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Repeal The Criminal Safe Zones

Repeal The Criminal Safe Zones
The new session of Congress has begun -- and pro-Second Amendment legislation has been introduced that would finally protect school children from murderous attacks like Columbine, and the one we recently witnessed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. 

By de Andréa
January 24, 2013

If you’ don’t stop this madness, no one will.  You can help, with one click at the bottom of this article.  No cost to you except a minute of your time.  I can’t make it any easier.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has RE-introduced the "Citizens Protection Act," which would repeal the 1990 law that gave us the dangerous "GUN FREE ZONES", where the only ones who have guns are murderers.  If this bill dies in committee, more children will die in schools!  Is that what you want?  If you want you children safe then WE MUST NOT allow this bill to be ignored -- MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD NOW!

In 1996, a bill was rammed through Congress as an amendment to a giant last-minute "must-pass" appropriations bill.  The bill, call the "Gun-Free School Zones Act," was originally passed in 1990, but was struck down as unconstitutional, it still is, the radical anti-gun mentally challenged Senator Heb Kohl re-worded the act a little, and President Bill Clinton signed it into law possibly unknowingly.  This illegal law disarmed school staff and other adults -- leaving elementary and secondary school children defenseless to serial killers and the massacres began. 

Because of a 1000 foot restriction it also made it virtually illegal to drive your car passed a school with your gun inside without violating the law, by creating a "GUN FREE ZONE" around every public and private school in the country.  Even people who live’ within a 1000 feet of a school may not legally posses a gun in their house.

We've seen the results of this misguided law over and over again... most recently, in the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut where more that 20 innocent children were slaughtered because of this insane law. 

As Rep. Massie noted when he introduced his new bill: "Gun free school zones are ineffective.  They make people less safe by inviting criminals into target-rich, no-risk environments," said Massie.  "Gun free zones prevent law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves, and create vulnerable populations that are targeted by criminals.”  Representative Massie concluded: "A bigger federal government can't solve this problem.  Weapons bans and gun free zones are unconstitutional.  They do not and cannot prevent criminals or the mentally ill from committing acts of violence.  But they often prevent victims of such violence from protecting themselves."

The Supreme Court has not ruled on the constitutionality of the amended "Gun Free School Zones Act", but Rep. Massie's bill comes on the heels of mounting pressure from President Obama and others for more heightened gun restrictions.  The mentally challenged communists want more of the same, what do you want? 

As the spokesman for Gun Owners of America, wrote last year: "No one - including politicians, the police, or the individual citizen - can predict where the next deranged serial killer will attack.  And yet politicians continue to create 'criminal safe zones' such as schools, churches, parks, restaurants that serve alcohol, etc., where the law-abiding are disarmed.  The net impact of turning schools, in particular, into defenseless targets for serial killers has been dramatic.

But within a couple a years of the enactment of the Kohl amendment, two disaffected teenagers walked into Columbine High School secure in the knowledge that they would be the only ones in the school who were armed.  And despite the passing of three more new anti-gun laws, Columbine triggered a slew of copycat episodes - laying a mounting string of innocent casualties at the feet of Herb Kohl and his misbegotten legislation."

As usual anything that is good for America as The "Citizens Protection Act" is STUCK IN COMMITTEE -- it's up to US to FORCE Congress to vote on it NOW!  Tell them if they don’t you will fire them! 

More and more Americans across the spectrum are recognizing just how crazy it was to pass the "Gun-Free School Zones" Act, especially now in the wake of Newtown and Columbine.  John R. Lott, the nation's leading statistical gun expert, stated recently that “banning gun-free zones and allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons would help eliminate mass shootings at schools, and that gun-free zones become a magnet for deranged killers who hope to burn their names into the history books by running up a big body count.” 

Lott's landmark book, More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, is in its 3rd edition.  He told Newsmax there is a very good chance the Connecticut school shooting would have been averted, if teachers there were permitted to carry concealed handguns.  It's no accident, that mass shootings repeatedly have occurred in designated gun-free zones, which attract lunatics looking to murder as many souls as possible before they turn their guns on themselves. 

One of the things I've written about recently is the attack at the Aurora, Colorado movie theater.  There, you have seven movie theaters that were showing the Batman movie when it opened at the end of July.  Out of those seven movie theaters, only one movie theater was posted as banning permit-concealed handguns. The killer didn't go to the movie theater that was closest to his home. He didn't go to the movie theater that was the largest movie theater in Colorado, which was essentially the same distance from his apartment as the one he ended up going to. Instead, the one he picked was the only one of those movie theaters that banned people taking permit-concealed handguns into that theater.

The problem is, whether it is the Portland shooting earlier this week, or the Connecticut shooting Friday, or the Sikh temple attack in Wisconsin, time after time these attacks take place in the few areas within a state where permit-concealed handguns are banned. It's not just this year, it's all these years in the past. And at some point people have to recognize that despite the obvious desire to make places safe by banning guns, it unintentionally has the opposite effect."

Dr. Lott also pointed out a number of other successful cases: "There was the university case in the Appalachian law school. You had the K through 12 in Mississippi and the one in Edinboro, Pa. You had New Life Church [in December 2007] -- you had 7,000 parishioners there when the person broke into the church with about a thousand rounds of ammunition.

