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Facebook Supports Terror

Facebook Supports Terror


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for


Posted August 7, 2017

First take a moment to reread what is written below my banner at the top of the page.  It is an example of the progress of an evil progressive cult called Islam. It begins with Ignorance for which there is no longer any excuse, it is now willful. Ignorance that leads to deception, the entire western culture is deceived about Islam. This deception leads to enablement of this satanic ideology. Do you see the progressiveness?  Moreover do you see where enablement leads to? Right now we in America are in the enablement stage of this progressive satanic cult of Islam. The next stage is what Europe is now entering…THE STAGE OF DESTRUCTION! What Facebook is doing right now, is enabling our DESTRUCTION.
In a move that has become unfortunately typical of Facebook, the social media giant has shut the page of the Counter Jihad Coalition, a group that educates the public on political Islam and exposes the fact that Islam cannot be reformed, it is inherent in Sharia law.  
When the notification came that the group had violated the company’s “Community Standards,” they were originally told that the page would be taken down for just 24 hours. More than a week later, the page still remains closed.
Facebook also recently restricted and then shut down the public pages of Ex-Muslim of North America and Atheist Republic, groups that both provide support to those who leave Islam and face persecution and sometimes death because of it.
While Muslim Jihadists mobilized to get the pages shut down by getting their followers to “flag” pages for violation, it is ultimately up to Facebook to check the claims and make the decision.
Meaning, the buck stops with Facebook.
These moves have not been made in a vacuum. Just recently, as I reported in a previous article, a high-level executive at Facebook met with the interior minister of Pakistan over the Islamist country’s demands to get “blasphemous” content off the platform.
Of course Pakistan was pleased with the results of the meeting.
Tests have been conducted, for example, to see if Facebook is wielding its enormous power in the cyber world to simply flag what they deem hate speech or to promote the political agenda of Islam. It doesn’t really matter…same result.
Unfortunately, based on results of experiments, for example, where identical content that demonized Palestinians versus Israelis, we saw that (after it was flagged) Facebook only shut down the anti-Muslim pages but allowed the site promoting vile slander against Israel to remain posted.  Are you beginning to get the picture?  That’ why I say FACEBOOK SUPPORTS TERROR!
And despite the fact that the Facebook claims to block content that violates their “community standards,” a case was filed by 20,000 Israelis charging that Facebook encourages Palestinian terrorists to incite violent attacks against Israelis and Jews.
Facebook can rightly claim that, as a private company, they are not subject to America’s laws which guarantee freedom of speech – laws which, not incidentally, also protect the right to engage in hate speech (with the exception of incitement to immediate violence).
Ideally, those with a political outlook who are being shut down by Facebook should form an alternative social media platform. I for one do not use Facebook.
However, Facebook should not be fooled into thinking that they are “doing good in the world” by siding with Muslim Terrorists who use the politically constructed cry of Islamophobia to further their goal of a worldwide implementation and subjugation of barbaric Sharia law.
Moreover, as it has been unequivocally demonstrated, Islamic ideology is always a precursor to its violent manifestation of Jihad.
By shutting down the voices that challenge both the violent and non-violent displays of the political ideology of Islam, Facebook is de facto supporting terrorism – which certainly goes against its own so-called “community standards”.
THE BOTTOM LINE: I have absolutely no patience with any anti-American organization.  Especially those that support and enable Islam whose agenda is to overthrow the American Republic, ignorantly or knowingly.  There simply is no excuse for ignorance regarding this barbaric and criminal ideology. If you don’t like America – move to the Middle East, or better yet – North Korea.
It’s called responsibility my friend…
Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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