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U.S. Pentagon In Bed With Terrorists…Again!

 U.S. Pentagon In Bed With Terrorists…Again!


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted August 10 2017

A U.S.-Hezbollah-Assad Alliance, will we ever learn, or is this also left over from Obama’s Deep Dark Muslim Communist Swamp.

I bet you haven’t heard of this on the Communist News Network.

American troops are now en’route to Lebanon to take their place in yet another insane alliance with the enemy, this time with the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah and the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad in the same development that got us into this quagmire in the first place.
On Thursday, Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon acknowledged that, following a request from Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to President Donald Trump, the US Special Forces will be providing training and support to the Lebanese Armed Forces.
Sounds reasonable…
The only problem here, is that Lebanon is an Islamic State, it has been since the late   1960’s and Lebanon’s military is run by the exiled Jordanian terrorist group Hezbollah, and Syrian troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar al Assad are allied in order to fight the Islamic State  (ISIS) and AGAIN we are being drawn into this “enemy of my enemy is my friend” scenario.  What a confusing mess this is, but not to the western programed robots who can’t seem to engage their brains.
As political experts struggle to understand this bizarre situation, some have come to conclusions that this unholy alliance may indeed be the precursor to yet another war which is characterized by unprecedented and all-encompassing confusion.
This does not make political sense, historical sense, or follow the laws of nature.
The story began to unfold last week when Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hariri met with President Trump and requested American support in fighting the ISIS-affiliated Al Nusra network threatening his northern border with Syria, political analysis site Debka reported. As part of the fight against terror, Trump ignorantly agreed.
Lebanon has cooperated with Hezbollah and the Syrian army, led by American enemy Assad, in its battle against ISIS. As a result, by fighting alongside Lebanese troops, American forces will also be fighting in an alliance that includes terrorist organization Hezbollah and the Syrian regime. It’s what led us blindly into this mess in the first place.
This is precisely what we are seeing here, with sworn enemies making unexpected alliances. In the battle, it will be impossible to differentiate the combatants or which side they are fighting on. In this type of battle, the person with the strongest army is not necessarily the one who will win.
The situation in Syria and Lebanon is not a simple two-sided conflict like most wars, comparing it to the popular TV series Game of Thrones. The conflict is international but it is really divided up into many small groups, divided up regionally and even tribally, each with its own temporary interests, but it is all part of the Islamic ideology of world dominance and we are ignorantly but willfully supporting it.
This leads to alliances that can change in unexpected ways. Even the names of the groups change. Some of these developments can seem quite bizarre, even ironic.
 We are involved in a war on a world scale, but western minds do not seem capable of comprehending it. I don’t believe any of the Western leaders have any awareness of this, the concept of an all-encompassing war in the Middle East that is entirely out of control should be a consideration.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Western civilization has been involved in this insane war for more than fifteen years now and there is obviously no end in sight. Why? Because the west has absolutely no foggy clue to who or what this enemy is. For the first time in history a people have supported their own enemy in the agenda of their own not once but on a continuous bases. In other words there is absolutely no discernment or rational intelligence going on here…UNLESS!  Unless it is all part of an agenda of the Shadow Deep Dark Communist State to overthrow a free western civilization and replace it with repressive despotic tyranny.

I’m sorry, but it’s the only reason that makes any sense my friend…

Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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