Tuesday, November 06, 2012

MSNBC Jumps The Gun

MSNBC Jumps The Gun

Contrary to the agreement between all the networks, MSNBC shows Obama winning 280 to 257.  Is this an accident with a purpose?  Ya think?

By de Andréa
November 6, 2012

As voters go to the polls this morning they have already been bombarded with the usual media bias from MSNBC.  

Ooops,  MSNBC accidentally (they say) posted a “test” page early on Election Day showing President Obama winning re-election with 280 electoral votes to Mitt Romney’s 257, even though the same page showed Romney winning the popular vote by 55-43 percent.  And since I have not made any such agreement I predict a popular vote of 59-41 Romney and an electoral vote of 299-238 Romney.  Smoke on that MSNBC.

In every presidential election, the major networks try to beat each other by seeing who can call the election for the Democrat candidate the earliest.  In the 2004 race, some news outlets were calling the race for Kerry by the early afternoon on the West Coast.

As deep in the tank for Obama as most mainstream media are today, expect the same sort of behavior as the news outlets rush to call the race for Obama, hoping to dull the GOP turnout.

Just don’t pay any attention to it.  Unless there is a landslide for one candidate or the other, the media can’t reliably name the winner of the race until sometime in the evening.  The voter exit polls most media groups use to make such calls are invariably weighted toward Democrats, so it’s important for conservative voters to do their duty, even as it gets near poll closing time.

Elsewhere, the Election Day shenanigans are heating up. The Black Panthers are back at that same Philadelphia polling place where in 2008 they harassed and intimidated any voter they thought was not voting for Obama.  Thanks to Attorney General Eric Holder’s refusing to prosecute, the Black Panthers now have a license to intimidate.

And they’re apparently using that license.  There are reports that court-appointed GOP election observers are being tossed out of polling places (in at least one case, physically so) in Philadelphia and replaced with Black Panthers and other Democrats by the Head Judges of Elections, who are all Democrats.

Fox News as of this writing is reporting that Pennsylvania judge has ordered reinstatement of all 70 GOP observers.

And if that’s not enough the United Nations claims America has an "obligation" to let them "monitor" our elections in key swing states after liberal groups requested it.  Read these critical updates from the ACLJ.

U.N. "monitors" should not be allowed to intimidate voters; sign our petition today.
Jay Sekulow discusses the U.N. "monitors" with Fox News' Megyn Kelly.

Shannon Lewis of Sacramento Ca. was fired from her 15 year job as an election worker for just questioning the right of foreign invaders to monitor our elections

In at least one Philadelphia ward, the polling place was decorated with a huge wall mural of President Obama, right behind the voting booths.

Elsewhere, a group of GOP senators were complaining that the Department of Defense was not delivering ballots in time to military service members, who tend to vote Republican reminiscent of the Kerry/Bush election.   Thousands of ballots may not reach overseas service members until well after the election.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  So as you go out to vote today, be careful — there are foreign mercenaries, Black Panthers, and crazy liberals running wild.  If you see anything suspicious, alert your local election officials.  Or just exercise your Second Amendment rights while you still can!  On second thought, don’t do that, not yet anyway.

Pray – “May God’s will be done”, and then go forth, conquer, do your part and make it happen...

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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