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Terrorist Thugs From CAIR Threaten Texas Hotel Management

So, you aren’t concerned about Islam or their Sharia Law in America… Well despite our free speech rights in the Free Republic of America, Sharia prevails with enforcement by Muslim terrorists as well as our own DOJ, no not the U.S. Dept. of Justice, I mean the ‘U.S. Dept. of Jihad’…

By de Andréa

Today it may just be ‘threats’ of violence for speaking out against Islamic Sharia, tomorrow, well… that’s another matter. Once Sharia is established in America, and in some State and Federal courts it already is, then speaking out against Sharia will be a ‘Death Sentence’. I know this because they have threatened me. How and why is this happening? ‘You’ are enabling it. You say well not me! Yes YOU! If you are not doing everything you possibly can right now to fight against the oppression and tyranny of Islamic Sharia, then you are enabling it my friend. You are either fighting against Islamic Sharia or you are enabling and indorsing it, there is no grey area. Read on…

The Hyatt hotel in Sugar Land, Texas, has abruptly canceled a previously scheduled tea-party event at which author and the blog Atlas Shrugs founder Pamela Geller was scheduled to speak on the dangers of Islam and the tyranny of Sharia Law.

Geller said the decision came about because “the hotel management was physically threatened by Muslim terrorist thugs from the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) into censoring her planned speech about Sharia in America.”

She accused the Hyatt Place Hotel of “enforcing Islamic law, or Shariah, under which no criticism of Islam is allowed. In Muslim nations, it is a death penalty offense”.

Geller said. "Free speech, the cornerstone of our constitutional republic, is in serious jeopardy," Geller reported today after being informed of the sudden change. "Under the Shariah, the criticism of Islam is blasphemy (punishable by death in Muslim countries). This is the death of free speech and the continuing Islamization of America."

A Hyatt employee in Sugar Land, who identified himself only as Brandon, said the abrupt change was a "business" decision. But when asked about the links between CAIR and terror, he hung up the phone.

The hotel management refused to answer: "Is Hyatt Place Houston aware that CAIR – the Council on American-Islamic Relations – is tied to Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic terror organizations. And according to federal prosecutors and the FBI, has been judged in federal court to be a co-conspirator in funding terrorism as brought out in the federal trial of the Holyland Foundation?"

The company also refused to respond to other questions, such as "What specifically changed between the time Hyatt accepted the reservation and when Hyatt canceled the event? Were there outside comments that influenced the decision?" and "What do you mean by 'business disruption?'“

"I will never stay at a Hyatt Place hotel again. Ever,"
wrote Geller in her column. "Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land received a couple of threatening calls and they surrendered to Islamic supremacists without even firing a shot," she said. I agree, and none of you should support a Sharia enabling business either, there are plenty of real American hotels

Robert Spencer added at that Hamas-linked CAIR "and other Islamic supremacist groups are conducting an ongoing campaign to discredit and marginalize everyone who dares to stand up against the jihad of American culture and Islamic supremacism. Central to this campaign is pressure against any organization or venue that dares to host a freedom fighter – hence Hamas-linked CAIR's efforts to intimidate the FBI and the military into dropping invitations to me and other counter-Jihadists, and its pressure on universities and private groups that host events featuring pro-freedom activists.” Spencer goes on to say…"Hamas-linked CAIR and its Islamic supremacist and it enabling Leftist allies are open enemies of the freedom of speech, and they're relentless in bringing pressure on any individual, group, or venue that dares to step out of the political correct dhimmi lockstep. … Wherever they succeed in intimidating a group or venue into dropping ‘a talk’ by a freedom fighter, we have to bring just as much pressure to bear for the cause of justice and freedom, and let that group or venue know that we do not appreciate their failure to stand up for constitutional principles when challenged."

Read Geller's newest column about the DOJ, Obama’s Dept of Jihad. Below are just a few examples from Pamela Geller’s column of what our government is doing to ensure that America becomes an Islamic State just like Lebanon and every other Islmic country in the world. Who’ is leading us down this path of destruction? Well… your Muslim Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama that’s who! And what’s even worse, like good little dhimmah, you are blindly and ignorantly following!

