Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Moral Decay Of China

Has the culture and soul of China deteriorated to even below the point of shameless and horrifying animalistic barbarism, with no regard whatsoever for the value of a human life? And can it happen here?

By de Andréa

Words do not adequately describe
In writing this story, and recognizing that this was real, I was at a loss for words in explaining just how I felt in watching this horrifying video footage. I really don’t believe that there are’ any words that would adequately describe my outrage as I watched in horror at what was happening right in front of me on my computer screen, and trust me I have seen first hand some of the carnage of life and death. But never before have I witnessed such indifference to the plight of another human being. I wonder how China can still claim that it is a civilized human culture.

Near a busy wholesale market in Foshan, in the Guangdong province of south east China, the driver of a van stops for just a moment --- one would think it was possibly because he presumably realized in horror that he has just hit and run over a child… But then he drives on – this time crushing her again beneath his rear wheels.

What follows, is arguably an even more appalling and horrifying scene:
Just when one would think that this couldn’t possibly get any worse, it does…A dozen or more, passersby ignore the two-year-old little girl named Yueyue as she lies in agony crushed, bleeding, and likely in excruciating pain but obviously ignored, on a busy street in southern China.

Even if this happened to someone’s dog or cat, one would try to stop traffic and attend to the injured animal. But several mindless people simply glance at her bloodied mangled little body as if it were just some kind of rodent before continuing on their way, while still others walk or wheel around her as if having more important things on their minds than a crushed and bleeding child lying helplessly in the middle of a busy street. And if that isn’t bad enough, their apparent and obvious indifference, causes the little girl to be ‘run over again, by yet an even larger truck. And ‘still, no one pays any attention.

As I said there are just no words in any language to describe this unbelievable chain of events that tragically took place in broad daylight on a public street in down town China. ‘WARNING’ this video will be shockingly graphic and emotionally disturbing, as it is the original uncut surveillance camera footage. If you wish to watch it CLICK HERE.

Searching one’s soul
The young girl's fate has understandably prompted horrified soul searching in China, as it should, since the images were aired on a local television station there. Shanghai Daily’ reported that the little girl had died of her injuries at the hospital. But other State media including the news agency Xinhua said that she remained in a deep coma. Doctor Peng an attending physician told the news reporters of the China Daily that she had been declared brain-dead on Sunday and she could die at any time. He said at best she would remain in a vegetative state and on life support. --- I hope God mercifully takes her life.

The China Daily claimed that the woman who stopped is a rubbish collector, and was even told by so-called ‘more educated’ shopkeepers to mind her own business when she tried to help the child. More educated! Is that what it takes to be so dead inside as to not care at all about the tragic pain and suffering of a 2 year old child? My God please help us in our depravity!

Some talked of a new moral low (that’s an understatement) after seeing passersby – including a woman holding a small girl by the hand – walk around two-year-old Yueyue lying there, mangled and now in a smeared pool of blood.

How could this happen and why???
Many internet users around the globe expressed fury, describing those who ignored Yueyue as less than human. "Where did the conscience of China go … What has happened to the Chinese people?" wrote one.

In China, several pointed out that it was a ‘rubbish collector’ who had ‘nothing to loose’ because they are among the poorest and often worst-educated members of society – who stopped to help, while others carried on, mindlessly. “Nothing to lose?” This certainly doesn’t excuse this display of total egocentric and uncaring behavior, but it may explain ‘at least in part’, why the Chinese people have come to such a place of selfish irresponsibility. Some people who responded to the story said that people should ask themselves how willing they would have been to help, before criticizing.

Many say they are too scared, blaming ‘extortion’ attempts by people who have accused “Good Samaritans” of causing their injuries – and judges who have backed such claims.
One said that while the footage was heartbreaking, he would have been "numb" to Yueyue as well. "Would you be willing to throw your entire family's savings into the endless whirlpool of accident compensation? Aren't you afraid of being put into jail as the perpetrator? Have you ever considered that your whole family could lose happiness only because you wanted to be a great soul?” It doesn’t take a great soul, my sorely heartless friend. All it takes, is just the smallest little bit of natural humanity, something that is obviously in short supply in China these days.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The obvious display of widespread reluctance to help someone helplessly in need, and the obvious total disregard for human life and suffering has already led to an anguished public debate in the country. While this fear of reprisal might seem to explain the reason for the indifference of a society to avoid the common act of human empathy, it instead reeks of a total lack of natural human ‘apathy’ and an even the smallest hint of any value of human life. It clearly shows a society gone into the spiritual garbage dump.

Just what has happened in Chinese culture that could cause a society to be so callously indifferent to the agony and helplessness of an innocent child? What could this horrifying incident mean to a people, to be so low on ones list of priorities? Just how does one explain this bazaar and grotesque behavior?

What can we learn from this tragic event?
The core of China’s culture has obviously become a godless self-centered society without the presence of any moral character or values whatsoever. The burning question is: Can this eventually happen in our own so-called Judeo-Christian Western society? My friend, this can --- and will happen, in any society where God is systematically driven out and ignored.

Ops! Has that maybe struck a cord of reality? It should, because if one were even slightly aware of the deteriorating moral values in America, in our schools, in our government, and in our own homes, we would recognize that the spiritual decay of our own country is not far behind that of China. Don’t you have a moral responsibility to protect the fundamental Judeo-Christian values that America was founded on? Or are you going to just stand by and watch your own country slowly disintegrate into the same appalling spiritual garbage dump as China?

Have we possibly taken the philosophy of separation of Church and State a little too far? We may have made it the separation of God and Country. That’s obviously what China has done, and as Paul Harvey used to say, “Now, you know…the rest of the story.”

Think about that the next time you ignore that God shaped void in your own life.

"What does it profit a man if he acquires the wealth and happiness of the whole world for just a few short years, and in the process looses his own soul for eternity?" … Jesus in Jerusalem, foretelling events of the future. Sometime after November 14, 33. No… that’s “33” not 1933.

I’d say: He’s got that question right on target! Now...what is your' answer…?

de Andréa


Anonymous said...

Bullshit article. So twelve people can represent a population of 1.4 billion? Fallacy doesnt even begin to cut it. What of the millions of Chinese netizens who reacted with horrror to this incident? And what about all the atrocities commited in the name of God in Saudi Arabia? if religion was the answer to moral decay, why are these Islamic cuntries such moral dumps? This article reeks of faulty logic and lack of research. Pathetic.

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