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The ‘Violence’ Tax

The ‘Violence’ Tax
What’s next?  Well next’ is The Bullet Tax of course.  Will you pay to finance your own gun confiscation?  If you live in Chicago, you already do.

By de Andréa
November 18, 2012

It has already started in Cook County Illinois, where the thugs have passed a local gun tax, approved 16 to 1 by the Cook County Board of Communists, oh sorry… ah, Commissioners.

Yes it’s called the "Violence Tax" nicknamed by Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, (yeah I know…) a $25 local tax on top of all the State and Federal taxes for every firearm purchased in Cook County, And the tax money will be given to ‘private’ gun control’ groups that support gun confiscation, which is illegal to do.  Moreover, despotic anti-American anti-constitutional politicians across the country are ready to copy it.  Ironically the violence is already up in Chicago because of all the other crazy gun restriction laws while the rest of the nation's violent crime is down.

Another tax proposed by Preckwinkle (he really should change his name, it’s too obvious) was turned down…this time’, but will likely surface again in the near future - it is called “The bullet tax”.  That's right, a proposed 5 cent tax on every bullet sold in the county.  I can go to Wal-Mart right now and buy 500 rounds of 22 cal ammo for about $20.  Now check my math’, the tax on that box of ammo would then be an additional $25, and five hundred rounds of 22 cal ammunition just jumped from $20 to $45.  That would definitely turn away many buyers, which is exactly what they want.  It’s the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, it’s not cigarettes you dummies; U.S. citizens are being taxed to death for the ‘privilege’ of exercising their inalienable rights and then the tax revenue is given to private organizations to promote the overthrow of a Free Nation.

The biggest problem with any type of gun control legislation is no matter how big or small it is, it gets another foot in the door.  The hate America anti-freedom gun grabbers will tell us they just want something small, a compromise that everyone can agree on, such as a gun tax and or bullet tax.  But that is never enough.  Today it is a gun tax, tomorrow it’s a bullet tax, next month it’s a semi-automatic tax, and next year a gun registration law and then a semi-automatic ban, and then total gun confiscation.  It’s exactly what happened in Australia, England, and Canada. The statistics do not lie my friend; gun control only applies to law abiding citizens, not to criminals and puts all Freedom’ in jeopardy.

If you don’t stop them now, these well organized despotic gun-grabbers will pass gun control laws in your counties and cities.  If you do not stand up to them, your county will follow the path of Cook County.  Criminals can obtain weapons anytime; and anyway they would like, and without paying a tax of any kind.  If gun control laws are proposed and passed, it will put everyone’s freedom in jeopardy, increases violent crime, and devastates all law abiding citizens in our Country.

As soon as Obama appoints 2 or 3 more Communist Supreme Court Justices they will interpret our Bill of Rights right out of our Constitution, that is, if we even have a constitution by then.

Take a look at a few gun control examples from around the world:
Australia enacted gun control laws in 1997 that took away over 800,000 firearms from its law abiding citizens in the cities.  In the next twelve months homicides went up 3%, assaults up 8%, armed robberys up 44%, and burglaries, whether you are home or not, were up 300%.  It is totally ruining their tourist business.

The UK has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world.  Handguns are nearly impossible to own even if you’re a cop, and many other firearms have been banned completely.  Since the laws have been imposed in the UK, handgun related violent crime is UP 40%.  The criminals are not affected, but they know everyday citizens do not have the weapons to protect themselves.

Canada passed a gun registration program in 1998.  Since the installation of the program Canada's homicide rate rose while it saw the U.S's homicide rate drop because Americans across the nation are buying guns at an unprecedented rate.
See John Lott’s book More Guns Less Crime.  This is what Stockton Ca needs right away before it turns into another Washington DC or Chicago Ill and the criminals take over altogether.  There was a time in DC before the Supreme Court ruling which abolished the gun ban there, when death by gun exceeded those killed by gunshot in Iraq.

Did you know that the State of Vermont, Arizona, and Alaska have no State gun regulations at all?  No state gun laws and they have among the lowest violent crime rates in the country.  No you didn’t know that because the alphabet soup communist news networks won’t report that.  Why???  Because it’s the truth…

Many people, including myself, have predicted that the re-election of Barack Obama will lead to the destruction of America, as we knew it.  I believe that he is using policies such as high debt and Obamacare to bring about the financial collapse of our once great nation and that he will use his emergency powers to ban all arms, declare martial law, and seize dictatorial control of the nation.  I remember another guy that did the same thing awhile back, I won’t mention any names, but his initials are Adolph Hitler.

