Thursday, August 15, 2013

American Hypocrisy

American Hypocrisy

Please, if you will, indulge me for just a few minutes, this is short; it won’t take long to read.  I just need to get something off of my chest as they say, although it isn’t really on my chest, it is something stuck in my soul.

By de Andréa
August 15, 2013

In my research I sometimes delve deeply into all kinds of philosophy, history, archeology, as well as current events.  Recently I did a few articles on abortion and if you read any of them you likely would have sensed a little anger maybe a lot of anger.  The anger was directed at the abortion issue of course, but a lot of the anger stemmed from the hypocrisy of some groups of Americans.  Americans who should know better but they either don’t, or they are in denial, or maybe morally corrupt or all of the above.  Without mentioning names, you will likely know who they are by the groups they identify with. 

I have found in my travels through the archives of history etc, and this will not likely be anything that you don’t already know and it certainly wasn’t something that I didn’t already know, it is that it just finally got so deep under my skin that I said to myself, WHAT A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES.  What I actually said had a few expletives in it but nevertheless, I just got angrier and angrier until I felt as though I would explode.

So what was it that caused my internal eruption?  I found the same Americans that were denouncing the fact that the Nazi Regime murdered approximately 12 million people in what has been named the Holocaust, 6 million of them were Jews – what caught my attention was - these were the very same people that were supporting abortion.  I thought YOU…HYPOCRITES’, what gives you the right to point the finger at the Nazis speck when you have a plank in your own face.  Do you know how many of your own people ‘YOU’ have murdered with abortion since Roe V Wade?  Try close to 50 million…no not 12 million like Hitler and his henchmen not 20 or 30 million…50 million little human beings, potential U.S. Citizens with rights.  That is a holocaust my friend, more than 4 times the size of the Nazi Holocaust.  And few people even blink!  This sickens me to the core, and it should you as well.

Where are the pictures and the memorial for those 50 million little people?  Well…we hide the pictures because they are too hideous to display.  And as far as a memorial is concerned, why would we want to remind ourselves that we are a country of HYPOCRITES AND MURDERS of millions of innocent and helpless little people that have absolutely no way of defending themselves.  Who speaks for them against a bunch of irresponsible cowards who are every bit as evil as Heinrich Himmler, or worse?
Because of my anger I am thinking of creating a memorial to the 50 million little people murdered in the “Roe V wade Holocaust”, complete with pictures that people won’t want to look at and the weapons used to commit all those heinous murders and a display of a typical murder chamber where it all takes place.

If these Hypocrites were forced to look at what they have done in their support of this massacre of humanity they might just change their evil minds - unless they have already lost their souls.    

Well…I’m sorry, look at the time!  I have ranted longer than I indented.  But if you agree in the slightest with me then forward this to everyone on your mailing list.  And respond if you would like and tell me if you would be interested in supporting a memorial like this somewhere…or not.  Let me know!

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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