But there was a woman there, a former Chicago police officer who had gotten a concealed handgun permit because she was being stalked by her ex-husband. She had asked permission from the minister there to be able to carry a concealed handgun. She was worried if she couldn't carry it at the church there, that she would be vulnerable going to and from the church. She shot at him 10 times, wounding him, and he committed suicide... These types of cases occur all around us, and they usually don't get much attention, especially if they are stopped before people are injured or killed."

Don't think that arming teachers and administrators wouldn't work to thwart crazed killers like Lanza -- IT ALREADY HAS.
  Rep. Dennis Richardson, a State Representative in Oregon who's also saying that gun bans on school property should be overturned, has pointed to a 1999 school shooting in Mississippi in which an assistant principal held a shooter at bay with a handgun while police arrived.  The shooter killed two students and injured seven others before the principal retrieved his handgun from his truck.  Just think how many more he could have saved if he had been allowed to carry it. 

A report at WorldNet Daily also has just a few examples:  On Jan. 16, 2002, Peter Odighizuwa, 43, of Nigeria, went to the Appalachian School of Law campus in Virginia with a handgun and killed three and wounded three others. At the sound of gunfire, two other students - both police officers - retrieved guns from their cars. Meanwhile, another police officer and former Marine jumped Odighizuwa and disarmed him by the time the other officers got to the scene.

On July 24, 2012, Richard Gable Stevens rented a rifle at a shooting range in Santa Clara, Calif., and herded three employees out the door, saying he intended to kill them. One of the employees, however, was carrying a .45-caliber handgun and shot the assailant.

On Dec. 17, 1991, two men armed with stolen pistols herded 20 customers and employees of a Shoney's restaurant in Anniston, Ala., into a walk-in refrigerator and locked it so they could rob the establishment. However, one customer was armed with a .45-caliber handgun hidden under a table. He shot one of the gunmen dead. The other robber, who was holding the manager of the restaurant at gunpoint, began firing at the customer. But he was wounded critically by return fire, ending the incident.

On July 13, 2009, an armed man entered the Golden Food Market in south Richmond, shooting and wounding a clerk while firing at store patrons. He was shot by another customer who had a concealed-carry permit, likely saving the lives of eight other people in the store.

 On July 29, 2012, Charles Conner shot and killed two people and their dogs at the Peach Tree RV park in Early, Texas. Vic Stacy got a call from one of the neighbors, got his .357 magnum and shot Conner as he fired upon the first police officer to arrive at the scene. Stacy was credited with saving the life of the officer.
The fact is, "gun-free zones" are the most DANGEROUS places in our country -- for OUR CHILDREN!  We MUST change that! 

Iconic Rocker, Ted Nugent, recently let the whacked-out anti-Second Amendment CNN host, Piers Morgan, have it right between his anti-gun British eyes, regarding the reason why school children are so vulnerable to murderous attacks like we recently witnessed at Sandy Hook Elementary School: "People that want to literally create the proven places where more innocents are killed -- called ‘gun-free zones' -- we're gonna beat you, we're gonna vote you out of office... Do you want a lot of crime?  We have it: ‘gun-free zones'.  Do you want less crime?  We have that: more people with concealed weapons permits.”  Ted Nugent is right on target, watch the video,

Of course, what we're seeing now are people on BOTH sides of the "political aisle" proposing knee-jerk "solutions" more of the same that will only make things worse.  The National Rifle Association (NRA) on the other hand has come out with an actual solution to campus shootings: armed guards in every school.  And Barack Hussein Obama has come out with his solution: the reinstatement of a federal ban on so-called "assault weapons.”  As I said more of the same!  And while Wayne LaPierre, the NRA executive vice-president, is correct when he says, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun," President Obama is wrong when he ignorantly calls semi-automatic guns "weapons of war" that should be banned (which would ban nearly every gun sold in America today).  Any weapon can be a weapon of war, maybe he just want all guns banned just for law abiding citizens.  What do you think! 

Did you know that Israel -- a nation surrounded by madmen who seek to kill innocent Jewish children any way they can -- has rarely seen the kinds of pandemonium that we just saw in Newtown, CT?  HERE'S WHY: The fact is Israelis carry guns that’s why.  But here LEFT-WING GUN-CONTROL ADVOCATES passed an UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW! 

IT'S TIME TO REVERSE THAT TREND if we can FLOOD the offices of every single Senator and Congressman, demanding that they PASS the "Citizens Protection Act," and REPEAL the unconstitutional and dangerous "Gun-Free School Zones" Act -- we CAN finally PROTECT our most vulnerable members of society!  But I need YOUR help

Allowing teachers and administrators to lawfully carry firearms on school campuses is already being done in some schools, in defiance of federal law -- in the state of Texas, of course.  In 2008, the Harrold Independent School District implemented a district policy change, "so employees can carry concealed firearms to deter and protect against school shootings, and provided the gun-toting teachers follow certain requirements.”  Why?  Well, as the Superintendent stated, "When you make schools gun-free zones, it's like inviting people to come in and take advantage.”  Oh, and in Utah, the law allows anyone with a permit to carry a gun in public schools and state institutions of higher education.  And guess what… no school shootings there!  The proof is in the putting my friend…

You can send a FREE message directly to your Representative and Senators by clicking here.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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