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Defenseless in Chicago

Defenseless in Chicago
A truth that demands a verdict…

Yes defenseless means your dead, especially in Chicago, and that is just the way the hate America anti-constitutional freedom hating vultures want it.  They want ‘you’ dead…my friend.  Why else would they want you and your children - defenseless?  Think’! Now think’...

By de Andréa
July 13, 2013

This story should appear on every front page of every newspaper in America.  But it won’t.  Why…because it’s the truth, that’s why!  It would expose the despotic hate American communist anti-constitutional vermin for what they really are, nothing less than brainwashed robotic murdering hypocrites.  I am bloody angry, and trust me you won’t like me when I get angry!

This article may be just a tad long, but you have the rest of the week end to read it…

Why’ do these anti-American maniac gun haters such as the American Nazi Fuhrer Muslim Imam Jihadist Barrack Hussein Obama,  the Nazi Senator Diane Feinstein, the Communist NY Governor Como, and the Infamous soda Hypocrite NYC Mayor Bloomberg ‘really’ want GUN FREE ZONES, for - not only in schools and in theaters but in cities, towns, and across the entire country?  Because they know that GUN FREE ZONES are a magnet for criminals, law abiding citizens don’t have guns in GUN FREE ZONES.  Moreover, anyone with half a brain would know that criminals are the only ones that don’t obey SIGNS, ‘gun laws’ or any laws for that matter.  It should be obvious to you that this is why they are referred to as criminals…           I don’t know, go figure!

But something odd seems to happen when one is brainwashed in our government institutions of indoctrination called public schools, to ‘hate law and freedom’, one becomes a ‘brain dead hypocrite’.  While screaming safety’, they make you vulnerable and defenseless and because you disagree with them they want you’ dead.  If you can think of a better reason for creating GUN FREE ZONES in schools, and in cities all across the fruited plain, other than they want you and your children to be killed by those crazies that would take advantage of their helplessness, then I sure would like hear about it RIGHT NOW  my friend?

Moreover they don’t want you to know that they are the blood thirsty hypocrites that they are, so they try to hide and bury the fact that defenseless citizens are dead citizens.

Proof of this CHARGE I am making, has been buried on the back pages of a few newspapers.  It’s the story about the so-called wonderful GUN FREE CITY of Chicago.  On this 4th of July holiday alone, 74 American citizens were shot in the city of Chicago.  How can that happen in a GUN FREE ZONE like the so-called totally hypocritically safe city of Chicago?  There are no guns in Chicago.  Oh!  Yes…, except those guns that are in the hands of murders who by the way have this bad habit of not obeying laws, and of course the ones who help create these GUN FREE OASIS just for killers in the first place.  One might be safer in Damascus or Cairo.  I’m Going to the Middle East in November I’ll let you know.

These gun haters are nothing but hypocritical-coconspirators, enabling the murders of innocent men women and children all across America!

Recently San Francisco International Airport (SFO) was ground zero for a national media feast, as it focused on a jet airliner crash which initially claimed the lives of two passengers, ‘two’.

Although the crash was spectacular and captivated our attention….The very fact that only two and ultimately three people lost their lives because of the fiery mishap should have been enough to realize many other weighty and more important events were happening around the country, even though miracles no doubt happened that morning that prevented a far larger loss of life and averted the tragedy of mass proportions.

…but, my misinformed friend…

2,000 miles away, far more Americans were needlessly and unnecessarily slaughtered and gunned down in an ongoing violent so-called GUN FREEWAR’ ZONE in one of our largest cities, and nary a peep by the politically correct media.  I can only suspect a cover-up, using this spectacular crash in SFO as a smoke screen to hide the truth about the human slaughter that GUN LAWS and GUN FREE ZONES cause.  If you don’t agree, give me a better reason!

The reported miracles in San Francisco that prevented more death, were conspicuously absent on the mean and dangerous GUN FREE STREETS of Chicago…and there are NO ‘breathless’, glamorizing “national media talking heads” reporting on it in the less than useless alphabet soup communist news agencies that now dominate this so-called “Free Press” of this once free Republic.

