Tuesday, November 20, 2012

US Military Disenfranchised

US Military Disenfranchised
The mail must not go through…
Hundreds of thousands of Military Absentee Ballots conveniently delivered hours too late officials say, would have swung the election for Romney had they been counted. 

By de Andréa
November 20, 2012

The Military voted overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney
In addition to all of the other voting and election fraud that Obama’s thugs committed during this election, they made sure that all the Military votes from Iraq and Afghanistan and anywhere else showed up two hours past the deadline, just too late to be counted.  Opp’s – Sorry, too late…Obama won! 

According to duffelbag.com,  sources confirmed today that hundreds of thousands of military absentee ballots were delivered hours after the deadline too late for them to be counted, with preliminary counts showing that they alone would have overturned the vote in several states and brought a victory for Governor Mitt Romney.

Officials say the ballots were delivered late due to problems within the military mail system.  Tracking invoices show the ballots sat in a warehouse for a month, and then they were accidentally on purposely labeled as ammunition and shipped back to Afghanistan.  They were ammunition alright, but not that kind!  At Camp Dwyer, Marine Sergeant John Davis signed for them and was surprised at the contents.

“I told Gunny we got a bunch of ballots instead of ammo,” Davis told investigators earlier today.  “He told me to file a report of improper delivery and that the chain of command would take care of it.  We didn’t hear anything for three weeks.  While we were waiting we came under fire so we dumped a bunch of them in the Hescoes.  We didn’t dig those ones back out.”  Most were lost…

After military officials realized the initial error, the ballots were then sent back to the U.S. but suffered a series of ‘even more’ outrageous setbacks.

Another twelve boxes of ballots were accidentally on purposely dropped overboard during delivery to the USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) in the Persian Gulf, Opp’s, so sorry!  Oh Well!  And then while the ship sailed to Bahrain, liberal postal clerks accidentally on purposely pocketed however many ballots they could.

The remaining absentee ballots were loaded onto a C-130, but the flight was delayed until November 1st so the crew could get tax free pay for the month.  Once the ballots arrived stateside they were ‘promptly’ mailed to each state’s counting facility, reaching their final destination on just hours late.  Opp’s, Oh that’s a shame!  Oh well Obama will just have to stay in the Whitehouse another four years…  Did you get that!  They were PROMPTLY MAILED!!!

“It’s a shame,” Rear Admiral John Dawes said when asked for comment.  “I expected a delay so I ordered that everyone cast their votes eight months ago.  It’s really unfortunate that our mail system failed us and directly affected the course of history.”  Yeah unfortunate alright…  EIGHT MONTHS!@#$%^&*.  The Pony Express could have delivered them in less time. 

Upon hearing this news, angry soldiers began demanding a recount, but most military absentee voters have shrugged off the news considering that they are fighting for a lost country anyway; many instead turned their attention to whether their care packages their families sent six months ago were ever going to show up.

THE BOTTOM LINE : Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Voting Machines that automatically vote for Obama  Voter and Election Fraud,  Treason,  and now the disenfranchisement of our entire military fighting men… Obama said he would “Fundamentally Change America”.  Well… he sure followed through with that campaign promise!  Didn’t he???  You don’t actually believe this was just a whole series of coincidental accidents do you???  Say!  You!  Yeah you!  I’ve got a solid gold plated bridge for sale…CHEAP!  Call me soon before they’re all gone!

OBAMA AND HIS GOONS SHOULD BE ARRESTED boxed up and send to Club Gitmo and be sure to mark the box ROAD SIDE BOMBS-PROPERTY DISPOSAL!  Maybe it’ll get lost in East Afghanistan somewhere.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING…

de Andréa

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