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Can’t Ban Unalienable Rights…Then Tax’em!

Can’t Ban Unalienable Rights…Then Tax’em!

By de Andréa
August 28, 2013

The new Nazi war on American gun rights by the legislative robots has taken another predicted turn…if you can’t ban it, then tax it.  At least then you get the benefit of sucking millions more dollars out of American ‘sheeple’, I’m so sorry, ‘citizens’ in the process.  Then try banning again later when more of the ‘Sheep’ have been indoctrinated.

It worked with tobacco, it of course didn’t stop the ‘sheeple’, (opps there I go again) from smoking but then that isn’t the objective anyway is it?  The objective is of course more MONEY, more POWER, and more CONTROL.  That seems to be the Islamic Nazi strategy now with regard to guns in addition to the Régimes confiscation of Ammunition by the DHS Gestapo SS.  The ultimate objective of course is the complete confiscation of all guns, that’ of course will give Obama unlimited Power and Control.  Isn’t this what the Second Amendment was supposed to prevent?  “…being necessary to the Security of a free State” and all that!  Well…what do sheep know anyway? 

New Jersey Democrat Representative Bill Pascrell has co-sponsored legislation that aims to double the handgun tax from 10 to 20% and the ammo tax from 11% to 50%, (that is nearly a 500% tax increase on ammo): Under the misnamed bill called the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act”.  As if a higher tax on firearms and ammo is going to somehow curb violence committed with guns, I’m not sure I understand this, is this a tax on guns or a tax on murder?  Isn’t this just like the outrageous tax on tobacco to get rid of smokers, and a tax on churches will get rid of Christians?  Shucks we ought to tax Muslims we’ ill get rid of terrorists.  Oh!  I forgot the Christians are the new terrorists!  All it will do is make it more costly and difficult for some citizens to buy guns and ammo, which will only put them at more risk of being someone’s victim.  But then, isn’t that what they want?  We will all be the victims of Obama’s new Islamonazi State.

Pascrell lamented.  “The tax on handguns was last increased in 1955.  Worse yet, the tax rate on ammunition and other types of firearms has remained the same since 1941.  Now we got to make priorities here.”  So what!  He found something that hadn’t been taxed enough recently.  And that’s supposed to be reason to increase the taxes?  After all, it’s not fair that gun owners have paid the same “low, low” tax rate on handguns and ammo for decades now.  When are these criminal constitutional gun-toters going to start paying their “fair share?” 

Representative Pascrell was joined by others in the community in their fight against “gun violence.”  “I want justice, and I want this to be over with,” said one member of the community.

But what good is a higher gun and ammo tax going to do?  Well it might just make guns and ammo too expensive for a lot of people to be able to afford.  When gun sales go down, the gun industry will suffer.  Some businesses will have to shut down.  People will lose their jobs.  And people will not be able to adequately defend themselves.  But isn’t that what the Social Communist want…to destroy Capitalism and disarm the people?  Oh!  I could have had a V8!

Where would these gun control money suckers be without the gun-owners buying guns and ammo?

Representative Pascrell said “in addition to these new taxes preventing gun violence, they’ll also bring in $600 million in additional revenue”.  Ah!  You see’, there it is, ‘MONEY’, MONEY, and more MONEY.

In order for them to raise that much in tax revenue, lots of people have to buy guns and ammo.  So, they’re depending on gun owners (who they’re also trying to crack down on) to raise lots of tax money for their personal pet projects.  But I thought this was about “preventing gun violence.”  Nah, that’s just the marketing slogan to get all the right people on board with the new taxes, in the end, all they really care about, is money power and control.  If they really wanted to stop the sale of guns they would raise the tax to a thousand or two thousand percent.

I guess I had better not give the despots any more crazy ideas…

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