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California Close To Banning Guns

California Close To Banning Guns
The bad news is coming faster than I can write and publish it, but here it is.
A group of bills moving through California's assembly and senate--including one to create a database for ammunition purchases--could create the strictest gun control laws of any state in the union.  If you live in California, you might want to say ‘adios and consider moving across thee border to Arizona Pablo’.

By de Andréa
August 13, 2013

In spite of the vile feedback I sometimes receive regarding the (“I told you so rub”) I have to tell you, that I began warning you of this more than 10 years ago and now here it is, for some it’s to late, because you didn’t listen.  Am I a prophet?  No I just know history and I can see down the road.  Don’t ever doubt me!

According the San Jose Mercury News, the bills being heard in the state senate yesterday would “create a database of all ammo purchases in the state, make it crime to have a gun that's not locked up when it's not being carried, and extend the time for which someone is banned from owning a firearm after making a violent threat."  What ever you do…once the ammo registration law is passed don’t buy any ammunition in California, this is a back door gun registration.  If you do…it will eventually guarantee you a visit from the Jack Boots to confiscate your illegal guns.  If they aren’t all illegal now they soon will be.  I think all of my guns except one; will be illegal under these new laws.  So am I going to turn them in?  LOL!  Any way as I have warned you, by the end of last year you should have had all the guns and ammunition you might need for the rest of your life even in time of war.

Today on August 13, another slate of bills will come before the State Assembly.  These would ban ‘all’ semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, would make it a crime to leave a gun unlocked when you're out of the house, and require those who own high capacity magazines to get rid of them period, no grandfather.  Well…that will make criminals out of about 61% of California residents according to NRA estimates.  You see, what legislators fail to understand, is that both historically and statistically, laws do not prevent crime, they just create criminals.  Want proof…look at Chicago!

A bill adding a 10 percent tax to all ammunition purchases is still moving through the legislature as well, although for some reason that seems to have lost momentum.

Gun control groups like the Violence Policy Center in Washington, D.C. are hoping that California's new gun control laws will spur Congress to pass more gun control as well.  But National Shooting Sports Foundation's senior vice president and general counsel Larry Keane says, that is not going to happen: "While gun control advocates may try to reignite their lost momentum, I don't think anything California does is going to affect what Washington does."  We can all hope for pie in the sky!  

Obama will sign a UN treaty this month during the congressional recess that will eventually ban all arms in the country, it only needs to pass the Senate by two thirds majority when they return in two weeks, forget the house, and Obama will have already signed it, so Obama’s Gestapo will then be official.  And you my friend will be on Obama’s hundred million most wanted hit list so if the state jack boots don’t invade your home Obama’s SS will.  I so hope you don’t act like a lemming and turn in your guns and ammo.  If you want to do that, drop them on my back deck, I will fine good homes for them…with real Americans.

Oh!  And P.S. you might also want to think about forming “A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free State…” in your town, as the Constitution says.  Because the law also says that “the people do have the right to keep and bear arms”, and that no one, that’s NO ONE my friend, “can infringe on those rights”.  Not the sheriff, not the state, not the local police not the Federal Gestapo, not anyone…until they abolish the constitution, and that may just be around the corner…then you are on your own. 

I hope you are ready for that…If you think you are prepared Click on this,  If you think you might need to get prepared Click on this.

Those of you that listened to me and followed my advice about buying all the guns and ammunition that you will need for the rest of your life a couple of years ago, aren’t you glad you did?

Originally the purpose of laws prior to 1913 were made to protect you, now they are made to be used against you…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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