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Unisex Schools Are Here

Unisex Schools Are Here
Achtung parents...  How would you feel if you found out that there was a girl using the boys’ bathroom, locker room, and shower with your son in school?  Would it matter to you if your son were in the 5th grade or a senior in high school?  And would it matter if it were a new law made by an unelected criminal Attorney General?

Achtung, the Fourth Reich is here!
By de Andréa
July 31, 2013

If there was ever a time to pull your kids out of Obama’s Public School System of Robotic Indoctrination and Perversion, it is now!

If you live in California, prepare for this to happen to you and your sons and daughters.  In fact, it has already happened in the Arcadia School District, west of Los Angel's.  Ninth grade boys at one of the schools will have a girl sharing their bathrooms, locker room, and shower thanks to a new law that Obama’s AG made up on the fly and exerted pressure on the school district by your Muslim Pervert in-chief Obama.

Four years ago, a fifth grade girl decided she wanted to be a boy.  She began dressing and acting like boy.  Two years ago, she wanted to use the boys facilities at her school and the school administrators refused because she was anatomically a girl.  The girl and her family, with the help of an LGBT activist group filed a complaint with school district challenging their decision by claiming that they were violating her civil rights.  Of course no one considered the civil rights of all the rest of the normal children, not to mention the parents, but that’s the way it is in a Democracy…minority rules!

This is your illegal unconstitutional U.S. Department of Indoctrination in action folks, get used to it, or fight it, what is it going to be?  You had better take prophylactic action right now or it will overwhelm you just a little way down the road.

Then the Fuehrer Dictator Obama got involved and threatened action/Jihad against the school district if they continued to block the girl from using the boys’ facilities.  Finally, the gutless Arcadia school board succumbed to the terror of Obama’s threats and voted to pass a resolution that would allow all students to use any facilities of their chosen sexual orientation. 

How long will it be before boys with overactive male hormones decide that they are really girls and storm the girl’s showers saying that the President said that it is their civil right?  This whole country is going to Hell and only ‘YOU’ can stop it.  That is if you have more guts than the Arcadia School District.

Grad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute reacted to the decision saying:
"This is an outrageous violation of the privacy of all students involved.  It is an inhumane way of addressing students who do have gender-identity issues and need proper counseling and proper support."

Dacus raises the issue that I mentioned earlier, and that is that the rights of everyone else who is ‘normal’ is going to be violated because one student claims to identify themselves as something they’re not. 

Families with strong religious beliefs about nudity and sex will have their religious rights violated when this girl goes into the boys’ locker room and changes in front of them or parades in and out of the shower.  Oh well…they’ll get used to it…the Germans did!

Don’t you have the right to protect your boys from this kind of behavior?
And this doesn’t stop with parents of boys my friend; parents of girls should be doubly angry.  All a boy has to do is to tell the school that they now want to be a girl and they will be able to walk in with your daughters, strip, and shower with them without any consequence.  Your daughters’ innocence will be violated along with her right to privacy and decency, not to mention where that likely is going.

Once again we see minority gay activists stripping majority normal Americans of their rights and freedoms all in the name of ‘their rights’ of perversion and sin.  If I were a parent in the Arcadia school district, I would either file a lawsuit against the school for failing to protect my son from being forcibly exposed to a girl and for having his rights violated or I would flat out pull Him/Her out of that public brainwashing school of perversion.  It’s time that straight normal conservatives and Christians start standing up for their rights and stop allowing the gay activists to continue to strip them away.

If you can’t afford private or Christian schools, then perhaps look into any and all other possible alternatives such as K12, which is an online public home school, accepted by many public school districts.

One way or another, you need to start acting like parents and take appropriate action to protect your child(ren) from being a victim of The LGBT Uncivil Rights Movement in a country that is rapidly becoming a perverted Dictatorship!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Eric Holder needs to study the Civil Rights Act of 1964 before he acts on it.  If he was ‘really educated in the law’ instead of perversely indoctrinated, he would find out that our civil rights are based on unchangeable, immutable characteristics.  You cannot change your genes or your gender Eric!  You have chromosomes…well…maybe ‘you’ don’t, but the rest of us do, and they are either XX or XY. 

This is a girl who has been environmentally warped into believing she is a boy.  You didn’t swallow the Kool-Aid and think she arrived at this conclusion all by herself did you?  Moreover, instead of enabling this confused child, her parents should have gotten her into counseling with an expert on gender confusion, check the stats, it does work.  The parents of this girl should be brought up on charges of child abuse.  That my friend is what the law is for, it is to protect a life, not to destroy one!

Don’t you know this is a Democracy?  An uncivilized nation run by a perverted minority…  Folks this is exactly what the framers were deathly afraid of.  That’s why they designed a Constitutional Republic for us, and not’ a Democracy!  But we trashed it and so we now have a Democracy, which in history has always evolved into Tyranny.  But then you already knew that didn’t you, that’s why you voted for the Fuehrer Obama…twice! 

Oh Well!  The people of Germany made the same mistake and they survived, thanks to ‘us’……oh……….but………….then………who will…save ‘us’???

There’s no one left my friend…maybe it’s time to do something for yourself for a CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE…as well as pray to God for deliverance from this madness.

Breaking News Flash…Barack Obama is not “God” Jesus Christ is…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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