Saturday, August 17, 2013

“I Will Fundamentally Transform America”

“I Will Fundamentally Transform America

This is a quote made by Obama just before his first election.  It should have been a wakeup call for voters, but alas’ they were fast asleep.  Are they still asleep?  

By de Andréa
August 17, 2013

Much has been written about the demise of the Motor City of Detroit Michigan, expounding on the inevitable result of so-called progressive liberalism gone wild, is this really progress my friend?  And then there is the potential demise of the rest of our communities if we allow the same ideology to continue.

Pictures and stories of the once-great American metropolis, brought to her knees, are staggering.  As if the complete default of the city on its financial obligations wasn’t bad enough.  Detroit, called “Little Islam” by many, continues to produce horrifying headline after horrifying headline, the most recent being a series of female victims who have each been found tied to a chair and burned to death in some of the many abandoned buildings like the one pictured above throughout the city.  It is hard to fathom that these stories are not coming from Iraq or Syria, but a major American city which holds a prestigious place in our history.  How could a city which achieved such prominence seem to have become so godforsaken, both figuratively and literally?  The Detroit Mosque pictured is about the only intact major building left in good repair in the city of Detroit.
G.K. Chesterton, once wrote, “Men did not love Rome because she was great.  She was great because they had loved her”.  Rome’s greatness did not lead to the adoration of  the Romans or the rest of the world.  It was ‘because of’ the adoration of her citizens that Rome’s greatness became fact.  How starkly apparent this axiom becomes when applied to entities like Detroit or even the United States herself.  We did not despise Detroit because she was broke.  She was broke because we despised her.  The same holds true for America as well.  Too often the cart is put before the horse and the result is mistaken for the cause.

In what has become the definitive statement of his presidency, then-Candidate Barack Hussein Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America just a few days before his election to the Presidency.  We should have wondered then if he loves America, how could he seek to fundamentally transform her?  Moreover why’ would he want to?  And transform it into what?  None of the robotically mesmerized people asked any of these obvious questions.  They just watched in admiration as he bowed to the king of Islam the enemy who hates us and attacked us.   

If President Obama was honest (and that’s a pretty big ‘IF’), he would probably quip something akin to, “I love America, but we’ve got CHANGE IT.”  In spite of all the protestations of patriotism and forced flag-saluting, this President does not love our countryAnd neither do so-called progressives (on either side of the aisle) who likewise support and seek the fundamental transformation of our Republic into a Socialist State. 

THE BOTTOM LINE: What ever happened to love it or leave it?  Instead of trying to fundamentally “CHANGE” our Great Nation into a third world Socialist banana republic, or a seventh century Islamic State, why don’t these anti-American freedom haters just leave and go to the oppressive disgusting country of their choice?  There are certainly plenty to choose from. 

Could it be that what Obama meant when he promised to “Fundamentally Transform America, was to transform it into an ‘Islamic State’?  No?  You mean the fact that our great nation is surreptitiously and incrementally being transformed into an Islamic state is just a coincidence? 

Yeah right!  

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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