Listen to what one young American has to say: watch a video.

In the process of Obama’s power hungry scheme is the belief that he will do away with the Second Amendment right to bear arms and try to remove all firearms from the hands of the American people.  Obama has never hidden his anti-gun agenda, although he did do his best to avoid the topic during the debates and his many campaign appearances.  In one of the debates, he let slip about his desire to see the ban on assault weapons be re-established.

Some are questioning whether Obama will actually push to ban all firearms or just assault weapons.  If so, how would he go about it?  He’s been using regulations and executive orders to bypass Congress on other important issues including immigration, so why wouldn’t he try to do the same with guns?  He knows he could not get any kind of anti-gun legislation passed through the Republican controlled House, so he most likely will have to use some kind of subtle or secretive method to accomplish it.  A UN treaty, all ready to go for example, only requires a Senate majority…

In the month prior to the election, background checks for prospective gun buyers were up by 18.4%.  However, in the week since the election, gun sales in the U.S. have skyrocketed up by 37% and rising, especially sales of so-called assault weapons like the AK-47.

Dragonman Arms, a gun store in Colorado Springs owned by Mel Bernstein said the demand for assault weapons is so high right now that ammunition for them is starting to run short.  He normally orders around 7,000 rounds a week, but he could only get 3,000 from his distributors this last order because of the high demand. 

Concerning gun sales, Bernstein reported:
“We’re going from normally six to eight guns a day, to 25.  I stocked up, I got a stockpile of these AK-47s, and we’re selling these like hot cakes.  Luckily I had an idea of what was going on because it happened with Clinton.”

In Hankins, New YorkFernwood Firearms owner John Kielbasa told reporters:
“Sales are up.  I had a guy waiting here first thing in the morning (the day after the election.)  He came in, bought two AK-47s.  It’s going to be good for me, for business.”

So why are so many people buying so many guns?  Some say they are buying them now before the government forbids anymore sales.  Yet others are saying that they are stocking up on weapons, ammunition, and food in preparation of America’s collapse.

Out of my cold dead hands:
I heard from one of my readers who said they believe that America will fall’ under Obama, and the country will go into complete chaos.  Food and supplies will become scarce causing millions to riot and loot and steal from others.  He said that he intends on protecting his family, his house, and supplies from any’ and all intruders.  He also said that he expects government forces to start confiscating firearms and when they come to his house, it’s going to be a battle to the death.

I’ve also read numerous accounts saying that when America collapses, it will be time for another revolution.  It will be up to the millions of Americans who own guns to join in the revolution and help take our nation back from those that destroyed it, namely Barack Obama.

No matter how you look at it, these are dangerous and scary times and it will get a lot more obvious in the near future.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The next four years are not going to be easy.  OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS ARE IN JEOPARDY NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE IN AMERICAN HISTORY.  President Obama has made it ABSOLUTELY clear that he is seeking more gun control, in fact the day after the election Obama renewed his support for the U.N. International Gun Ban Treaty that only takes 2/3’s vote of the Senate (not the House) to become law.  If he passed everything he wanted the only people left with firearms would be criminals including you if you hide them, and then of course there is Obama’s personal Gestapo SS highly trained thugs.  Gun control affects the lives, rights, and freedom of all law abiding citizens - not criminals.  Without the ‘Second Amendment Right’ you will have no rights at all.  Because the Second Amendment is the right that provides the “security of a Free State”!  

If you don’t own a gun, I strongly suggest you buy one, If you already own a gun, I strongly suggest you buy enough ammunition for it to last if you had to fight a war the rest of your life.  And then hide all of it until such time that you think you might need it.  If you wait until you know’ you need one, you will be out of luck, it will be too late!  It will be like waiting to buy a parachute until after you jump…

Prepare my friend…prepare!

You still have a choice to voluntarily support and protect your rights and freedom now!  Or’ you will be forced to support the destruction’ of your rights and freedom later.  It’s a no brainer my friend, remember when push comes to shove, Freedom isn’t free…

Thanks for listing – de Andréa  

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