Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Obama Sorry For Accidentally Killing A Fellow Muslim Jihadist

Our Muslim president orders the State Department to apologize to the family of murdered citizen terrorist.

By de Andréa

Obama’s State Department (run by Hillary Clinton) has contacted the family of al-Qaeda propagandist and Jihadist recruiter Samir Khan to “express the condolences” of the president to the family. Samir Khan, the right hand man to U.S. citizen terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, was accidentally killed along with his jihadist comrade in an air strike in Yemen that took place on September 30.

A Khan family spokesman even went so far as to say he felt the State Department was not only apologetic for killing Khan, but for not giving its condolences sooner.

By way of background, Khan (pictured) along with al-Awlaki was an American citizen; Khan maintained an anti-American web site while he lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. Two years ago, he left for Yemen to help produce Inspire, an English language blog. In an early introductory essay, Khan described himself as “proud to be a traitor to America.” He was also the author of Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom. A Muslim bomb maker is what I affectionately call a “Muslim Cook”, the Rachel Ray of Islam.

In case you are wondering if I am condemning Obama’s apology, or the murdering of a U. S. citizen, well, it’s both. Read Obama Assassinated American Citizen. Even though the killing of Samir Khan was collateral damage or a wind fall depending how one sees it, why apologize for a deliberate act. I mean if it was justified to murder one American citizen known to be a terrorist then why apologize for accidentally killing another.

This man Samir Khan was also a self identified enemy of America, if his assassination is justified it should be celebrated, not apologized for. But then this is just typical of Obama, to apologize for any and everything America does or has done.

This like the Bin Laden assassination was not a military operation but a covert CIA mission which should have been classified. But Obama can’t resist the possibility of looking like a hero in the so-called “War on Terror”. I have to admit he needs the kudos, but it leads to unnecessary scrutiny in time of war and national security.

But it doesn’t explain the apology, unless it is just because Obama himself is a Muslim and the killing of Samir Khan was unintended. While he wanted to take credit for the assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki for his own political purposes he is sorry for the accidental death of Khan, which screams out to me that the motive was political and not because al-Awlaki and Khan were treasoness enemies of America in time of war.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I just wanted to point this out because it is just another of the many indications that Obama himself is in my opinion, a “Sleeper Muslim Jihadist”. And is willing to sacrifice the life of a fellow Islamic Jihadist for political posturing, it’s kind of like playing the game of Chess, in that one might sacrifice ones own soldier[s] for personal gain. .

Whether one considers the strategic assassination of a U.S. citizen without a trial as murder or not, I just can’t justify a president apologizing for a deliberate act of National Defense.

If in fact, that is what it was…

de Andréa

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