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Killing Coptic Christians Was Correct According To Sharia

Correct According To Sharia? Of Course It Was… The problem here is - that Christians, Westerners, and especially the media have no clue about the history of Islam or Sharia Law which has strictly governed Islam since the 7th century. Our ignorance pays for, and supports the murder of Christians. There really is no excuse for this ignorance anymore.

By de Andréa

While I am certainly not excusing the resent mass murder of Christians in Cairo, one would think however that Coptic Christians living in Egypt since the early Christian Church of Alexandria and before the existence of Islam would know exactly what to expect, especially when they decided to renovate and/or make repairs to their church. This supports my warning that ignorance of Islam will do nothing but get one killed, yes even here in America? Where there are Muslims, Sharia applies to everyone.

Egypt is now in the hands of Allah! Thanks to the support of Obama.

But even the Israelis haven’t a clue of whom or what Islam is. If they did, they would never make a treaty with Islam. The Hadith is full of examples of Islamic State treaties indicating that the only purpose of treaties is to simply buy time until they murder the Kaffaar.

Another model of the ignorance of the Islamic ideology that should know better is the county of Lebanon which ignorantly and benevolently invited the Iranian backed terrorist group Hisbala into their Christian Democratic country and culture. Today it is a brutal and oppressive Islamic State. So the Western countries of Europe and the Americas have no exclusivity on the ignorance of their enemy. Living in close proximity to Islam obviously doesn’t guarantee any understanding of this satanic ideology.

Now that the Arab Spring has bloomed out, the Muslim brotherhood (the restored world Ottoman Empire) has taken over the countries of Egypt and Libya; the Islamic law of Sharia will be enforced.

Correct According To Sharia
In doing a little research and looking at the reproduction of the old engraving of Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher, in Bat Ye'or's book The Dhimmi, I was looking directly at the reason for the murders of the Coptic Christians in Cairo. What is notable about the image, based on an 1856 photograph, is that the church, said to be at the site of Jesus Christ's crucifixion and burial, has no cross and no belfry. Stripped of its Christian symbols, the church stood in compliance with the Sharia law (The Dhimmah Pact) and traditions of the Turkish Ottoman Empire which ruled Jerusalem at the time. But then we are deceptively ignorant of Islamic history, ancient or modern. Today the cross has been returned to the dome.

I went back to the book to find this image for a reason. It had to do with the recent massacre of two dozen Coptic Christians In Cairo by Egyptian Muslim military and street mobs, which also left hundreds wounded. The unarmed Coptic’s were protesting the destruction of yet another church in Egypt, St. George's, which on Sept. 30 was set upon by thousands of Muslim men following Friday prayers.

Why did this occur? The trigger was, if one knows Muslim history of course, was ‘the repair work’ on the building—work that the local council and governor had approved. Does that explanation make any sense? Not to anyone ignorant of Islamic law. Unfortunately, that criterion includes virtually all media reporting the story as well as those reading the story and the dead Coptic’s who should have known what to expect. Sharia just doesn’t allow crosses and bells my friend. And when Sharia is violated, the Dhimmah (the subservient people of the book) will die.

Raymond Ibrahim, an Islam specialist, Arabic speaker, and author of The Al Qaeda Reader writes an article titled Egypt Destroying Churches, One at a Time, he catalogs the key sequence of events that turned a church renovation project into terror and flames. With repair work in progress, he writes online at Hudson New York, "It was not long before local Muslims began complaining, making various demands, including that the church be devoid of crosses and bells—even though the permit approved them—citing that 'the cross irritates Muslims and their children.” ‘The cross irritates Muslims and their children’. Why do you think that is? And yes, they really cannot stand the cross. This of course is because Islam is a satanic following, and those of Allah/Satan cannot look directly at the CROSS. Their spirit becomes violently tumultuous.

Those details drove me to re-examine the de-Christianized 19th-century image of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher—no cross, no bells. It becomes a revealing illustration of Islamic history repeating itself in this "Shariah Autumn," the deadly but natural harvest of the grotesquely branded "Arab Spring."

