Friday, October 28, 2011

“Occupy” Community Organizing

Just what did Obama mean by “Community Organizing”?

By de Andréa

Too bad we didn’t know the answer to that question when he was campaigning for president. Well… some of us did, but the rest just didn’t listen, or think!

I do hope by now however, that the majority of us, at least have some idea of what Obama’s “Change” was really about. “Community Organizing for Change” should have been a red flag. But unfortunately for most, it was a green flag to go ahead and blindly jump right out of the moving train, or worse yet an air plane with no thought of a parachute.

It isn’t as if there wasn’t some need for questions, like maybe Change what? And to What? Or what are we Organizing our Community to do? Well… I guess those are just too obvious to ask. I mean we didn’t want to appear stupid or something did we?

So now’ after the fact, after we have blindly jumped into the abyss - we’re now’ stupid or something! Better late than never, I aways say.

If you are really’ interested in just what the “Change” was, that Obama has been “Organizing your Community” to do, then Watch and listen for yourself. They say a picture with words is worth, well… more than just a thousand words.

Obama’s Community Organizing : Listen and watch “Death to Capitalism” “Death to America” Occupy Wall Street or Occupy your Community, is Communist Community Organization right out of Saul Alinsky’s (pictured at right) Marxist books.

Watch them align themselves with Communists, Nazis, Islam’s Ayatollah Khomeini, and Ahmadinejad, and anyone else who hates and wants to destroy America and its freedom. This is Obama’s Community Organizing my friend; it is to bring about the Change that he so proudly campaigned for.

Whether it is Occupy Europe or the support of Occupy Wall Street in Tehran or Occupy Oakland California it is all the same Communist anti-Capitalism, anti-American and anti-God hatred. All promoted by Obama’s Marxist Community Organizing. Watch them all!

Capitalism is not what destroyed this economy my friend. It instead, was and is, purely the criminal greed for power on the part of the government, and it didn’t begin with Obama. Read a previous article of mine, a study titled “The Federal Brief” .

It is the God given liberty of Free Enterprise and Capitalism that has blessed - not only this’ country, but most of the industrialized world. It is, the GREED of the International Central Banking System not the greed of Wall Street, that drives and fuels the Federal power over education, our property, the food industry, our water, and yes - even the air we breathe --- that took this country down - and half the world with it.

A retired French economist named Fredric Bastiat once said: “In a free country the only rule of law that there can be, is a law to protect and strengthen the rights and freedoms of its citizens. Any other law is oppressive and takes away ones liberty” Our laws, nearly since the ratification of the Constitution, have been designed to surreptitiously destroy freedom and promote Federal Power!

President Bush mistakenly stated that “everybody wants to be free” and “everyone has a right to be free”. While I can agree somewhat with the latter statement, the former just typifies the ignorance of America and the West. Our so-called educational system is turning out more and more brainwashed people that are indoctrinated and programmed to be dependants. They choose to be told when and where to take the next step, to follow a set of autocratic rules no matter how oppressive and brutal they may be, rather than to make the ‘effort’ to do and think for themselves, to appreciate and fight to save the God given freedom they have or could have.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Well there you have it, Obama has Organized “Change” In your Community, I hope you enjoy it, you voted for it. Well…at least the majority of you obviously did. And in the coming election if you want more of the same, be sure to vote for your Community Organizer again and get more of the “Change” you so sadly deserve.

Remember; dependants make good slaves while independent thinkers are trouble makers! But like me, they are still ‘free trouble makers’… de Andréa

Thanks for listening…

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