Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Nation of Islam Says...

The only good Christian is a dead Christian.
The dissection of Ignorance:

By de Andréa

Since Islam is the religion of DEATH, and not PEACE! Then all Kaffaar must die or be subdued into slavery. That is the law…

This from Chuck Colson’s Breakpoint:
“Yousef Nadarkhani is the pastor of a 400-member church in Iran’s Gilan province. As you might suspect, it’s not easy being a Christian in Iran even in the best of times. And for our Iranian brother, these are far from the best of times.

Nadarkhani’s tribulations started when he complained to local officials about his son being forced to read from the Koran. It’s difficult to imagine the courage required to do that, and Iranian officials quickly set about to make him pay the price.”

From another point of view:
First of all Nadarkhani’s tribulations didn’t as Chuck Colson said: “start when he complained to local officials about his son being forced to read from the Koran”. It started fourteen hundred and one years ago when Muhammad wrote down what the lying angel Satan told him to write.

While I personally do feel very afraid and sad for this Iranian pastor’s life and the life of his family as well as anger that these sons of Satan in the Islamic Iranian government are persecuting him for is faith in Jesus Christ --- my outrage however is toward a deeper and just as eminent a danger. It is toward the ‘apostasy’ of the West in its hypocrisy of promoting and enabling Islam in their own counties including America.

Just what do the people of Christendom expect from a people who worship the angel of DEATH? They kill people! That’s just what they do… Come on read the Quran, read the Hadith, it really won’t hurt you, it is just paper and ink. But alas we Christians become ignorantly indignant when Muslims do what Muslims do.

Yes we Christians for some unexplainable reason expect Muslims to be more like us, benevolent and kind and to show the love of Jesus to those around them. Well guess what my poor deceived friend they just aren’t going to do that. This is not the “Religion of Peace” that you have been robotically brainwashed to accept. To expect anything more out of Islam than hate, murder, and supremacy is just pure ignorance and deception.

This is not just my opinion my friend, God told us Himself to expect persecution for “My Sake”. Who do you think this persecution was going to come from, the Mormons? And if you are outraged at Iran or outraged at me for telling the truth that you may not want to hear, well… its irrelevant, because as Christians we are going to be persecuted and not just in some faraway land like Iran or Kenya, no! Right here in America so you had better either get use to it and quickly, or do something about it right here, and right now.

The sad part is not that we are going to be persecuted, no the sad part is, that we have no one to blame but ourselves. I am going to say it once again; and I will write it slowly because I know many of you can’t read fast, okay are you ready --- Ignorance breeds deception, deception breeds enablement, and enablement breeds destruction”.

Chuck Colson goes on to say: “Yousef Nadarkhani was arrested in June of 2009 and ordered to renounce his faith. When he refused, his wife, Fatemeh, was also arrested as a way to increase the pressure. While she was released four months later, Iranian officials weren’t done with Nadarkhani. He was then charged with apostasy: In this case, converting from Islam to Christianity. Technically, apostasy isn’t a crime under Iranian law – his “prosecution,” if you want to call it that was based on the writings of men like Ayatollah Khomeini”.

This is where Colson is ignorantly wrong, dead wrong if you will; the Islamic law of apostasy is based - not on the writings of Khomeini - but the writings of Satan. It is in the Quran, it is at the very foundation of Islam. It is… Sharia Law my friend, it governs all of Islam and everything they do, and if we continue in our ignorance to enable it, it will oppressively govern us as well. Colson continues, “In their view, it doesn’t matter that Nadarkhani never was a practicing Muslim. All that matters is that his ancestors were”.

This too is problematic; the ancestors of Iran were Persians, not Arabs, and certainly not Muslims. Muslims didn’t exist until AD 610 and then only in Mecca. Persians were either pagans, Christians or Jews. Colson said it was right out of Alice and wonderland. I have news for you Mr. Colson it is straight out of the Quran, it ‘is’ their law. It is as Colson said: …”it doesn’t matter that Nadarkhani never was a practicing Muslim”. But it has nothing to do with who or what his ancestors were, because it only matters what Sharia says. And Sharia says that everyone will be Muslim no matter what, or be slaves, or be dead, period.

Colson again continues: “Nonetheless, Nadarkhani was sentenced to death for his refusal to “repent. The sentence has prompted outrage around the world: Amnesty International called it a “clear violation of international law.” Well first Mr. Colson, Christianity teaches that if one doesn’t repent one will suffer death eternally, but of course unlike Muslims Christians don’t carry out the sentence. And then, I wouldn’t give much credence to what Amnesty International says; and secondly, it is foolish to even bring up international law or any other kind of law for that matter. As I said the only law there is in Islam is Sharia.

Colson continuing, said; “The White House denounced what it called Iran’s “utter disregard” for religious freedom. It said that Nadarkhani “has done nothing more than maintain his devout faith, which is a universal right for all people,” and called on Tehran to release him. I’m grateful for the White House’s statement. I am also thankful for the efforts of groups like the American Center for Law and Justice who are working to bring attention to Nadarkhani’s plight.” Universal rights or not! When are we going to get it? There are no rights in Islam, only Sharia. And this is Islam…

First, the White House isn’t an “it”. It is… ‘Obama’ and I guess if Obama “called on Tehran to release him” Tehran certainly will! Yeah Right! One might ask; why would Obama, a Muslim, go against his own people? Because it is politically the right thing to do, could you imagine if Obama had said; just kill the Kaffaar and be done with it? That would burn his reelection for sure, and he could no longer continue on his programmed quest to destroy America and make it an Islamic socially dependant State.

And lastly, as Mr. Colson said, “I am thankful for the efforts of groups like the American Center for Law and Justice who are working to bring attention to Nadarkhani’s plight”. I am thankful as well for bringing pressure and attention to, hoping, and praying for the lives of these people and it is certainly more benevolent than dropping an atomic bomb on Tehran. But it is still pie in the sky, as the saying goes, to expect Iran to exchange their Sharia Law for our Bill of rights --- especially while we are in the process of dumping our Bill of rights for their ‘Sharia Law’.

THE BOTTOM LINE: When one invites the devil into one’s house, then one can’t really expect anything but the devils rules. And when the satanic law of Sharia is enforced, whether in a far away land or in your own town or city, you might want to become informed of just who and what this enemy is. And fight against it ‘now’ while it is still weak. Islam will not give up – ‘ever’… if ‘you do’, they win! And you will have sinfully enabled the very persecution you find so intolerable.

I want you to know I have the greatest respect for Chuck Colson. He has come a long way since the Nixon years. So why did I pick apart Mr. Chuck Colson’s article? First, because I can, and second, because there is always another side to the story, and I seem to stand in a different place than most. And then, I have the unique God given ability to see through what is be presented, and see the deeper issue that is beginning to take shape just down the road. And while it is important to pray and do what we can for those in faraway lands it can sometimes take ones focus off of what is right in front ones nose. What is going on in Iran my friend is what we will be subjected to right here in our own land. And then who will be left to pray for us?

Pray… but act, and act now!
de Andréa

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