Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Under The Ruse Of Safety

Under The Ruse Of Safety And Preventing ‘War’
Fact…Obama has drastically cut the budget of the US Military and he will continue to cut it until it virtually becomes a Boy Scout troop.  Fact…at the same time Obama is building his own domestic well trained and well armed Army called the Fema Corps answerable only to him.  Fact…While this is going on Obama has been conspiring with the UN to disarm all American Citizens as well as the rest of the world.  Only the UN will control all the arms.  Only Obama and the UN will rule!

By de Andréa  
November 20, 2012

Because of my last few articles on the UN Gun Ban, some have called me a conspiracy nut and suffering from paranoia.  Well… the conspiracy part is correct as long ‘a nut’ means believer.  As far as suffering from paranoia is concerned, I am only suffering from the insane communication from a bunch of ignorant brain-dead robots who wouldn’t recognize a fact if it was forced upon them! 

If I would read my own stuff without looking up the supporting data which I so graciously provide, I would think I was a paranoid nut as well - because what is going on is so bazaar and unbelievable.  The real problem here is that it is so frightening that people don’t want to know, they are too afraid to look at the truth.  Well I have bad news for you my ‘see no evil’ friend, just because you want to ignore it and bury your head in your pillow, mommy won’t make it go away.  It will never go away unless ‘YOU’ make’ it go away.   

“A general disarmament for a peaceful world” That is how the The UN Arms Trade Treaty describes itself.  They want to build a PHILOSOPHICAL UTOPIA!  They are living in a delusional world, they see their world as a dream of perfection, while they see our reality as a nightmare that needs to be fixed, and they believe only they know how to fix it.  Part of this FIX is creating a bunch of brainwashed programmed robots that will enable them to forge ahead on the theme of 1984!

I predicted this back in 2009…On Wednesday morning, the day after President Obama’s 2012 re-election wasting no time; he acted quickly to get the United Nations treaty Jump started again.  Critics say it takes direct aim at Second Amendment and all of our constitutional rights, as well as leaving America defenseless against its enemies.

Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly is pushing House legislation to demand Obama reject any efforts at the United Nations or anywhere else to infringe on Americans constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  The problem here’ is - that the House doesn’t have any jurisdiction on the issue because the Senate gives the final word on treaties, but Kelly said raising public awareness is critical.  “Our ability to keep and bear arms is constantly under attack,” he said.  “Our Second Amendment is constantly under attack by an administration that uses this wordsmithing and this constant massaging and spinning.”

Obama is a good liar
Kelly is referring to what he sees as a regular Obama administration habit of insisting this legislation and regulations are not going to do what they are going to do, but an actual reading of administration policy shows the exact opposite.

At issue is the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.  Its stated purpose is to crack down on the proliferation of weapons, but critics like Kelly see it as a means of targeting U.S. gun rights and stopping the U.S. from arming itself and its allies.

It finds it roots back in the early 60’s but hasn’t bloomed into a reality until the U.S. had a Globalist Dictator for a president.  You see the UN Arms Trade Treaty disarms the world…‘internationally’…all except the UN…and if that does remind you of 1984 then you must watch the film again, because it will become a reality real soon. 

Supporters of the treaty say Americans won’t be impacted at all because nothing coming from the U.N. can trump the U.S. Constitution.  Kelly said that argument provides him no comfort at all.  “I just look at the last four years,” said Kelly. “Anybody that’s buying that, I’ve got a great piece of land for them in some swamp somewhere.  I’ve lost faith and trust in this administration.”
Wake up, and ask yourself, if we are not going to be impacted at all - then… WHAT IN HELL IS THE TREATY FOR!!!!!!!!!  Think, think my fellow free American friend!

“The specter of being blocked by a U.N. treaty from aiding and arming friends like Taiwan and Israel is horrifying to me.”  Kelly said, “that it creates all sorts of problems because nations won’t be able to count on the U.S”. – a problem he sees in abundance even before the final vote on the treaty now scheduled for March of 2013.  “Whenever you start to lose your ability to protect yourself, whenever you lose your ability to trade arms with your friends, with your allies, then they begin to lose faith in you,” Kelly said.  “It breaks down a very delicate relationship that is very strained right now.  We’ve sent so many mixed messages to the world as to who we are and where we’re going to be.”

Kelly urges citizen action now – even before the U.N. vote – by aggressively lobbying the White House to back away from this treaty and putting pressure on senators to reject the plan if it ever gets to the Senate.  “This is critical for us as a nation,” he said.  “I don’t want anybody tramping on our Second Amendment rights.”

Well…Kelly puts it so eloquently and kind, while I am neither kind nor eloquent.  I am direct, blunt, blatant, sharp, tactless, and obtrusive, abrupt, gruff and rough, but I am also honest and truthful, unlike our lying Communist dictator and Muslim Jihadist president Barrack Hussein Obama. 

So you can choose to believe someone like Obama who has never backed up anything he has said with facts, i.e. his birth certificate his school records draft records social security records, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, just to name a few, and has done nothing but lie to you and tell you what you want to hear FOR FOUR YEARS.  Or you can get up off of your lazy derrière, put down your Mint Julep, and look at the facts for YOUR SELF.   

If 60 – 70 % of the people have no idea what’s coming, and do not prepare, the rest of us will go down with you, including me!  And I ain’t going down…Do you understand?  I said ‘DO YOU’ UNDERSTAND????

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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