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One Woman And a Miracle From God

 One Woman And a Miracle From God


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for
Posted August 20, 2017

On a rainy Wednesday night in Pakistan recently, thousands of people were mesmerized by one small harmless stupid old woman as she refers to herself, her name is Marilyn Hickey.

The crowd sways, prays and cheers as she exclaims "Jesus loves you, repent of your sins and God will bless you, Pakistan!"
Marilyn Hickey is an 86-year-old evangelical Christian with a worldwide television ministry based in Denver. Over the last 40 years, she has traveled to 136 countries to spread the gospel. Her special mission has been to build bridges in Muslim countries like Pakistan, Egypt and Sudan.
"These people are very open and very hungry. And I think I laid a basis for this years ago and I began to say, 'I love Muslims and Muslims love me'," Hickey says.
This time she invited CBS News which aired this story Monday night, to join her on her eighth visit to Pakistan. Correspondent James Brown traveled with Hickey on a trip that began in New York, stopped briefly in Dubai and landed in Lahore Pakistan at 3:30 in the morning local time, 20 hours later.
Brown asked Hickey why she's been so accepted in Muslim countries. Hickey responded, "I think it's a God thing. Years ago, I started praying over every country in the world, every day. And when I would hit the Muslim countries — I had such a warm feeling for them."
When she arrived in Lahore, she was greeted like a matriarch by members of a local Christian church. The parishioners gave her flowers, hugged her and called her "mom."
Despite the greeting, Hickey says she likes to keep things a little bit low key. "I don't want to draw attention. I want to look very simple, very harmless. Like here's some lady, you know, she's stupid, she's a woman, she's old, what can she do? And you get to do everything. I don't want to look big, but I do advertise big. When I get in the country, I do big time advertisement."
Pastor Anwar Fazal, a previous Hickey convert, hosted Hickey's visit. He's like the Billy Graham of Pakistan, and leads its largest evangelical church of 30,000 members. Fazal says he owes his success to Marilyn Hickey because she impacted him so deeply during her first visit in 1995.  Fazal, previously an agnostic Indian with a Hindu background, became a Christian and followed in Marilyn Hickey's footsteps in 2006 when he started an international TV ministry which today reaches over 200 countries.
 “As we travel around with Hickey in Lahore, we are protected by an armed, ten-person security team provided by the local government military police.” Said James Brown

James Brown asked the Grand Imam about Hickey's impact. "She brings love for the people of Pakistan. So I understand and I'm convinced as a religious leader that her love and her visit is more effective than other people.” the Grand Imam says.
Hickey is very clear that she does not try to convert Muslims. "I think convert is a dangerous word. I don't come in to convert. I come in and believe for transformation. Because when they receive Jesus, they're transformed on the inside. That's His business. My business is to give the truth."
Another truth is that Christians face threats in the country, which is 98 percent Muslim. Last year, on Easter Sunday, 70 Christians were killed in a suicide bombing in Lahore. A faction of the Taliban mujahedeen claimed responsibility.
Despite incidents like this, Pakistan's constitution protects the rights of all religious minorities — including an estimated two million Christians. That freedom of religion, has allowed Marilyn Hickey to spread her message of healing. Muslims believe Jesus was a major prophet with healing power and Hickey draws tens of thousands because many are looking to be healed.
Brown asked Hickey why people should believe that healing is truly taking place. Hickey is unwavering in her belief. "I know a lot of people were healed. A lot of people received Jesus as their personal savior. There were people that we didn't see anything happen, but that doesn't always mean they are not healed. I have found, if you go back and check, there are a lot more healings and miracles that occur and are kind of process healings."
The crowning event of Hickey's visit was an inter-faith peace conference sponsored by the Grand Imam. As special guest, Hickey was given a peace award. She addressed 400 imams and reminded them of her special connection with the Muslim world.
"Pakistan is in my heart and every day, I will pray for your peace," she said. The audience applauded.
Earlier in the day, Hickey summed up the special favor she believes she has: "I love Muslims, Muslims love me. And I think that's a God thing."  
Hickey has become an unofficial ambassador to Muslim countries and says “I have found a kindred spirit in the Grand Imam of Lahore” – one of the most powerful Muslim leaders in Pakistan. He welcomed her for tea at his home and then to his mosque – the world-famous 344-year-old Badshahi Mosque – a Persian architectural wonder.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Who am I to question God and His mysterious ways?  But I don’t know how a Christian can have a kindred spirit with a Muslim Imam as she says. The spirit of Islam is hate and demonic, and the spirit of Christianity is love and hope.  Maybe as a people it is that love that attracts them, since the word love and benevolence is not found in the Quran and doesn’t exist in Islam. And then there is the promise of physical healing. Those people need healing, not just physically but spiritually.

In spite of being the sceptic that I am regarding the spontaneous conversion of Muslims to Christianity, I have to admit that this unpretentious little lady has an obvious positive effect on the Muslim people of Pakistan.  But what effect…remains to be seen. The one documented conversion directly attributed to Ms. Hickey in Pakistan was an agnostic Hindu named Anwar Fazal in 1995, not a Muslim. And there are no statistics regarding how many, if any of Pastor Anwar Fazal’s 30,000 followers were converted Muslims which in Pakistan would be Muslim apostates and marked for assassination.  Many so-called Muslims, even and especially, in Muslim countries are ‘cultural Muslims,’ meaning that they are Muslims in name only in order to stay alive in a predominately Muslim country.   

While I have no doubt at all, that God can miraculously convert the heart of a Muslim by casting out the demonic spirits of Allah/Satan and transform a Muslim as Hickey states, but no mention of any type of demonic exorcism is declared during these visits.  And if you don’t believe that Muslims are demonically possessed, then you should watch a beheading my friend or the chopping off of someone’s hands and you will rapidly change your mind.  You will be convinced that no man could do that unless he were demonically possessed or controlled by some demonic spirit. The origins of the Muslim god Allah are found in history as the pagan god Baal/Satan.   And Yehovah the God of Creation will not occupy the same space as Satan or his demonic spirits.  Moreover if Christians are filled with the Spirit of their God Yehovah, then Muslims are filled with the spirit of their god Allah/Baal/Satan.

That being said, I pray for Marilyn Hickey’s ministry to the Muslims.  One should do what one is called to do.  I, on the other hand, am called to warn the world about the truth of Islamic ideology, their agenda and deception.

Pray for me!

Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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