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Obama and Google

Obama and Google are on the same team to stonewall evidence of terrorist groups within the United States. Sound bazaar? That’s because it is. Read on…

By de Andréa

A Book advertisement submitted to Google for the New York Times best-seller "Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America" was rejected by the Internet giant as inadmissible material comparable to Nazi memorabilia and Ku Klux Klan collectibles. Watch a video about the book.

The ad, featuring the title "Muslim Mafia," was first rejected by Google's automated system, which flagged key words. A Google representative then resubmitted the ad to the computerized system, and it was again rejected.

A source familiar with Google's automated ad process said it's common for the system to flag an ad because of certain key words and then, upon further review of the context, approve it. "This is how the system is supposed to work," the source said.

Google's first human response regarding the appeal to the rejection was an email reply that classified the ad as “Unacceptable ‘Anti-Content."

The message explained, "One or more of your ads or keywords have been disapproved," said the response: 'Anti' and Unacceptable Violence, Anti- Content: "At this time, Google policy does not permit the advertisement of websites that contain content such as Nazi memorabilia or KKK collectibles or Anti- Content. As noted in our advertising terms and conditions, we reserve the right to exercise editorial discretion when it comes to the advertising we accept on our site. Your ad has been rejected at this time”.

The Google message warned that "repeated violations of our policies might result in your AdWords account getting permanently suspended.” Because of public pressure and the threat of other advertisers pulling their ads, Google has now reluctantly accepted the ad. The criteria of “Anti-Content” I find interesting, especially in light of all the resent attacks on our First Amendment free speech. Does Google just arbitrarily reject anything that is contrary to…well…anything?

The ad originally submitted by “WorldNetDaily Books” for the book "Muslim Mafia" consisted of an image of the book's cover and a page that offers a free copy of the book for a contribution to a legal defense fund. The fund is ironically, for the defense of the book's co-author, P. David Gaubatz, and his son, Chris Gaubatz, in a lawsuit brought against them by the primary subjects of the book, the Council on Amerian-Islamic Relations, (CAIR) whose members I have tangled with a few times. They didn’t sue me they just graphically threatened my life.

The book "Muslim Mafia" presents original material obtained in a six-month undercover operation that documents CAIR's relationship with the international Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of all major Islamic terrorist groups such as al-Qaida, Hamas Hisbala, and the Taliban just to name a few. This brings up a question begging to be asked: If this former federal agent and his son, now civilians, could do this without any support from federal security agencies, why then couldn’t at least one of the many federal counter terrorist agencies do the same thing, and stop all the terrorist activities in the U.S.. Answer…Because that just isn’t the agenda of these agencies anymore, in fact, all terrorist organizations in the U.S. are supported by the IRS as tax free institutions. Every one of the so-called police and security agencies in the Federal Government has been infiltrated by a stealth Jihadist Islamic terrorist group, including our own military, and we have already seen several of the consequences of that. We are in the phase of Islamic Jihad that precedes the ‘final phase’, and the final phase is – “the terrorist militant phase” complete and total war. This same strategy of multiple-phase Islamic Jihad has been successfully used in every Islamic State that exists in the world today. Read your history my friend.

Just as a side note: The international Muslim Brotherhood is the revived Ottoman Muslim Empire that was dismantled in 1924. The Muslim Brotherhood was formed in Egypt just 4 years later in 1928 by the people left over from the previous Empire, they’re not going ‘away’ folks! This is the same Brotherhood of Muslim terrorists that Obama has spent millions of your tax dollars supporting in Egypt and Libya, and that are now taking over the entire Middle East in what is called the Arab spring. This same Muslim Brotherhood is also taking over Western Europe and the United States. And what is even more insulting, is that we --- because of our ignorance are deceived into enabling Islam in carrying out our own destruction.

