Wednesday, October 12, 2011

de Andréa’s In Love

That’s right, after all these years I have finally found the girl of my dreams. She is likely the girl of everyone’s dreams. Come on! Come dream with me…

By de Andréa

Once in a millennium God shares someone with us that is truly angelic and magical. She’s blond and not only beautiful, but intelligent and articulate as well. She sings like an angel, her name is Jack…and Jack… is now --- 11 years old.

I received her first album “Dream With Me” in the mail yesterday, and if a blue ray can ever be worn out, this one is already well on its way. And as I watched and listened, the tears would come streaming down my old worn out face.

Just three years ago when Jackie was still 8 years young, Jackie Evancho’s parents took her to see the Operetta (the movie) “The Phantom of The Opera”. The following day her mother heard her daughter Jackie singing “All I Ask Of You” and other songs from the movie. Her mothers face literally fell open as she listened to her daughter sing for the very first time. No! I mean her parents literally did not know that their 8 year old daughter could sing…

She was asked; “what happens to you, when you are singing on stage”. She replied; “I become someone else”.

If you study her face when she’s singing, you can see the transformation that takes place, she is truly magical, and she really does become someone else. She is so focused on the experience and expressing the drama of her song… and then… when she is finished, with a great big smile on her face, she becomes a little 11 year old girl once again. If you listen very carefully, only when she sings, you might even detect a slight European accent.

David Foster said of her; she has the voice and the mind of an adult, in the body of a child.

Well… I not going to continue gushing on about my new found love, so in case you have been living under a rock for the past three years and haven’t heard this magical little girl sing, I will share her with you.

Meet Jackie and her producer Davit Foster
Jackie’s debut on America’s Got Talent.
PBS Great performances Jackie sings Puccini’s Nessun Dorma.
An interview on the talk! She sings Nella Fantasia.
Jackie sings Somewhere with Barbra Streisand from her album.
Jackie sings Oh Holy Night at the National Christmas tree lighting in Washington D.C.
And finally Jackie sings The Lords Prayer on tour in Dallas Texas.

If you want to hear more of Jackie you can get her latest album at her web site HERE

I truly hope you have enjoyed this marvelous little girl as much as I have.

And yes…I am obviously a big fan!

de Andréa

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