled, “Tennessee Schools Bow Down to Islam” written by Laurie Sterling, you should read it.  The article documents how Tennessee schools are using a book titled, “The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography” by James M. Rubenstein.  The article points out how ‘this book’ is “indoctrinating children to believe that terrorism and murder is justifiable because the terrorists believe in something so strongly, they are willing to die for it.  It also exposes how, during the very first day back to school, Islamic posters promoting the virtues of the “five pillars of Islam” were scattered all along the hallways of a high school in Robertson County, Tennessee.  FYI this indoctrination is right out of the text books of Saudi Arabian Madrassas, it is to promote child suicide bombers like the one pictured at right. 

Sunset Elementary school in Williamson County, Tennessee, sent a note home with the students instructing them that they were not allowed to bring in snacks or lunches containing pork products and that deli meats had to be “rolled up.”  (They are already enforcing Islamic Sharia Halal law)  They lied and stated that this had to do with “food allergies.”  That seems quite odd, since there are separate tables in schools cafeterias for children with food allergies.  Foods are not banned from the entire school because of food allergies.  No, this is an Islamic agenda my friend, and that agenda is Islam and the doctrine of Halal Food.  Restricted types of food such as pork, and a plethora of other foods and food by products normally consumed by Americans even such things as JELL-O.  Moreover all food must be blessed by a so-call Islamic holy man and offered to Allah or it is considered Haram, the food of the infidel.  Incidentally the God of the Bible warns us not to eat food that has been offered to other gods.

So, where is the usual outcry of the liberals and atheists of the so-called “Separation of church and state?”  And why does the, “Separation of church and state only apply to Christianity?  Could it be that deep down inside they know that Isalm is not really a religion at all, but a whole life political ideology like Nazism?  Or could it be that they are just victims of the grand deception of the ‘Taqiyyah’?  The Islamic Deception…  How do these school districts get away with their pro-Islamic agendas and why are parents so shockingly silent?  Where is the outrage my friend?

This disturbing trend is continuing in states all over America, and it is all happening through the vehicle of ‘Common Core’, the new so-called progressive curriculum that favors Islam and contains an anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-Semitic indoctrination. 

Students At Minneha Core Knowledge Elementary Public School/Islamic Madrassa in Wichita Kansas were greeted with posters of the “Five Pillars of Islam” all over the hallways on their very first day back to school pictured at right.

Is it a coincidence that there is an Islamic Society of Wichita containing a Muslim Community Center in the same community teaching Islam in the public schools?  In a Nashville suburb, there sits the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, another state proclaiming the barbaric virtues of Islam in its public school system.

Both states have been in the news due to their blatant display of bulletin boards containing lessons on the “five pillars of Islam” on the first day of school.  Are the Islamic centers involved in this or is this simply a coincidence?  Yes they are involved, but this also comes directly from Obama’s Federal Department of Education/Indoctrination.

Questions you should have
First, why would a school in the middle of the ‘Bible Belt’ present something like this?  Second, will they give the same status to Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, or Zoroastrianism an ancient Persian religion?  Third, where is the ACLU?  They have been quick to sue over so-called establishment clause issues in schools in the past, so why are they not hammering Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet Elementary School who were Greeted with this on the Wall Wednesday, isn’t this a promotion of a so-called religion? 

Muslim children are Muslims because they have been programmed from birth through an early life of fundamental indoctrination to follow a predetermined path.  And this, my friend, is exactly what is going on here.  Islam will turn America into an Islamic State from the inside.  Because of the Islamic deception of the people of America, Americans will become enablers of the agenda of Islam to bring about Obama’s campaign promise of “Fundamentally Changing America into an Islamic State” and the advancement of the Ummah, as part of the world Nation of Islam.  

Yes Obama promised that very thing, you just might not have understood the Muslim code.  He actually made two quotes, the first one was “I will fundamentally transform American”, the other was, America is no longer a Christian Nation, it is a Muslim Nation”.  He was projecting his intentions, and he has done everything he can, to bring about that promise.  What you are witnessing in the schools today regarding the indoctrination of Islam, is a result of that promise.

So, what can we do about it?  Parents, who find any teaching or introduction of Islam in their children’s curriculum, need to literally raise hell so to speak, and immediately, that’s immediately, pull your children out of that school and bring this to the attention of the other parents, and yes pull your kids out first thing, even before notifying the school, pull your kids out.  Then notify the school as to why you are doing this, trust me they will get back to you, they will chase after you, better them than you.  Even if a small minority does this they will be forced to listen. And like I said you want them to chase you rather than you chase them.

Once you have established a dialog, call your school superintendents tell them that you will not allow this pro-Islamic agenda to be forced down your children’s throats.  You need to demand that your children’s textbooks are sent home so that you can see for yourselves what your children are being taught and what the agenda really is.  You need to contact your local school boards and get involved with other parents from local PTA groups and visit your children’s school.  If the school refuses to listen, then immediately sign your children up for a home schooling program!

It’s time to take a stand, America.  If you don’t do this for your children, who will stand for them?  Will you sit silently back and allow your children to be indoctrinated into the “Satanic virtues of Islam?”  Not on my watch!  Remember your kids are your future, and trust me you don’t want a future of Islamic barbaric supremacism for you, or your kids. 

Remember Islam is Nazism on steroids…

Thanks for listening –de Andréa

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