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The Bloody Crusades of Burma

The Bloody Crusades of Burma
Unlike Muslims, although also on the wrong path, I have always thought of Buddhists as being a wise, religious, and a peace loving people.  Hence, their recent atrocities against Islam in Burma are shocking on many levels.  Burmese Buddhists are carrying out a so-called ‘religious cleansing’ and have (reportedly) killed close to 20,000 Muslims over the past three to four months, for nothing more than just being Muslim. 

By de Andréa
November 1, 2012

In 2001, these feelings of hatred toward oppressive Islamic Sharia and forced conversions to Islam in Burma, started going out of control and today after a decade or more, it has reached violent proportions. 

Before you condemn the Burmese Buddhists for their atrocities, let’s examine a bit of history, why history’… because that is where most of the answers of, ‘why are they doing this’, lie.  If one is faced with a life threatening cancer, one has two choices; to roll over and die, or do everything you can to kill the cancer.  It’s called to survive or not to survive.  That is the question and there is only one answer.

Burma or Myanmar as it is called now is situated next to Bangladesh.  And despite the fact that Muslims will say they have been there since the 9th Century, Muslims started arriving there in the early 20th Century.  Archeology and historical documentation simply does not support a circa 800’s migration, at least not in significant numbers.  Muslims in Burma once had businesses there in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.  Burma was under British rule like India and the Indian Muslims who came to Burma enjoyed a better status because they pretended to give their subservience to the British.  (In truth Muslims are not subservient to anyone or anything but Sharia)  With the Muslim ‘business men’ also came the ‘worker Muslims’ from India and elsewhere who took over jobs from the Burmese.  This, in addition to their forceful religious agenda over the years ‘increased’ the hatred for the Muslims.  History taught the Burmese Buddhists that Muslims had forced conversions of Buddhists during the Mughal rule in India circa 1526 to 1757. Hence, this coupled with the migration of Indian-Muslims to Burma only aggravated and supported their feelings of suppressed anger.

The 40s was a time of ‘independence’ in the region – so when the British were withdrawing from their colonies all over the world, Burma too demanded a “Burma for the Burmese” and just like there was bigoted violence against Hindus from Muslims in India, the same was happening to the Buddhists by the Muslims in Burma.  It all ended (for a while) when Burma also received its independence in 1948. 

In the past 60 years, do to the Muslims attempt to change the culture in Burma, they have faced an incremental and surreptitiously growing hatred by the Burmese.  So finally instead of the typical Muslims forcing their religious agenda on the Buddhists, the tables were beginning to turn and the normally passive peace loving Buddhists began giving a dose of Islamic poison back to the Muslims.  Just as the Coptic Christians in Egypt now under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood can no longer have churches, the Muslims’ in Burma can no longer build or repair mosques, they can’t congregate, they can’t become Burmese citizens, they can’t travel etc.  These feelings of hatred started to intensify and polarize in 2001 and today after 12 years, it is reaching violent proportions.

I don’t know why the media has been so quiet on this Issue.  But what I do know is that we must understand and learn the lessons these conflicts hold for us’.

Warning this video contains graphic scenes of death and destruction.  Watch a video originally produced by al Jazeera Titled “Where are the Muslims?”  showing the violence against Islam in Burma.  

After watching this video and reading this article ask yourselves:
Could this be precisely what brought on the Christian Crusades of the 11th Century?
Could this be precisely what the Indonesians should have done back in the 1950’s?  Could this be precisely what the Lebanese should have done back in the 1960’s?  Could this be precisely what Europe should have done back in the 1970’s? 
Could this be precisely what the United States should have done in the 1980’s?
Isn’t this just a matter of choosing survival, or conceding to cultural suicide?

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Will we in the 21st Century ‘West’ eventually come to the same historical place in the Muslim invasion that has swept through nearly every country in the world?  The answer is yes!  I ask you, what is so different in Europe ‘this time’, than it was before the Crusades in the 11th Century?  Or, what is so different about the invasion and demands of Islamic Sharia in America today than it was in every country that is now an Islamic State?  Will we learn from history and from experiencing the obvious like the Burmese Buddhists, before it’s too late? 

Sorry I woke you up, maybe you should just go back to sleep and pray you don’t ever wake up again.  Because if we don’t begin right now’, no…I mean today’, to crack down on this Islamic invasion that seeks to change American culture, we will be faced with a bloody war much like Burma and Syria, Egypt, Libya, Indonesia, Lebanon and every nation that is now Muslim.  Then if it comes to that’, and we don’t do the same as the Burmese are doing now we will face the future of an Islamic State just like the once Christian Democratic nation of Lebanon did in the 1960’s.

 Why am I so sure that America will be an Islamic State?  Because it’s the road were on’ my friend.  It’s the same road that leads to the same place as every terrifying Islamic country did in History.  So before you condemn the Bloody Crusades of Burma, picture yourself for just a moment in a future aamericah when your own government will be enforcing brutal barbaric sharia law on U.S. citizens.  Can’t happen here’, you say!  Got news for you my friend!  It’s already happening. 

This is what you will be facing if you don't stop Islam right now; it is what the American people of Dearborn Michigan are already facing, right now, today, and everyday.  If you haven’t heard about this, it’s because you’ve been asleep.  And while you sleep it will happen in your town.  Town by town, state by state, America will become part of the Nation of Islam.  What is happening in Syria right now will eventually happen in Dearborn and in every town in America in the near future.  Dearborn now has a Muslim Sheriff and a Muslim judge, you will have a majority of Muslims on your jury, and you will have to appeal to the Michigan State Supreme Court to overturn your case tried in Dearborn under Sharia law.  And you might have to do all that before you are sentenced to be stoned to death, or whatever sentence you may have received in the Sharia Court. But what happens when all’ the courts hear cases according to Sharia and there is no where to appeal to…

As I said earlier, you might just want to go back to sleep and pray you never have to wake up to the reality of the Islamic barbarism that you have ignorantly stood by and watched develop in your country over the past four decades.  You don’t deserve the freedom you have anyway my friend.  Moreover you will probably vote to reelect your Muslim President; if you do, you had better learn the muslim arabic language and buy a hijaab, a chechia or kufi and babouches and maybe a djbellah and of course a prayer rug and listen for the azan five times a day.  And instead of celebrating Christmas you will be celebrating ‘the eid al-fitr’ which marks the end of the muslim fasting month of ramadan.  And you will eat halal food which you are already eating, learn the hizb ut-tahrir pay the jizya and become a subservient slave to the local Imam-unless of course you want to be a shuhada, in which case you will be executed.  What is all that?  As I said you better learn arabic, أَبْجَدِيَّة عَرَبِيَّة.  Trust me there is nothing good in Islam --- especially for the kaffaar.  May God have mercy on all of us for our lazy ignorance…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa 

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