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NSA Is Creating A Gun Registry

NSA Is Creating A Gun Registry
There is no end to the information the NSA is collecting and store housing for future use when “National Tyranny” is well established.  My friend, we are loosing our freedom, we are loosing our allies, and we are loosing our country!

I am angry…just in case you can’t tell
By de Andréa
July 2, 2013

Is it coincidence that on this Independence Day
U.S. Senators are saying the National Security Agency is collecting bulk data on more than just Americans phone’ records; they illegally collected data on firearm and book purchases as well as most anything else one can think of, even information on our allies.  And most concerning is the fact that they are storing it…forever!  You should know why!

A bipartisan group of 26 senators, led by Sen. Ron Wyden (D., Ore.) asked Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to detail the scope and limits of the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities in a letter released Friday.

“We are concerned that by depending on secret interpretations of the PATRIOT Act that differed from an intuitive reading of the statute, this program essentially relied for years on a secret body of law, the senators wrote in the letter.

The NSA’s surveillance program has come under intense scrutiny following a whistle-blowing by Mr. Snowden, who is now detained in Russia, revealed no top secret information regarding America’s enemies, but instead he blew the whistle saying the agency harvested the phone metadata of millions of American citizens.  But now the scandal has hit the proverbial fan.  There doesn’t seem to be any restraint at all within in the NSA.  Under the Obama Gestapo, if it can be done…do it!  Information is power, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely…

A call to arms
I can guarandamntee you that the credit card records of gun and ammunition purchases collected and stored by the NSA will be used later to confiscate our Second Amendment protected fire arms, leaving us helpless against Obama’s Gestapo the ‘SS Department Of Home Land Security’ who is buying up tanks, armored vehicles and hording all the weapons and an ammunition they possibly can lay their hands on, leaving nearly none left for you and me.  Well I guess that’s the Idea isn’t it?

Don’t sign for ammunition!  If you do, you will have just registered your unregistered gun…  It’s none of the enemies business what kind of gun you have, how many and how much ammunition.  Because the enemy of the American Free Republic is the illegal alien Muslim terrorist Jihadist who is Americas most wanted for treason, known as Barack Hussein Obama AKA Berry Sorento, AKA Harrison J Bounel, AKA Barack Mineir Ubayd, and AKA Stanly Dunham   .  Moreover he…as the British tried in 1775 is bent on disarming the Free Republic of America, and I am Paul Revere warning you that Obama is coming, Obama is coming…in 2014 he is coming to take your arms.  We have come full circle my friend…

Make any future purchases of ammunition with cash and buy your arms like we should be able to, like the criminals do…on the street, all patriotic constitutional Americans are criminals anyway according the Fuehrer Obama.  If you buy them the way Osama…excuse me Obama wants you to, he will just take them away from you.  Remember he told you before you elected him that he was “going to fundamentally change America, Change, Change, Change, just what did you think Fundamental Change meant?

The Patriot Act and the NSA
The federal government’s authority under Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act always has been broad and rife with potential for abuse it just needed a corrupt government like the Obama Regime to abuse it.  Among the senators’ concerns was whether the NSA’s bulk data harvesting program is being used to construct a gun registry or violate other privacy laws.  “It can be used to collect information on credit card purchases, pharmacy records, library records, firearm sales records, financial information, [See article titled Obama: I Don’t Need No Stinking Warrants] and a range of other sensitive subjects,” the senators wrote.  “And the bulk collection authority could potentially be used to supersede bans on maintaining gun owner databases, or laws protecting the privacy of medical records, financial records, and records of book and movie purchases.”  Under this regime I can guarantee you it is being used and abused to further the cause of social despotism.  

The senators asked Clapper in the letter whether the NSA used PATRIOT Act authorities to conduct bulk collection of other types of records, and whether there are any instances of the agency violating a court order in the process of such collections.  Well…what do you think they are going to say???  We’ didn’t do anything wrong.

You are a threat to the Obama Regime
Civil libertarians say such unwarranted surveillance is a violation of privacy.  However, Obama has defended the program, saying it helped thwart several terrorist attacks and is minimally invasive.  Then my question to Obama is why spend billions to store information already scrutinized and found to be non-threatening, or are all patriotic Americans a potential threat to the tyranny of the Obama Regime?  Of course they are.

Second Amendment groups and Republican members of Congress have long warned against the creation of a national gun registry.  Fears of such a registry is what bogged down several attempts to forge a bipartisan gun-control bill in the Senate earlier this year, and now we find out that the NSA has already been creating such a registry, I mean who needs to pass laws certainly not Obama, if it can be done just do it.

“In this country, the government can’t just monitor your constitutionally
protected activities—like gun ownership—just because it wants to,”
said Brian Phillips, a spokesman for Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah), who signed onto the letter.  “The justification that, ‘if you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have to worry about it,’ turns us into a police state very quickly.  That’s why
Congress is right to seek broad oversight of the NSA’s data collection programs.”

“In this country, the government can’t just monitor your constitutionally
protected activities,”
Sen. Mike Lee said.  Oh yes it can Senator…not legally, but that doesn’t matter to Obama…

THE BOTTOM LINE:  As long as we had a responsible people, we had a responsible government.  But now that “WE THE PEOPLE” have turned our attention to more important things like promoting homosexual marriage, pedophile, polygamy, Christian bashing, and Honey Boo Boo.  The result…is the total loss of freedom a small step at a time…  The idiots will finally achieved success with the destruction of ‘American Fundamentalism’ with the help of another idiot that promised to “Fundamentally Change America”. 

Well…that might get me arrested by the NSA…you will probably need to contact me at da@gitmo.com   

Happy now? 

Oh…happy Independence DAY, this may be the last one, it will likely be replaced with Islamic Dependence Day, or Sharia Day, or American Jihad Day, or...

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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