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Achtung: You May Have Been Indoctrinated

Achtung: You May Have Been Indoctrinated
How did Obama rise so easily to power?  It may be because you were indoctrinated from a very young age, a kind of robotic programming of psychological and sociological power of suggestion.

By de Andréa
August 6, 2013

For decades, even while he was in power, Adolf Hitler was attacked as a right-winger.  Of course, his racism provoked that assessment as well as his militarism; however, when put to the test and proper study, what we have been taught and what we have been told by so-called learned scholars could actually be completely false.

The obviousness of that fact is plain if one sits down and looks at the reality.  Hitler was no free thinker, or a wild eyed individualist — he was a corporatist and a socialist.  First, we have him admitting his socialism.  He doesn’t call Nazism by anything else other than National Socialism.  Teachers and Professors I knew would be flipping their lids at me for daring to say what I am saying, but I knew they were lying when I was studying this.  How could Hitler, who controlled Churches, Media, Schools, the Military, Health Care and everything else, be a right-winger?  Was it because he was a racist?  So, racism apparently makes a Nazi, or rather a member of the National SOCIALIST German WORKER’S Party, is a right-winger?  How convenient.

Did you ever wonder where today’s liberals were getting that “Hitler was a conservative right winger just like the Republicans are,” nonsense?

When I was in high school, I was always wondering why my teachers called Hitler right-wing.  After learning about the rise of National Socialism in Germany, and then Communism, I was struck by similarities.  When I asked about this issue, I was told well, they had similarities, but really they were far different.  But they could never explain the difference.  That seemed convenient then and it makes zero sense now.  Why, is this important today you ask?  Stay with me and I’ll explain.

Any form of government that controls healthcare, the economy, education and the news media is totalitarian by definition.  Sounds like the U.S. today.  And if the government controls the economy, either through out-right central control or through large scale corporations, they are socialist.  Also sounds like the U.S. today, don’t forget corporations were an invention of the U.S. Government to tax profits.  Healthcare control is just a freebie because, if you control the economy, you by virtue of that, will control health care.  Nazi controlled Germany was all that.  For example, look at the Nazi euthanasia program: The term "euthanasia" (literally means, "good death") usually refers to the inducement of a painless death for a chronically or terminally ill individual who would otherwise suffer.  In the Nazi context, however, "euthanasia" represented a euphemistic term for a clandestine murder program which targeted for systematic killing, mentally and physically disabled patients living in institutional settings in Germany and German-annexed territories.”  For more information on that, Click on this.

So, why would professors, high school teachers, and so called learned scholars of Adolf Hitler and his love of the worker, and controlling people’s lives even to whom they married, lie about who he was?  I have a theory.  It is not that complicated.  Just follow my line of thinking here.

Hitler and his minions wanted to control Germany.  They said they were patriotic Germans.  This lie helped them establish their credentials with the veterans of the First World War and conservatives who were looking to anyone to give Germany back her place in the world.  The Communists were not patriotic.

Here’s the difference: it’s in the message.  Hitler knew how the rank and file German folk felt about Germany and he used it.  His later rantings, as Berlin was being blown to the ground and his empire was reduced to a city block, proves that he was no more a German Patriot than any Communist his brown shirts killed.  In other words, Hitler used patriotism to get power.  There is a lot more to be said about this particular subject but there’s no space here to talk about it.  So we’ll move on…

Hitler was able to harness the German’s love of discipline for his efforts.  The Germans were very easy to seduce.  Now think about this: almost 15 years of staggering, mind-boggling  triple digit inflation, (I have a million Mark postage stamp from before the war) lawlessness and amorality and then…here’s this small man with a small mustache going on about law and order and morality.  In reality, he was no more law-abiding or worried about morals than the people he wanted to destroy, the Communists.  He used the German fear of Communism to shove National Socialism down the Germans’ throats and they didn’t realize it.  It was a choice between two versions of Satan and they had no idea because they were so brow beaten and discouraged.  Today Obama uses the fear of terrorism to shove Socialism down our throats and we don’t realize it…

So getting back to Adolf Hitler and his minion’s, were they really right-wingers?  When I think of “extreme right-wing” I think of Libertarians, no centralized government.  People governing themselves, on the boarder of anarchism.  I don’t think of an institution of any kind save for a military to protect interests, borders etc.  I don’t think of institutionalized racism, forced euthanasia, forced military service, and zero free press.  How is any of that “right-wing”?  Do you remember when the liberals called the tea party racist, even though more than a third of the leadership are minorities.

Is merely calling Hitler a right-winger a sales pitch to sell the same thing he was selling?  Do these leftist educators have to make Hitler look like a Republican, a rugged individualist, in order to sell what he sold?  Think about it.

I asked that question when I was a sophomore in high school.  My Dad agreed with me, of course.  He was the person who taught me to ask questions that began with “yeah”, “but” and “why”.  The more I asked, the more I got in trouble the more time I spent in the principals office and the angrier the response was, I was told that I was disrupting the class with all my irrelevant questions.  When I was a freshman in college I realized just how much I’d been lied to.  Hitler, for all of the garbage I’d been told, was actually one of THEM.  And what’s worse they knew itThey know it still.

It is time for some honesty about history.  It’s time for the facts.  Adolf Hitler was a left-wing socialist.  Just because he called himself a ‘National Socialist’ does not make the facts untrue.  He was a corporate fascist socialist.

Now I can hear the leftist scholars freaking out at this fact.  He would not have been able to control Germany without the help of large corporate entities.  He did not go to the conservatives for money.  Maybe outward support and for tea and sympathy, yes, but for real support he ran to Krupp, Thiessen, and the rest.  Because, unlike other socialists, he knew you can’t go anywhere without money.  He followed Mussolini’s lead, a socialist with the veneer of a corporatist.  And that, my friend, is a fascist and that is also a leftist socialist.  Sound familiar?  If you’re thinking, It should.

Facts are what they are.  History is an undeniable force.  It is strong and all consuming.  It is about the facts.  It is time, when we talk about Germany and its bizarre experiment with National Socialism, to have those facts.  Nazism is socialism splashed with corporate support on steroids and that is a fact.  That is history.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Now we get to the real purpose of this narrative, does this in anyway resemble what is going on right now, right here?  I asked in the introduction, “How did Obama rise so easily to power?  It may be because you were indoctrinated from a very young age, a kind of robotic programming of psychological and sociological power of suggestion”, a form of brainwashing. Maybe in order to understand how Obama so easily rose to power, we need to understand the truth of how Hitler rose so easily to power.  As well as the truth of who he was and who Obama really is.

 I hope that I shed just a little light on that for you.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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