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How Is Islam Taking Over America?

How Is Islam Taking Over America?
Answer…  One of the ways is, ‘one School at a time’.

Tucson Arizona schools are on a long list of American schools to receive money from so-called Arab charities with Muslim Brotherhood terrorist ties.  (“Arab charity” is code for Jihad fund)

By de Andréa
July 17, 2013

Countless colleges and universities have accepted hundreds of millions—perhaps billions of dollars from Islamic so-called charity’s —in the way of grants from Saudi and other Muslim Jihadists entities.  And one at a time they are each under more and more control of the Nation of Islam. 

It’s bad enough that the textbooks used in public schools are typically laced with egregious errors, omissions, and outright historical falsehoods on the subject of Islam.  Some are even written in Wahhabist Saudi Arabia and printed in Pakistan  
See the ACT! for America Education report here.

Now we learn, according to multiple media sources, the Tucson Arizona schools are going to accept nearly a half million dollars, $465,000 to be exact - from the Qatar Foundation, which the Daily Caller story below reports has “ties to the International terrorist group called the Muslim Brotherhood.”  The same Muslim Brotherhood who illegally contributed Millions of dollars to Obama’s presidential campaign.

A few years ago a congressional staffer told Brigitte Gabriel and Guy Rodgers (ACT! for America Executive Director) about a college that had been accepting Saudi money for years.  And then one day the college was told that, if they wanted to keep getting the money, they had to make changes to their Mideast Studies department to satisfy their Saudi benefactors.  One Christian Collage was told they had to take down their CROSSES…that college for the most part is now an Islamic Madrassa,

This my friend is one of the many ways how this deceptive organization from Hell gets there foot in the door of our culture to begin the systematic changeover from the American free culture to the oppressive supremacist culture of  Islam.  I am saying the Qatar Foundation will eventually make that kind of demand on the Tucson schools, because this is the history and practice of Islamic stealth Jihad. 

Wisdom dictates that colleges, universities, and now K-12 school districts, should investigate and understand who’s behind the money and what their agenda is—and act accordingly.  But alas, they don’t when they are staring at millions of what they see as free dollars.  But that’s the rub you see, there is no free lunch my friend.  Incrementally, the Nation of Islam will own our educational system.  If for no other reason than we will become dependant on their petro-dollars. 

TucsonDaily Caller

Last week, the governing board of the Tucson Unified School District
 asked the school board to accept a $465,000 curriculum grant from the Qatar Foundation International, a global philanthropic organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of the terrorist group Hamas.

“The grant money is intended to implement innovative curricula and teaching materials to be used in any classroom,”
reports the Arizona Daily Independent.

Two Tucson schools, Safford K-8 Magnet School and Cholla High Magnet School, will be the recipients of the terror-infested cash,
 according to Tucson News Now.

THE BOTTOM LINE: What better way for an enemy nation to undermine our country’s culture, and to completely “Change” it, as Obama promised he would, then to create a dependence of its educational system on the very entity that wants to destroy it?  And all’ - without firing a shot my friend.

So far there are more than 18 Collages and Universities, 43 High schools and 97 primary schools in the U.S. that almost totally depend on our enemy’s money to sustain them.  Moreover every one of these students are indoctrinated in some fashion with deceptive lies regarding Islam (Taqiyyah).  To the degree that once they have passed through the system of Islamic robotic programming they will gladly accept the supremacist ideology of the “World Nation of Islam” (Ummah)   

So that my friend is how, with our help, Islam is taking over America, from the inside, from the bottom up and anyway they can.  Moreover, they have been doing it all around the world for more than 1400 years.  And they will never stop until all the world is Islam.  

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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