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The Shooting the Media Ignored

The Shooting the Media Ignored

This theater shooting didn’t fit the “GUNS BAD” scenario so the media ignored it.  It did however fit the “GUNS GOOD” scenario so the media ignored it.  Either way the media ignored it.

By de Andréa
January 1, 2013

There has been lots of talk over the past few months about ‘gun control’ by the main stream media and liberal communists in general.  This was anticipated following the shooting in an Aurora Colorado theater at the opening of The Dark Knight Rises.  It escalated over the next couple of months until the shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut which put the icing on the cake for the anti-American gun haters.  Because so many young children were killed, [in a GUN FREE ZONE] the emotional response was increased.  But I’ll bet most people never heard of a shooting that took place at a theater just two days after the shooting at Sandy Hook and for the same good reason as the media ignored the mall shooting in Oregon just days before; they both didn’t fit the liberal’s agenda of mass unfettered killing.  Because in both cases someone else had a gun and stopped it…  In fact despite dangerous GUN FREE ZONES, there are between two and three successful foiling of attempted murders by someone with a gun, to one tragic mass murder where no one but the perpetrator has a gun.  Makes sense? That’s the problem it makes ‘too much sense’.  

Listen very carefully now…Just like the mall shooting in Oregon where a CCW permit holder stopped a shooting spree, on Sunday, December 16, 2012 just two days after the Sandy Hook shooting, a man entered a movie theater in San Antonio, Texas for the sole purpose of killing his ex-girlfriend, because she had broke up with him.  But the gunman, 19 year old Jesus Manuel Garcia, did not complete his task.  He did open fire in the theater however, which caused mass panic just like Aurora.  People were running for cover and rushing towards exits, and yes this was another GUN FREE ZONE, what else?

At least two people were shot but only wounded in the shooting.  So why was there not widespread news footage covering this’ event?  Because, the shooter was stopped with another gun that’s why.  The Santikos Mayan Palace 14 Movie Theater also houses a small restaurant.  The shooting began in the restaurant and as people went for cover.  He then moved into the theater where off duty Bexar County Sheriff Officer, Sgt. Lisa Castellano was, she chased Garcia to the back of the theater and cornered him in the men’s room, shooting him several times and taking his gun.  Detective Louis Antu, spokesman for the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, said, “She took all appropriate action to keep everyone safe in the movie theater.”

I will take a little expert license here by saying, because the shooting was stopped by an off duty officer and the fact that the crime was not committed with an AR-15 has something to do with why this did not get mass media coverage or political consideration.  The fact that no one was killed probably adds to that.  So what kind of gun was used in this attempted murder?  A Glock 23, according to this report.

The Glock 23 is a .40 caliber handgun that holds 13 rounds in its magazine and 1 in the chamber.  This is one of hundreds of handguns that would come under Senator Feinstein’s “Assault Weapons Ban” bill. Of course, no AR-15 rifle for the media to tout and the left to call for more bans on so called “assault weapons” and there were no mental health issues for anyone to jump on either.  The interesting thing about the connection between mass murders and mental health issues is that the supporters of dangerous GUN FREE ZONES also have mental health issues.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The number one thing one should ask themselves about GUN FREE ZONES is’, if it is’ in fact’ a GUN FREE ZONE…How can anyone get shot with a gun in a GUN FREE ZONE???  Not possible!  So at the very least a GUN FREE ZONE is a fraud, making it purposely BY DESIGN a dangerous place.  Why would you send your kids there???  By the way, the key word in Gun Control is ‘CONTROL’.  It has less to do with GUNS and more to do with CONTROL!  It’s a liberal communist thing!

This really should speak volumes about the Communist America hating politicians and the media’s silence.  Yes’, the person that stopped the shooter was’ a police officer, but one must consider they were off duty in plain clothes and allowed to carry their weapon at the theater just as a CCW permit holder would have, if it were ‘not’ a GUN FREE ZONE.  Moreover the man at the Oregon mall was just that, a trained CCW permit holder who stopped a massacre without firing a shot…This is exactly what was lacking at Sandy Hook’s GUN FREE ZONE.  As soon as the shooter heard the police sirens, he stopped and shot himself…  Think about it my friend.   The key word there is Think!

The point is that the good guy, or in this case, the good gal, had a gun to stop the bad guy with a gun.  Otherwise, everyone else was a potential victim.  Sgt. Castellano is to be congratulated for her bravery and ending what could have potentially been a deadly situation.  This is the point, you don’t take a “paper gun law” to a REAL gun fight, you, and everyone else will lose.

Like Aurora and Sandy hook they openly displayed signs, where weapons are not allowed.  Therefore, it seems that once again a theater and the government take it upon themselves to create victims, rather than empower individuals to protect themselves and other innocents.  Obviously the criminal, Mr. Garcia, as usual, paid no attention to the law, or the signs.  The deference here was the good guy/gal with a gun.  Nobody died!

I suggest that every American call their local theater and ask for the manager then ask if their theater is a GUN FREE ZONE?  If the response is ‘yes’, then say: “Thank you; I will not be attending your unsafe theater…  You might also want to do the same with your children’s school principal, yes including…  “My children will not be attending your unsafe school anymore---I don’t want my children ending up like those at Sandy Hook!”  Then see what kind of bee’s nest that stirs up… So-called GUN FREE ZONES have proven themselves to be dangerous to children and other living things…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa   

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Sandy said...

Good article and good points. I especially liked the last two paragraphs...common sense stuff!