Obama's Dept of Justice, the Department of Jihad filed this outrageous lawsuit against a school district in December 2010, not to ensure the kids get a good education, mind you, but more importantly, to ensure that the Muslims get special rights and extraordinary accommodations. Obama's Department of Shariah sued to ensure the kids got the shaft but the teacher got the hajj. A round trip paid vacation pilgrimage to Mecca. Does this mean that Sikhs get a paid vacation to Nankana Sahib in Pakistan? And Christians and Jews get a paid vacation to Jerusalem Israel? Probably not!

This is the same DOJ's Eric Holder who spoke at the Muslim Advocates dinner a few months back and reassured Muslims of "DOJ's anti-bias focus," in other words, Obama’s support of Islamic Sharia.

This same DOJ is creating Muslim majority legislative districts by converting a religious class into a political one. Where is the separation of Mosque and State? In Islam my friend, there isn’t one…

This is the same Sharia enforcer Eric Holder who sued a New Jersey county demanding that a correction facility change its rules to allow a female Muslim prison guard to wear a khimar, an Islamic head covering, even though it's a choke hazard, and she will be among prisoners. Well…maybe that’s a good thing!

The Department of Justice sponsored a booth at the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist front ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) convention underwritten by, among others, the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas-linked CAIR terrorist organization.

Further, Obama's Department of Islamic Justice dropped the "charges" against the Muslim terrorists who blew up the American Navy ship the USS Cole.

All of this, at the leadership and direction of your Muslim Dictator Barack Hussein Obama. This is not only un-American, it is treasonous. But who is going to stop them --- the DOJ, the Department of ‘Jihad’? I don’t so…

This is typical of the deceptive infiltration phase of stealth Jihad. The following is a little lesson on the future of the subservience of the infidel dhimmi, or the people of the Book! As long as we are subservient, we are protected under Sharia. If we challenge Muslim domination and our subservient position of slavery to Islam then we are dead…

This kind of demanded surrender is characteristic of "Sharia enforced dhimmitude," the slavery status of non-Muslims under Islamic rule.

"Dhimmitude" or subservient slavery is the Islamic system of governing populations conquered by jihad, encompassing all of the demographic, ethnic, and religious aspects of the political system. The word 'dhimmitude' as a historical concept, was coined by Bat Ye'or in 1983 to describe the legal and social conditions of Jews and Christians subjected to Islamic rule. The word 'dhimmitude' comes from ancient word dhimmi or dhimmah, an Arabic word meaning 'protected'. Dhimmi is the name applied by the Arab-Muslim conquerors to indigenous non-Muslim populations who surrendered by a treaty (dhimmah) to Muslim domination. Well…Obviously we are already falling over each other in a race to be the first on our block to kowtow to our Muslim conquerors.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I hope that paints a picture for you of the future of America. One simply does not ‘share’ space with Islam. Muslims do not play nice with others, Muslims dominate others, it is their ideology to do so, and they will not change, ever!

I don’t know what more I can say or what I can do to get America to read the history of Islam, whether it is ancient or modern it doesn’t matter, because it’s all the same. For fourteen hundred and one years now, Islam has been conquering one country after another and in spite of their losses and temporary setbacks they have been making progress. More importantly they are getting good at it. What one must do in learning the history if Islamic Jihad, is the strategy, or the pattern, it is always the same. So if one studies just how Islam took over the Democratic Christian country of Lebanon for example one can easily see that same pattern or strategy going on today in Europe and America as well. In criminology it is called the M.O. modus operandi or method of operation. It is nearly as reliable as a finger print because it is characteristic of that particular criminal or gang of criminals, in this case it is the nation of Islam. The M.O. is found in their books of Jihad the Quran and the Hadith as well an in their history.

If a people remain Ignorant they become easily deceived, as a deceived people they unknowingly enable, and in so doing they contribute to their own destruction. This describes the process that is being used by Islam to defeat the West. They are doing it from the inside, and they will accomplish it with our help.

This is why you must become educated about this enemy, because as a whole, the officials that you elected to congress haven’t got a clue about whom and what this enemy is. Your future, your children’s future, and the future of your country depend on it.

de Andréa

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