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I Have The Solution!

I Have The Solution!
There is a TV show where a SWAT team member says, “I have the solution.”  It is of course, the last and final solution…

Tongue in Cheek
By de Andréa
August 14, 2013

Before one can find the solution, one must first identify the problem.  If one listens to the brain damaged politicians who have a hidden secret agenda, they deceptively identify the so-called problem of the tragic deaths of school children as sick people with guns.  Or if they boil down the problem to its smallest molecule, it would just be GUNS…because their solution is certainly not banning sick people, although they might eventually do that as well.

On the other hand, the pro gun people say, “guns don’t kill people!  People do…”  So using my highly developed analytical mind I thought for a nano-second or two, and determined that they are both wrong, it’s not guns that kill people, it not people that kill people, it’s those nasty bullets.  I mean think about it, just how would someone kill anything with a gun, it isn’t even sharp.  One might injure someone with it but even that, I think I would rather have a big stick or a ball bat unless of course it’s a long gun then it would already be’, a big stick.  But it really is the bullet that kills, isn’t it?  

So maybe that is why gun bans don’t work…Banning guns aren’t the solution because guns aren’t the problem, we should ban bullets instead.  But of course we couldn’t just do that over night we would have to do it incrementally just like they are banning guns, a little at a time so no one would catch on to the real reason the government is doing what they are doing. 

So how do we begin…?  Well…we should start with assault bullets of course because they are the most dangerous.  What?  What’s an assault bullet?  Well…I think it’s probably those really ugly looking ones, the ones with a sharp point on one end.  Ah ha!  See!  That shows just how much you know; those ugly dangerous ones with the sharp point are really the least dangerous ones.  But then don’t tell the legislators that, they don’t even know which end of the gun the bullet comes out of.  

They are even talking about banning magazines.  Now I don’t know if they are thinking about the ones with a lot of pages in them or the skimpy light weight magazines.  Boy, how would you like to be attacked by an assault magazine?  I think they must look nasty, more like a telephone book, now they could leave a nasty mark, but then, I digress.

Getting back to the problem of all the different kinds of bullets, which ones are the real assault bullets?  There are FMJ’s, RN’s, SP’s HP’s, Spire points copper ones lead ones and even steel ones and a plethora of other types of bullets, but which ones are the real assault bullets.  Well one need look no farther than what kind the DHS is purchasing by the billions to kill you with.  Someone there knows an assault bullet from a regular bullet.  HP’s are the assault bullets in my arsenal; the military is even banned from using them because they are so dangerous.  HP stands for Hollow Point, so not only does it not have a sharp point like a spire point, it doesn’t have any point all.  So is there even any point to any of this.  I hope not!

The more I thought about this nonsense the more I thought that maybe the Gun Nuts were right after all, maybe it is people that are bad, maybe it is not the guns or even the bullets after all, at least they can’t be held responsible.  So if it were the people that were the problem then maybe the solution would be to ban all the people.  Again we can’t just flat out ban all people right off, so we should do like the politicians are doing with guns, incrementally so we don’t see the truth of what their real mission is.

So how do we begin…well we should start with the most dangerous people, the assault people.  What?  What is an assault people?    Well…I think it’s probably those really ugly looking ones, the ones that want to take away your freedom and your rights.  The ones that hang out in the shadows and lie to you, and will never answer a question.  No, no, no, I don’t mean the corner drug pusher.  I mean politicians, the ones that make lists of assault guns to ban like the AK47 the BAR the AR15 the H&K40 the Bushmaster the SKS the M-16 and an unending list of ugly guns that they don’t like because they have those nasty handles and flash hiders, mussel brakes and they might even be camouflaged or black.

So here is my list of Ugly Assault people that I would like to see banned: Top on the list is of course the most dangerous assault person in the country, maybe even in the world, and that is of course the infamous Di Fi Full Auto, a really ugly assault person.  Probably followed by the Cuomo Robotic, and then the Durbin High Capacity, and of course then there is the wicked Nan P, I don’t know, that one tends to jam a lot anyway.  And then the Bloomberg Double Barrel, and the Brady Gatling , The Biden shotgun through the back door…gun.  I am sure if given enough time I could come up with at least a hundred and fifty or more to start with.  Oh!  Don’t forget the Barack HO the assaultyest person I know…

THE BOTTOM LINE: Once these assault people are all taken off of the street we will have found the real solution.  LESS PEOPLE LESS CRIME.  

Thanks for listening – de Andrae

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