Monday, October 10, 2011


Is Ann Barnhardt Americana’s Modern Day Joan of Arc?

By de Andréa

This little fireball may just be what America needs to survive. If her words and her fearless demeanor doesn’t shame and shake America's senses especially those useless people we call our leaders in Washington, then there really may be no hope for the survival of the Western world.

I am not going to write a lengthy article about just who and what an Ann Barnhardt is… because I couldn’t do her the intellectual and spiritual wit and justice she so richly deserves.

I will however let you see, hear, and listen to her for yourselves. This lady says in just a few minutes what I have been trying so desperately to say for at least the last 5 years. But she says it better. She may truly be the most informed person about Islam that I know, and the effect is has, and will have, on the West and the rest of the World. But her knowledge and understanding doesn’t stop there.

She tells the truth in a no holds barred way that should shame all of us. Be aware she is somewhat of a potty mouth but it is used in an honest and powerful way to drive the truth right between your blind deceived eyes. She’s real, she’s honest, she’s truthful, powerful, and she fearlessly doesn’t pull any punches. She, by her own admission isn’t nice.

The following are links to videos and audios, watch, listen, and learn my friend.

Audio interview #1


#3 Nice (politically correct)!
I Hope you enjoyed hearing from a real American who sees right through the deception, recognizes that we are in a fight for our survival on an even grander scale than we were in the 1940’s against the imperialism of Japan and Nazi Germany. Then we knew it, we understood it. Today we won’t see the train that hits us, because we have taken our eyes off God. As a result we can't see the truth; all we see is the deception.

Ann Barnhardt just may be an angel sent from God…Pray that He send more angels like Ann…To WAKE UP AMERICA!

de Andréa

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