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Benghazi Survivor Could Bury Obama

Benghazi Survivor Could Bury Obama
Even though there is enough evidence to hang Obama from the nearest tree, nothing is being done, and nothing will likely be done!  Why?  Ask yourself…who is going to bring charges when nearly the entire federal government is corrupt.

By de Andréa
July 29, 2013

One of the victim survivors of the so-called video protest demonstration that killed four Americans and wounded several others has been kept under wraps at Walter Reed Hospital for approximately 10 months now since the terrorist attack in Benghazi.  His name is David Ubben he was’ a Diplomatic Security agent and is speaking out now for the first time.

He remains at Walter Reed Medical Center to this day; supposedly because he is still recovering from wounds he incurred on the night of September 11, 2012.  The only question I have is…is he being kept there against his will, maybe bound, and gagged?

The man is a hero, he fought along side the Navy Seals who were killed that night and risked his own life, and       while under siege he went back into the consulate to recover the body of Sean Smith.  According to the recent report from Fox News, Ubben defended the CIA annex along side Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, the two Seals.  He sat on the rooftop during the second wave of attacks as they were showered with mortar rounds, which killed Woods and Doherty and destroyed Ubben's right leg.  Fox News reported this morning that Ubben then waited 20 hours for medical help.  It’s hard to understand why he didn’t bleed to death while Obama was too busy playing roulette in Las Vegas to be concerned about a foreign attack on American soil.   Charlie Woods, the father of Navy Seal Tyron Woods accuses the Obama administration of murdering his son because the CIA had orders to Stand down and to let those in the Benghazi annex die.

This is just sick.  This is unconscionable.  This is because of a president that cares more about his campaigning and hob-knobbing with celebrities in Los Vegas than rescuing our bleeding hero’s from harms way.  Our men and women deserve better than this.  This hero waited for 20 hours for someone from his country to rescue him, but our troops were told to stand down.  This is beyond outrageous.  It's also outrageous that this terrorist attack has landed on president Obama's “phony scandal” list.  While Republicans dig through the dung heap of Obam’s cover-ups and hidden witnesses to find out exactly what happened that night, our president is busy trying to convince the American people that “this is all just a bunch of phony distractions to keep him from fixing the economy”.  Hillary Clinton says, “What difference can is possibly make.”  Yes!  Let’s just ignore it and sweep it under the Whitehouse carpet somewhere and get on with more important stuff like cover-ups, excuses, fabrications, and spying on innocent American citizens who are drinking tea.

Who gave the CIA the stand-down order that night, when help could have saved people like David Ubben, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty?  We don't know, and if we ask, we are accused of engaging in a partisan witch-hunt over “phony scandals”. What was Obama hiding that he wanted everyone killed in the annex?

I'll bet that David Ubben will not forget where he was the night of September 11, 2012, but where was Obama?  Well that’s simple; he was in the oval office with some of his criminal cronies concocting this ridiculous story of this disrespectful  anti-Muslim YouTube video that was made by these horrible Christians Coptic’s that fled Egypt because they were being murdered by Obama’s Brotherhood.  And then of course this understandable retaliatory demonstration in Benghazi by his buddies the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists denying the American people, the victim's families and Benghazi survivors of the truth? 

Why haven't any of the identified perpetrators for example been brought to justice?  Back in October Obama told us this lie, “My biggest priority now is bringing those folks to justice, and I think the American people have seen that is a commitment I'll always keep.”  I guess we can chalk that one up to yet another of Obama’s perpetual lies. 

If it were a priority Obama, we would have at least an answer or two by now and we would be closer to justice, rather than where we currently stand which is amongst stone-walling and name-calling by you and your Regime.

Obama following Alinsky and Hitler’s example.
Walid Shoebat a former Muslim Brotherhood Member Now a Christian Peace Activist Shoebat Foundation on July 27, 2013 in BlogGeneral  wrote,  “Like former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, David Ubben went to the Special Mission Compound (SMC) to help save people.  Also like Woods and Doherty, Ubben fought attackers from a rooftop back at the CIA Annex. Unlike his two brave colleagues, Ubben survived, though he was gravely wounded. To this day, he continues to recover at Walter Reed.”

“Moreover, Ubben, whose right leg was essentially shredded, has now come forward and told some of his story to Fox News.  There are hopes that he may testify in front of Congress. Perhaps one of the most shocking revelations in this story is that after Ubben was hit, he waited at the Annex for twenty hours before help arrived.  To put this in context, Woods and Doherty were killed at approximately 5am local time on 9/12/12. If that is when Ubben was injured, he waited until 1am local time on 9/13/12, which would have been around dinner time at 9/12 in Las Vegas, where Barack Obama had landed hours earlier for a campaign stop.

Obama knew by 2 PM on September 12 but nevertheless he and his Press Secretary fabricated a false narrative, ignored calls for help - and the media, the congress and the DOJ does not care.  I wonder of you do…probably not, that’s why this country is going to Hell because ‘you the people’ demand nothing and you keep voting these criminal America haters back into office expecting a different result.  Or maybe you expect more of the same…
As Obama was giving a campaign speech, Ubben lay wounded and in great pain at the Annex.  Here is a report on Ubben’s story from Fox News, via Mass Tea Party: and Obam’s ‘Phony Scandals’

How about then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on September 12th?  While issuing a statement about the attacks, Clinton was also sowing the seeds for the narrative the administration would continue to push for two weeks.  That narrative, which was demonstrably false, was that the attack was in response to the anti-Muhammad video.

Based on the timeline of Ubben’s injury and when he was ultimately recovered from the Annex, Hillary was issuing this statement as Ubben lay gravely wounded and would for several more hours before being picked up.  Take note of what Clinton says at the beginning of this clip:  “There is no higher priority than protecting our men and women wherever they serve.”  Really?  I think they hoped he would die!

THE BOTTOM LINE: So why did Obama find it necessary to cover-up this planned attack on Benghazi anyway.  Why was it more important to make excuses for the attack, and cover it up than to defend our country and its citizens?  Why was it more important to go to Las Vegas gamble away taxpayer’s money and spread disinformation and Nazi propaganda than to try to rescue what was left of an American hero?  Do you really want to know?  I don’t think you do, but I will tell you anyway.  Ready?  Well…it’s quite simple really; it’s because that is what enemy’s of the State do! 

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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