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The Brotherhood To Run The CIA

The Brotherhood To Run The CIA

John Brennan, President Obama’s top counter-terrorism advisor/Czar, has “scoffed at the idea that the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the U.S. government.”  With Muslim Brotherhood entities and individuals burrowed deep into our government, is it any wonder we’re seeing a ‘purge’ of any references to “Islamic Terrorism” in our counter-terrorism training materials and lexicon? 

By de Andréa
November 3, 2012

The CIA is being trained (brainwashed) by Muslim Brotherhood leader and supporter of the terrorist organization of Hamas.

Imam Mohammad Magid President of the Islamic Society of North America ISNA, is the Hamas Mullah running the CIA Madrassa.  If active Muslim terrorists are training (brainwashing) the CIA, then Muslim terrorists are running the CIA.

Tantamount to having hundreds of Nazis infiltrate our security agencies during the 1940’s, this is yet another prime example of the nearly total infiltration of America’s enemy into every security department of the U.S. government creating a foundation for a successful terrorist Islamic Jihad against the U.S. in the near future.

The presence of the Muslim Brotherhood operatives working inside the federal government training our senior security leaders has been definitively documented (see articles here, here, here and here). This infiltration of our security system is out of control and constitutes an immediate danger for American citizens.  The success of the Brotherhoods influence of operation from within our government is now manifesting itself with national and global implications for the security of America and its citizens, like the recent support of the Muslim Brotherhoods takeover of Libya, Egypt, Tanzania, and now Syria. 

In July of this year, the CIA hosted a 2-day training program at its headquarters in Langley, Virginia entitled “Countering Violent Extremism Workshop for the National Capitol Region.”
Would our government have invited known Nazi leaders to come a advise/brainwash our counterintelligence how to defeat the threat of Nazism in the Roosevelt Administration?  No???  Then why in Hell are we doing it NOW???

Present at this conference were local, state, and federal officials from nearly every law enforcement, military, and intelligence organization around the Washington Metropolitan area.  In addition to the senior CIA, FBI, and DHS officials conducting the training were members of the Muslim community who moderated and led the training throughout the 2-day program.  Notable among these was Imam Mohammed Magid who participated in speaking about “Building Communities of Trust: A Local Example of a Partnership between the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) and Law Enforcement.”
…. BUILDING COMMUNITIES OF TRUST?  And we are swallowing this swill? 

How was Imam Magid vetted to speak at CIA Headquarters?  And who vetted him?

The ADAMS Center is a Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas terrorist front organization.  It was founded by some of the most senior Muslim Brothers in the United States, to include Ahmed Totanji, who still resides in Herndon Virginia.  Its
 website proclaims “[ADAMS] is a membership organization registered in the State of Virginia as a non-profit, IRS tax exempt corporation (so we are enabling it) and is affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).” 

Imam Magid is the Executive Director of the ADAMS Center.  He is also the President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization in the U.S. which was found to be a financial support entity for Hamas in the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial in U.S. history (US v Holy Land Foundation, Dallas, 2008).  Having Magid advise and teach U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials can only be aptly described as insane.  According to officials at Langley who were willing to speak on the condition of anonymity, this is an outrage - but none of the leaders on the inside seem to understand the gravity of this threat.  To say the fox is in the hen house would be an understatement.  

But the insanity does not end there.
Imam Mohammed Magid continues to be a guest of our Muslim Jihadist President in the White House, he works with the National Security Council, advises the Secretary of State, is on the DHS Homeland Security Advisory Working Group, and has received an award from the FBI. Magid continues to be treated by American leaders as if he is a friend, yet he is the leader of the largest Muslim Jihadist Terrorist front in the U.S. which financially supports the terrorist organization Hamas, Hisbala and al Qaida.  AND HE RUNS THE CIA! 

The question must also be asked – who vetted the other “leaders” from the Muslim community who moderated panels and led the training at CIA Headquarters?  Are any of them Muslim Brothers or sympathetic to the MB cause of the Jinad of America? 

When, over a long period of time, American leadership works side by side with, and are advised/brainwashed by individuals and organizations who are proven to be hostile to the United States ---  it is no wonder the shooting at Ft Hood was called a “crime” by the FBI not an “act of terrorism.”  Moreover, why was it called “workplace violence” by Pentagon officials writing the after action reports as if it was caused by a general moral problem.  It is no wonder DHS and others in our government define the threat as “violent extremism” (which is actually a meaningless term) instead of calling it what it actually is – the Muslim Brotherhood’s Jihadi movement in the United States which is a support network for terrorists.  And, it is no wonder that a military attack by Al Qaeda on an American consulate in Libya would be identified by the Obama Administration as the result of a YouTube video which was “offensive to Muslims” instead of what it truly was, a
  planned attack enabled by Obama.  Sadly, the amazing heroism of the hand full of men who battled over 200 Al Qaeda fighters for 6 hours got lost in the shuffle. 

Recently, Obama’s illegally appointed Counter Terrorism Czar John Brennan in an obvious lie to cover-up the outrageous infiltration of Islam into U.S. government agencies
 scoffed at the idea the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the U.S. government, something that I h ave been addressing for years now, the most recent article being “Brotherhood is running the U.S. Government” .  You can also check my archives about my many skirmishes with the FBI for exposing the hiring of known Muslim terrorists in high security positions as well as their leaking of classified Intel to the Brotherhood.  At what point will Mr. Brennan be held accountable for willfully failing to perform his duty and uphold his Oath to the Constitution.  When will the other leaders such as the Secretary of State, the Director of Central Intelligence, the FBI Director, and the President be held to account for this egregious and treasonous behavior?  Well… they actually consider the Constitution as being nothing but an old fashion out of date document of capitalist idealism to be ignored.  And if this administration is reelected it will only prove to support more and more of the Islamic agenda of World Domination and Tyranny. 

THE BOTTOM LINE: The National Security apparatus of the United States has been deeply penetrated and is being dangerously manipulated by a hostile foreign threat.  This means that significant foreign policy decisions involving the Islamic world are not only failing to achieve their intended outcome, but they are serving to advance the cause of Islamic Jihad. 

Islam could eventually take over the United States of America from within, without so much as firing a shot!  Ignorance – Deception – Enablement - Destruction!  It is the strategy at the very foundation of Islamic ideology. 

One can only hope that a Romney Administration if elected will take bold and decisive actions to purge the government of our enemies and those who willfully and ignorantly support them.
  The question is however, is Romney even aware the extent of terrorist infiltration in key U.S. government positions.  And without an enormous amount of cooperation will he even be able to shed the U.S. of the Cancer of Islamic Sharia that has for forty years, quietly, and surreptitiously been consuming the very core of America while those that could have stop this, stood ignorantly by and watched the preparations for Jihad take place.  

And if you think this is the worst of it, you would be wrong my friend.  The penetration of our enemy, the enemy of this world, infiltrating and forming a foundational base in our own government security and law informant agencies is profound.  It is so entrenched into the highest levels of our central government as well as state governments that it may already be too late to strategically dismantle as something that resembles an orderly fashion, meaning it may take something instead that would look like a Civil War. 

Keep in mind on Tuesday as you cast you vote for the future of this country that it was Obama and his America hating Czars that have and will help to perpetuate as he SAID: “To fundamentally change America”  into the barbaric theocracy of Islamic oppression.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa


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