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Is Obama Fixing The Election?

Is Obama Fixing The Election?
While fronting a reason of “FAIRNESS” to excuse the presents of UN Poll inspectors from places like the Ukraine, South East Asia, and Kazakhstan, what they are really doing is making sure ‘illegal’ minorities are able to vote.  I can’t help wonder if they are assisting the dead in their voting as well.

Election Eastern Style
By de Andréa
November 2, 2012

Obviously Obama is interfering in the election process, in anyway he can.  He’s duplicating the method of how to fix elections like the Russians and other UN countries ruled by dictators. 

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott doesn't want foreigners loitering around the election polls in Texas even though they say, “they are monitoring the activities for fairness”.  Remember Texas Governor Rick Perry recently threatened before campaigning for president to secede from the union if (Obama) and the Federal government didn’t stop messing with Texas.  Way to go Rick!  If Texas does secede I’m gett’n a Stetson and move’n to Texas ya-all. 

Well, the trouble is that there have been unprecedented Election Fraud problems in several states with voter registration and election processes including voting machines and vote counting to warrant observation - but not by Communist UN election inspectors.

UN inspectors were obviously not invited to Texas but Shannon Lewis of Sacramento California was recently fired from her 15 year job simply because she asked about the UN inspectors.  Shannon wrote in an inquiring e-mail “…these are not our usual pollsters; they can’t vote here, and therefore have no business in/about our elections.”  Read the entire story here.

Watch an interview between Judge Jeanine and Dick Morris about the 48 foreign UN inspectors.  Has our election process become more corrupt than let’s say Venezuela, that we need Communist UN inspectors to monitor our’ election.  

Watch a Fox News report and an interview with Catherine Engelbrecht Founder of “TRUE THE VOTE”  About the GOP’s so-called efforts to disenfranchise minority voters, which is code for making sure Obama’s minority dependant illegals get to vote illegally and often.  

THE BOTTOM LINE:  By using the NAACP and the ACLU as his liaison, Obama has made sure that the UN Communist are monitoring our elections to get the greatest mileage out of his dependant socialist illegal voters.  Vote for me and vote often’ is his motto.  In Ohio Obama has a slight lead because he gives the fence sitters a free phone, beware of Muslims bearing gifts I always say…

And then there is the Zombie vote, no’ not the Zogby, Zombie.  Experts say that this year there will be a record high vote by dead people.  I wonder why all dead people are Liberal Communists.  Maybe it’s because they’re all brain-dead.  

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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