Given our ignorant see-no-Shariah hear-no evil media and government, we have no context in which to place or understand such events. That context is a Shariah society, advanced, (but by no means initiated) by "Arab Spring," where non-Muslim—"dhimmah"—occupy a place defined for them by Islamic law and tradition.

Dhimmah (“People of the book” meaning subservient Christians and Jews) are permitted to live in an Islamic state under the terms of surrender as laid out in the “dhimmah' pact”. Such terms, are a well-established part of Islamic law and can be found in the Quran and laid out in countless legal text books. When non-Muslim slaves violate these terms, they become subject to attack.

To place the dhimmah pact in comparable Western terms is to say the West has its Magna Carta; Islam has its Pact of the Ummah (Islamic world rule). Among other things, this seminal pact governing Muslim and non-Muslims relations stipulates, the condition that “Christians or Jews will neither erect in our areas a monastery, synagogue, church or sanctuary for a monk, nor restore any place of worship that needs restoration”.

Thus, this anti-Coptic violence, which for the moment has caught the world's attention, is islamically correct. This is the piece of the puzzle Westerners fail to grasp. For Brotherhood Muslims in Egypt today, ignorantly supported by the west, the act of repairing a church is a flagrant provocation, a breach of the peace, which amounts to a deliberate revocation of one's right to exist in the land. It violates the terms of the contract of the “Dhimmah pact”, and as such, it becomes just another legitimate and legal reason for killing the Kaffaar or Infidel.

In Islamic terms, then, the destruction of the church is no injustice. It is "even a duty to destroy the church and even the lives of Christians who have the temerity to repair their churches against Sharia showing no respect for Allah’s/Satan’s law.” That's because dhimmah who take to the streets to protest the destruction of the church "are rebels who have forfeited their rights (under the pact) to 'safety and protection. As violators of the "dhimmah pact” or contract, they become fair game. We must really understand, as far as Islam is concerned all the world is the Ummah! (The world nation of Islam) All are subjected to Sharia. The Kaffaar or the Infidel (non Muslim) has only three choices, one to convert to Islam --- two become dhimmah slaves of Islam and pay the Jizya, (a tribute tax) --- or to be killed, Period.

This is quite simple stuff, but the theology of Islam eludes us. Why? I think the answer is that to expose the facts about Shariah in the Western milieu[x] is to invite the criticism of Muslims. Such criticism is forbidden under Shariah. So, as to not make waves and keep our politically correct multi-cultural demeanor intact we remain silent—which of course is what good "dhimmah" do. And if we continue down this ignorant path of kowtowing to these Islamic sons of Satan, we will soon not have a choice but to die or exist in the servitude of hell for the rest of time.

Obama endorsed the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and has since been supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood military regime running the country, which is known to be more militant and radical than any terrorist group in the history of Islam’s use of terrorism and threats of terrorism to advance their agenda.

At this time, the Obama administration continues to pump millions of dollars into Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood terrorist regime. Why? Watch and listen to him tell you that he himself, is a Muslim sleeper Jihadist.

Trying to ‘buy’ Muslim friendship, is more important to the White House than to defend the Christian and human rights of fellow believers in Jesus Christ.

THE BOTTOM LINE: We are not only ignorant of the history and ideology of our enemy, we ignore our own articles of war and the war college manual which in its first paragraph clearly states that before ever engaging in war with an adversary…one must know who the enemy is! Otherwise one risks defeat. Guess what? Our Congress and Department of Defense, hasn’t the foggiest idea of just what makes Islam tick…tick…tick.

A few more ignorant deceptive ticks and we will be defeated…

As a Christian, I am appalled that our tax dollars are going to support our enemy and the Muslim persecution and murder of fellow Christians. Obviously, the Christian faith that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are so ready to fraudulently front to the American people, mean little or nothing to them. They would rather support Muslim terrorists than preserve the peaceful lives of real Christians.

But then what can one expect from a Kenyan born Muslim and the Social Communist regime of Barrack Hussein Obama…

de Andréa

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