Out of the headlines, and instead buried on the back pages, is the story that over the 4th of July holiday, 74 American citizens were helplessly shot and 12 of them died, not two or three, ‘twelve’, in the most “GUN FREE” VIOLENT city in America.  ‘Chicago’, which is becoming renamed “Chiraq” by the locals, due to more gun violence than the Iraqi WAR ZONE, maybe even than Syria.  Well… maybe not than Syria…yet…

This is the “Chicago Style” type of Government that is now being practiced all across America.

The American Nazi Fuhrer and Muslim Imam Jihadist Barrack Hussein Obama said, “if only one child’s life was saved due to ‘my’ proposed gun control mandates, then ‘my’ efforts would all be worth it”.  What a lying sack ‘a’…hypocrite.  Obama’s previous hometown of Chicago is the poster child for the strictest illegal gun control laws in the country and yet it has the same or worse statistics for gun violence as a war torn 3rd world country.  More Americans died because’ of Obama’s WAR ON GUNS, and this my friend, is part and parcel of his “Marxist Saul Alinsky” so-called “Community Organizing” that he is so famous for.  How do you like it so far my friend?

Chicago is the most difficult city in the US for a law abiding citizen to legally own a firearm for self-defense or any other reason, but not so for the criminals.  Criminal gangs ‘rule’ the streets in Chicago, having gunfights while innocent defenseless bystanders get slaughtered in the crossfire.  By contrast the entire state of Vermont has no anti-gun laws at all, ‘ZERO’, ‘ZILCH’, ‘NADA’, and rightly and proudly, it sports the lowest gun crime rate per capita in what is left of the Constitutional Republic of America.

Under one party rule for decades and now with outrageous unconstitutional gun restrictions, Chicago is the country’s epicenter of gun violence.  Gun crime so horrendous it actually skews the nation’s FBI’s gun crime statistics.  And yet according to FBI stats, nationally the number of guns has increased in the hands of law abiding citizens since 1993, and over all, the nation’s gun violence is ‘still’ on the decline, ‘in spite’ of GUN FREE WAR ZONES like Chicago.

One last example is the once GUN FREE ZONE of Washington DC, with a virtual gun ban it one time had the highest death by gun rate than anywhere in ‘the entire world’ including the war in Iraq.  Since the Supreme Court ruling on the Heller v Washington DC case, which struck down the gun ban, the violent gun crime rate has plummeted.  While gun restrictions increased in the City of Chicago, it surpassed DC, and Chicago is now the most gun violent city in the Nation and in the near future like DC was, possibly the world.

Yes, the crash of the jetliner in San Francisco was’ a tragedy.  But in the whole scheme of things, it was an extremely rare occurrence and the loss of life, miniscule by comparison to the daily violent meat grinding slaughter that the good law abiding citizens of Chicago and in all GUN FREE ZONES must endure.  All because of the anti-American murdering despotic gun haters and their un-American unconstitutional anti-gun laws.

Historically, Chicago was awash in illegal money and violence after the government declared war on alcohol during the “Prohibition” era … Perhaps it is time to examine who’ profits from the governments so-called “war on drugs” and who and what evil is behind the “disarming of America” and those who want you and your children DEAD!

THE BOTTOM LINE: It is time my friend, for the media and the ignorant brainwashed gun hating citizens of this country to turn it’s priorities to what is at the core of this violence as it is in one of our biggest cities as well as anywhere there is a so-called GUN FREE ZONE.  Taking away guns from law abiding American citizens is ‘obviously’ the ‘cause’ of the problem, and certainly not’ the solution.

We need to abolish all the illegal unconstitutional gun laws in the country, and encourage law abiding citizens to carry guns so we can once again have a safe place for innocent people and helpless children, instead of a safe place for murders in GUN FREE ZONES.

Do you want real safety for your children my friend?  Then demand that your school tear down the GUN FREE ZONE sign that advertises it as a safe place for murders, and then demand armed teachers or at least armed guards, similar to the ones that guard your money in the banks.  If they refuse, then pull them out of that school.  Aren’t your children at least as valuable to you as your money?

Maybe not, you decide…

Trust me now!  You would not like living in a country where there are no guns in the hands of private citizens, because there would be total and absolute tyranny.  This is what our Second Amendment was designed to prevent.

Have you ever been in a country where there is total oppressive despotism?  Well I have my friend…it’s a little like Chicago only worse.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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