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Obama Is A Slave Of The Global Elite

Obama Is A Slave Of The Global Elite
In spite of what those crazy right wingers say…Mr. Obama is doing a perfectly wonderful job, because his plan is to decimate America’s economy.  Yes, things will get worse because he has no intention of doing anything that will help America’s economy.  He is hell bent on destroying it, while blaming others.  Don’t you remember when he was campaigning in his first election he said and I quote…  “I will fundamentally Change America Change, Change, Change!  What in @*&%#$ did ya-all think he meant.  And when you found out what he meant then you voted him in…AGAIN!

I am angry…
By de Andréa
August 2, 2013

I don’t feel one bit sorry for the majority of the American people, even if you are living on the street and have no money or food.  Why am I so uncaring, I’ll tell you why my friend, because the majority of you brain-dead robots wanted this great country to fail, an economy that for 237 years has made the United States of America the wealthiest country in the world with unlimited opportunities for all.  But you’… the majority of Americans wanted the same failed economy that the Soviet Union had for 40 years, that collapsed under its own weight, they didn’t need an Obama to purposely destroy it.  Now you brain-dead robots are hell-bent on supporting the very type of economy that Russia and China are moving away from.  It’s called Communist Socialism with a despotic tyranny for a Government.  I am willing, until the money runs out, to pay for a one way ticket to Pyongyang North Korea; for everyone that still supports Obama, hates America and wants to see it destroyed.  North Korea is still hanging on to their utopian ideology of total dependence, supremacism, and abject poverty.  I am sure you will be miserable there, as you deserve.

Barack Obama, the Fuehrer, the great Divider-in-Chief, has been doing whatever he can to convince people that he is doing ‘what is best for America’, even though the facts provide an complete opposite picture.  Aside from his usual rhetoric, he is now, once again, threatening disintegrating race relations as a reason to ensure that his agenda becomes the law of the land.

In a recent speech (if he isn’t pontificating, he’s vacationing), he essentially said that if Congress doesn’t do as he says things will get worse.  Read my friend, these are Obama’s words:  “If we don’t do anything, [meaning what I want] then growth will be slower than it should be.  Unemployment will not go down as fast as it should.  Income inequality will continue to rise…Racial tensions won’t get better; they may get worse, because people will feel as if they’ve got to compete with some other group to get scraps from a shrinking pot.  If the economy is growing, everybody feels invested.”  (Emphasis added)  Threats…he identifies with dictators.

Basically, in spite of the undeniable fact that Obama’s programs (like Obamacare) are destroying America’s economy, he has the gall to say that if Congress doesn’t do what he wants done, then not only will unemployment continue to rise, (it is already at 14.4 % and climbing) but race relations will worsen.  And he will make sure of it…

Yet, he and his communist cronies are totally behind so-called immigration “reform” that will do nothing but hurt those people already having a tough time getting or keeping jobs because of the economy that Obama has done nothing to help and everything to destroy. 

The sad fact is that you lockstep robots hear his speeches and applaud them, totally mesmerized by what he says.  There is a huge disconnect between Obama’s reality and the actual reality that is affecting millions of Americans daily.  People need to start reading into the plans behind the North American Union for example, and Agenda 21, to see just exactly what is in store for you.  Search it out to find out more about the direction that this country is going.  Get off your welfare food stamp dependant free phone behind!

Mr. Obama’s plan is decimating America’s economy.  And so he is doing the job that his robots hired him to do, he is putting them all on the street; he is doing a perfectly wonderful job.

Do you think he cares about your plight?  He and his family just took a vacation to Africa that cost you’ over $100 million, do you have that kind of money.  His daughters had a spring break that cost you more than 20 Million.  His wife took a trip to Spain that cost you 47 million.  He’s planning another one to Martha’s Vineyard that will cost millions more.  How many vacations does jerk and his family need, how many more are you willing to pay for?  Meanwhile, we’ve got sequestration that is affecting millions of you and the economy is killing businesses left and right and many jobs with it.  You are suffering.  Not him.  Not his family.  He treats himself like a king on your dime and punishes the average citizen when Congress doesn’t comply with his demands.  I am a student of history folks and this is exactly what Dictators and Kings have always done.  

The most troubling part of what Obama says though, is how the worsening of our economy may affect race relations negatively.  He is simply planting seeds of discontent.  He is giving minorities a reason to go on the warpath if Obama doesn’t get what he wants.  He is, in a very real way, telling minorities to take note of what happens and if his agenda is not rolled out, then they should take their frustrations out on white-America just like he did in the Martin Zimmerman case.  That is the implication, and this is not what a president – who is supposed to represent all people – does.  This type of rhetoric is despicable, yet this is what your irresponsible President does.  Many blacks have asked things like, “what do you mean Obama has made race relations worse?  He’s telling it like it is!” and that is what they firmly believe.

Oh yes, Obama is hoping against hope that America will collapse in a sea of bloody Race Wars, he is counting on it.  If you don’t believe that, then tell me why is he building his own domestic military that rivals our American military forces.  This by the way, is also one of his campaign promises that you the majority voted for, His own private military equal to the Federal military.  THE GESTAPO, THE SS.  Why did you want this?  Well good luck on your civil race war, I hope you are prepared.     

What about all of the things Obama has asked for and received from Congress and yet it’s clear that we are not one step closer to a better economy.  In fact, our economy continues to worsen on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

Obamacare for example was not designed to fix our health care system; it was designed to destroy our economy.  If it doesn’t cave in on itself, is going to be the most costly program that our government ever created, did you know for example that all the money allocated for Obamacare is gone, gone, gone?  So now in order to support this fiasco he will suck your blood.  We already know that the promises about paying less for insurance and being able to keep your own doctor are just empty lies.  In some states, insurance premiums for this so-called “Affordable Healthcare” have risen or are slated to rise by up to as much as  %140.  How is this creating a better healthcare system for the average American?

THE BOTTOM LINE: He may realize now that he stands a good chance of watching the Democrats lose seats in 2014.  If so, he will not get what he wants from congress.  Don’t you “Social Dependants” worry though…It won’t stop him because he will continue to do whatever he wants to do and it appears as though no one in Congress knows how, or is willing to take the necessary steps to stop him.  It’s all talk, hearings, and more talk.  He spent the last five years putting the most anti-American people in key positions.  He’s a rogue president and an enemy of the State.  He does what the global elite tell him to do.  They are his master(s) and he is their willing slave.

He doesn’t work for the American people.  We only pay him and pay for his many extravagant vacations.  He works for the global elite and the enemy of America.  He routinely sends millions and billions of your dollars overseas to his buddies the Muslim Brotherhood all the while Americans here at home receive free phones or little to nothing.  How is it that he can ignore Congress and continue to send that type of money overseas while you’ the majority of Americans that voted for him at home are without work and being hemmed in on every side?  Meanwhile, Obama says that things may get worse.  Why do you put up with this?  Oh, I almost forgot this is what you wanted…then I guess the question should be, why did you knowingly vote for poverty and oppression, not only for yourself but for your kids future…

Yes, things will’ get worse because Obama has no interest in doing anything that will help America’s economy.  He is hell bent on destroying it, while blaming others.  You see the only way to build a new socialist economy is to destroy the old capitalist one.

Tighten your seat belts folks, because the ride ahead appears to be more than a just few “bumps in the road”.  Take stock of yourself and your family.  Obama certainly isn’t, and neither is Congress.  Trouble is coming, encouraged and supported by the extravagant King in the Oval Office, all on ‘your’ dime.

May God have mercy on us…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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