When the book was released in 2009, members of Congress held a news conference urging that its revelations about CAIR's influence on Capitol Hill, the FBI, Homeland security, the NSA and its threat to national security of this nation be investigated. This investigation was abandoned because of lack of support. (Likely orders from the ‘not quite so round’ Office)

CAIR was named by the U.S. Justice Department as an unindicted co-conspirator in a major terrorist-financing scheme “The Holy land Foundation. During the trial, FBI agents presented evidence that CAIR was established as a front for the terrorist group of Hamas. They remain unindicted because of the lack of funds to peruse an indictment, or so they say.

The CAIR legal attack on the author is far from over. The book's revelations have led to formal congressional demands for three different federal investigations of CAIR, which have all fizzled. Read Peter Kings Demand letter to Eric Holder for reasons not to indict the Muslim terrorists on the coconspirator list. That was back in April, Holder still hasn’t responded. And he won’t, on orders from…well you know where.

So what is the connection to Obama? This information has been known by Obama’s DOJ for at least as long as Obama has been president and he has buried it, buried it deep in the bureaucratic round file.

Google is a staunch supporter of Obama. In other words Google and Obama are on the same team, same side, and the same page, how ever you would like to describe it. Perhaps one should describe it like this: Obama and ‘CAIR’ are on the same team, the same side, and the same page. Well…

Obama is a self described Muslim, which is to say that he follows the Muslim Ideology of world domination taught in the Quran. This incidentally, is the same ideology that drives his fellow terrorist groups like CAIR. Obama refuses to prosecute CAIR for reasons that should be obvious, but Republican presidential candidate Cain says if elected “I’ will prosecute CAIR”. Well of course he will, he’s not a Muslim terrorist.

The interesting part of all this is, I don’t believe that Google subscribes to the teachings of Islam. So this is a prime example of the philosophical truth that I have been trying to get across for the past four years. The Ignorance of Google leading to Google’s deception, the deception of Google leading to Google’s enabling and Google’s enabling leading to…and contributing to the destruction of American society and culture.

I should be able to leave it there, but I believe a more detailed explanation is called for.

What this Father/Son team did in risking their lives and going undercover and recovering terrorist documents and writing the book titled “The Muslim Mafia” was to create public documented proof that CAIR is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. In addition, it proved that CAR is a supporter of terrorist groups within the United States, which have the expressed agenda of overthrowing the government and Judicial System of the United States of America. And then that same unindicted coconspirator and treasonous organization, instead of being brought up on charges of aiding an abetting the enemy of the United States by Obama’s DOJ --- then sues the very people who are presenting the overwhelming evidence against them. This is tantamount to committing a crime and then suing the witness and evidence against you. The suit should not only be thrown out of court but the evidence presented should indict the criminal[s].

THE BOTTOM LINE: Is this a conspiracy to cover up and stonewall evidence, anyone, anyone??? But this my friend, is what happens when your president is the enemy of the State, and is blatantly supporting the same agenda as our enemy. The poor ignorant slobs at Google are just caught up in the disease of political deception that inflicts the majority of Americans.

Obama and his fellow organized crime syndicate should be indicted for treason for refusing to indict all the known terrorist and terrorist support organizations in the United States. But we all know that isn’t going to happen any time soon. I guess there is still honor among thieves as they say. Besides, I don’t think treason is’ against the law anymore.

Come to think of it, nothing Obama does seems to be against the law anymore. Do you think that’s because the constitution has been lost somewhere in the shuffle? Maybe it was ‘accidentally on purpose’, filed in close proximity to the paper shredder.

Do you think we should dredge it back up and send a copy to our representatives and the DOJ? You know…just so they know - that we know!

Remember, if this destruction of America is allowed to continue because you just don’t seem to have the time…most everything that you do, that you think is important to you… will instead- have been done in vain.

Here is Eric Holder’s address at the DOJ, that is, if you feel so inclined to do what ever you can to save that part of you, that the back pockets of your jeans so conveniently cover-up…

The Honorable Eric H. Holder, Jr.Attorney GeneralU.S. Department of Justice950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NWWashington D.C. 20530-0001

de Andréa

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