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Baby Murderers Show Their True Colors

Baby Murderers Show Their True Colors
Liberalism is like a bad religion, and abortion is the liberals' satanic sacrament.  Nowhere has that been better displayed than recently at the Texas capitol, where the Legislature has been debating abortion           regulations in a special session called by Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

By de Andréa
July 5, 2013

Just as the chant of Allah Achbar heard by Muslims when they murder innocent people, the liberal baby murderers were shouting “HAIL SATAN” as they advocated the murder of more and more children.

The politicking about abortion in Texas has been heated for weeks now as pro-abortion liberals fight desperately to block efforts to restrict abortion after 20 weeks as well as the toughening of safety standards at abortion clinics.

Pro-abortionists across the nation have been on the ropes lately after the gory details of the Kermit Gosnell trial became widely known, despite the mainstream media attempts to ignore the case.  Tales of bloody operating rooms, trophy body parts, and brutal murders of newborns have shaken even some of the most moronically unquestioning abortion supporters.  Of course most liberals are a low-information group that knows little or nothing about abortion.

So the most ignorant and the hardest of the hard-core abortion troopers have been turning out in Texas, and as usually happens with fanatics, they can't resist revealing what they are really all about. 

If you really want to know what goes on in abortion clinics in Texas and all over the country watch and listen to what three employees say about abortions in their clinic.

Their ‘TRUE COLORS’  became obvious Tuesday as, throughout the day, the pro-abortion crowd of baby murderers broke out into periodic chants of "Hail Satan!" in response to the presence of pro-life activists.

Texas blogger Adam Cahn has a video of one such outburst, in which a bunch of pro-abortionists chant "Hail Satan" in response to a church group singing "Amazing Grace.”  One demonstrator approaches the camera and sticks out her tongue as she says "Hail Satan!"

The children hating pro-abortion mob has been making its presence known in other ways, by screaming from the gallery during the debate, discussing on Twitter the legal ramifications of charging the floor and at least one assault on a police officer.
As usual, the liberals dragged any debate into the gutter, yelling the “f”-word and having little girls hold signs saying,”Stay out of my mommy's vagina.”  (Because abortion couldn't possibly have anything to do with taking the life of a child.)

Some on the Left are trying to downplay the pro-abortionists' behavior, using every excuse from "it was just a couple of people" or “it was right-wing plants" (fat chance) right wing plants were singing Amazing Grace!

THE BOTTOM LINE: The reality is this is the Left at its most honest.  This is the pro-abortion crowd letting you know where their allegiances really lie.  IN THE PIT OF HELL!

As the so-called religion of Islam does, the religion of liberal abortion requires satanic human sacrifices and abortion is obviously their religions sacrament.  And just as Muslims shout Allah Achbar the Abortionists shout
Hail Satan…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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