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‘Rent-A-Mob’ Paid Rioters.


‘Rent-A-Mob’ Paid Rioters.


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted August 29, 2017   

Yes you too can rent a violent riot.

The so-called BLM, ANTIFA, White Supremacists and Nazi Rioters are paid by a company called Crowds on Demand (COD) A Soros Nazi funded company, and they advertise on Craig's List and Google.

Moreover we have all these riots in this country because the Shadow government of the United States (the Communist Criminals) promote it, and in just the same way it promotes Islamic terrorism.  During the four years of the Second World War we wouldn’t in million years have invited known Nazis into this country. But now that the leaders, with the exception of a few U.S government officials, hate the Constitution, hate Americas history, hate the very people that elected them…and for 16 years they have invited into this country, the enemy of the United States and the enemy of the world for that matter, so the rest of us law abiding patriotic citizens have to be scrutinized take off our shoes and frisked when we go to board a plane, or some live in fear of being attacked or killed by some Jihadist or Nazi in a downtown mall.

In the future, I will walk, before I will reduce myself to being treated like a common criminal just because the Fabian Communists in Washington want to reduce this country to a Martial State.  Create a problem, so you have an excuse to control everyone. It’s called tyranny my friend.

Moreover, blacks in America are not activist trying to right a wrong here, they’re paid. There is no racism in this country. Racism exists only in the minds of those that believe it.   


Watch a video of Larry Elders a black Lawyer explain the true facts about Racism in America to an obviously ‘programed robot journalist’.  


Then watch a video of plain black folks talk about the stupid statue issue.

On the surface, it looks like the Black Lives Matter (B:LM) and the So-called Anti-Fascist group (ANTIFA) who are in fact originally a European Fascist terrorists group etc. who seem to have literally hundreds of thousands of members across the United States and more than a million strong when you count all those who participate in rioting internationally.  But these numbers are as false and misleading as is the purpose of the civil unrest and riots perpetrated by especially these two organizations who have proven themselves to be nothing more than terrorist organizations since the Ferguson Riots.  But does anyone in the Federal Government do anything about it, or with the exception of president Trump even acknowledge it? And then the media tears up Trumps tweets about it. 
Many locals in cities across the US are confused by the amount of people who show up in violent demonstrations protesting anything from Confederate Monuments, local police, the President, etc. since it is known in these areas that most support the opposite of what these crowds are there to protest.
What is really happening here is most people really do not want what BLM and ANTIFA rioters are serving up. A great example of this was the violence at most Donald Trump rallies during both the primaries and after he was elected.
The thousands of supporters who attended his every rally were there to see the man who they wanted in office.
Yet, we are supposed to believe literally thousands of people attended his rallies in protest and were so angry that they attacked his supporters for their approval of him and his policies.
Nothing could be further from the truth my friend, these protesters really do not have the massive numbers and members they want us to believe they have. They also do not represent the political views that the majority of Americans have.
And then there is the fake news that more people showed up at Obama’s inauguration than Trumps. Crowds On Demand my friend. It is just the way it’s done in the ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’!  It’s not only fake news it’s created news.
You can rest assure that the truth is, that over 90% of the people who show up in all the protests in the US are literally paid protesters hired by rent-a-mob Communist political companies such as Crowds on Demand, and a handful of others via Craig's List, or other on-line advertising sites such as Google, and even local newspapers. It is a high paying career for these ungrateful hate America leaches. 
Adam Swart,  is founder and CEO of COD and is literally the one responsible for most of the organization of individuals gathered for each BLM and ANTIFA riot in the US since his firm does most of the advertising for recruiting rioters and is the company who pays most of them anywhere from $20.00 to $70.00 per hour plus expenses to take part in nationwide protests.  Where does COD get all the money to pay these outrageous sums of money?

So, no wonder we have thousands of demonstrators appearing out of nowhere in areas protesting for issues that are in total disagreement with that area's political mindset, they are all paid protesters bused in from all over the country.
Not only are they really not members of BLM and ANTIFA and just rioting because it is their job, they don’t even live in the local area where the actual protests take place. It’s a nationwide Cartel my friend.
The large numbers of protesters we see appearing everywhere is designed to strike fear into the minds of those who are American Patriots and believe in the sovereignty of the Republic as a constitutional country and have them believe they are grossly out numbered.
When in fact these numbers are fabricated.
In reality, both BLM and ANTIFA do not even have a fraction of the number of members they want us to believe they do and would be nothing but a handful of NWO neo-Nazis with no voice if not for the help given to them by COD (Crowds On Demand) and other activist organizers as well as Soros money.
If we are to bust these two anti-American groups and supporters, we must start at their avenues of success like Nazi war crimes George Soros AKA Gerry Schwartz, and Crowds On Demand COD and all the internet sites who carry their ads for domestic terrorism.
These organizers for terrorism must be held accountable for all damages, injuries, and deaths associated with every violent demonstration and riot since the Ferguson riots.
Everyone who believes in the US as an independent sovereign nation and rejects the NWO idealism of the past Administration of turning our country into a 3rd World Banana Republic, ruled by the United Nations has to realize the real purpose of the BLM and ANTIFA riots and just how very limited they are in numbers.
The promoters of BLM and ANTIFA couldn’t care less about racism or any Confederate Monument, they are just using this genre as a ruse for their main goal, which is to erase all US history and heritage so they can transform the country into a faceless Communist Hate America NWO stooge of the One World Government of the UN.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Since Ferguson, BLM, ANTIFA and other Soros paid Communist groups have caused around a billion dollars in damage to both personal and public property, caused millions in medical expenses of those directly injured by their violence, and have been responsible for many deaths.  They should both be made financially and criminally responsible for their terrorist acts.
But the question is…who’s going to do it.  The criminal Communist Congress? They’re the ones that promoted it.  Maybe the unconstitutional criminal court system who somehow think they have the right to make law. 
Trump cannot drain the swamp by himself, mainly because nearly the entire Federal Government and the mainstream media is part of the swamp, and this country was designed by Constitutional law so that no ONE PERSON or Department can alone, charge, try, stop or punish anyone for a crime or dictate an ideology or create an autocracy.  But nearly all the officials in Washington have slipped into the Swamp of the Deep State and have created a shadow government in some form or another or to some degree. No department in the federal government is mindful of the Constitution any more, or in any way considers it.  It’s as if the statues and the memories of the past are just a part of history that are to be torn down and demolished, so that the next generation has no knowledge of freedom and liberty that was America, warts and all. 
Sometimes the only way to fight a fire is to backfire, and how does Trump do that without violating the Constitution himself. It just may take another Revelation to recreate the greatest experiment in government the world has ever known.
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Thomas Jefferson
And Al Sharpton, a so-called civil rights activist, Baptist minister, and a former White House adviser. In 2004, he was a candidate for the Democrat nomination for the U.S. presidential election, and he wants Thomas Jefferson’s statue and memorial torn down.
What the real reason?
God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever. – Thomas Jefferson. 
Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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