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Freedom Of Speech Disallowed In Court

Freedom Of Speech 

Disallowed In Court
It is astounding, and indicative of just how much the public discourse has degenerated in America, not to mention how powerful Sharia law is in our courtrooms. Mohamud and his defense attorneys may use the word "jihad," but prosecutors have to ask’ permission from both the defense and the court if they can please characterize the defendants motives and goals accurately, at his trial.  PERMISSION DENIED!

By de Andréa
November 26, 2012
Source: Nigel Duara
 Associated Press, November 7 2012

Are we going to try terrorists in ‘our’ country under ‘their’ Islamic Sharia Law?  We are already doing it, by the stealth incremental method.  It’s called the elimination of truth!

Words like 'Terrorist,' and 'violent jihad' are among the words prosecutors want to use in a Portland terrorism (excuse me, “man caused disaster”) trial, words that have already been forbidden by the Grand Mufti Barrack Hussein Obama and his fellow Muslims and coconspirators at the Department of Justice and Homeland Security.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Prosecutors want to call an Oregon man a “terrorist” while referring to violent jihad and martyrdom, words his defense attorneys have asked a federal judge to “forbid”, and there is no truth or free speech under Sharia law.

Federal prosecutors preparing for the January trial of Mohamed Mohamud said in a motion filed last Tuesday that the court should let them use the words because they accurately characterize Mohamud's "conduct and the nature of his case."  Well that’s the problem you see…ACCURACY!  It’s not relevant in Sharia Court.

Mohamud is accused of conspiring with men he believed were America hating Islamic Jihadists to detonate a car bomb near a 2010 Portland Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.  The bomb was a fake provided by undercover agents. 

Defense attorneys Steve Sady and Steve Wax argued in a motion that such descriptive words will "blur and dilute the specific elements of the ‘offense’ and distort the facts of the case.” 

Distort the facts???  That's what Sady and Wax are trying to do, not anyone else.  But their obfuscation is now accepted practice by U.S. Courts and the Federal Government as well as the prescribed agenda, so they will probably win the day. 

THE BOTTOM LINE:  While this is not exactly the prescription of Sharia, it is more that another foot in the door of our Judicial System to abrogate the fundamental right of free speech for everyone in America.  This can only contribute to the weakening of our system of Justice and the fundamental fabric of our once great country! 

Obama made it perfectly clear that he is going to “Fundamentally Change America!”  This, my friend, is just another of the foundational “Changes” that Obama has in mind for this historically free country.  The systematic surreptitious encroachment on our Constitution will definitively lead to the total degeneration of the fundamental infrastructure of the once free nation of the United States of America.

If one continues to progress in a southerly direction, no matter how marginally or incrementally, one will eventually get south.  You might want to look down the road in the direction that you are headed and decide - whether this is really the kind of so-called progress you want for your children and Grandchildren.

Conservatives take the blame for wanting to go back to the old way, to halt the progress of the liberal agenda.  We take the blame because it is absolutely correct.  One must understand that the old way was well thought out by a small group of unselfish people and then ratified by a people who wanted as much freedom as was practically possible; leaving the responsibility of protecting that freedom ultimately up to the people themselves. 

The liberal agenda is to dismantle the laws of freedom, and to give the responsibility of everything from parenting to ones wellbeing to the State, leaving the people dependant on the State for their every need. 

If you want to save what is left of your rights and freedom, I strongly suggest that you use what rights you have left to urge your district representative in the Peoples House to turn this country in a complete 180 and head back in the direction of a Constitutional Republic before we lose site of it altogether.  History is systematically being dismantled so your kids won’t even know what freedom is unless you teach them.  It’s up to you to decide what kind of future that you want for your kids.  If you do nothing, the State will decide for you.  If a country ceases to be good, it will cease to be great…  

Thanks for listing – de Andréa

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