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Is Our Government Paranoid?

Is Our Government Paranoid?

Is our Government becoming paranoid about the citizens right to keep and bear arms for the security of ‘Freedom’; and should we be more aware of what the Obama Regime is ‘really’ doing to destroy it?

Yes it is, and yes we should…

By de Andréa
January 27, 2013

With Obama’s rush to ban all guns from private citizens I felt compelled to write this article and publish it at this time.  Before Hitler declared Martial law and took control of Germany he disarmed the Nation and almost no one saw it coming.

The main focus for this article is a video that I ran across on YouTube awhile back titled We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant  ”.  It is a collection of information of what is going on in the Obama Regime behind closed doors.  It is approximately 30 minutes long, so please set aside the time because it is important and well worth it.  No!  Rather - it is imperative…

Bear in mind that while I haven’t researched every single bit of the information on this video, I have researched most of it as well as writing articles on many of the discoveries and subjects depicted in it.  And while it is highly charged, and may seem a little extreme at times, I can assure you that generally and for the most part, it is frighteningly true my friend.

I can only speculate that this DHS informant referred to in the title is the same informant that I receive information from, from time to time through a Toronto Journalist in the Canada Free Press.  If it is, it has proved to be a reliable source in the past.  But if only half of this information is spot on, and I know personally that it is more than that, it should be enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up.

Below are just a few of the most resent articles I have researched, documented and written that are depicted, eluded to, and/or related to this video.

                        And then

It is self-evident that at the very least some kind of very unpleasant future awaits American citizens shortly, maybe sooner than later, and the worst part is - most of us having never sat in want of anything are totally unprepared for any kind of disaster or turmoil, much less an all out civil war.  But more and more prominent people are talking about this possibility.  And I believe that it is perfectly obvious the Obama Regime is afraid of the American citizen, even to the point of paranoia, but it is irrefutable that the DHS is most certainly preparing for civil war.

I have, among many other things on the subject, read both Mein Kampf, the Third Reich as well as many written accounts of the years, months and days leading up to Hitler’s take over of Democratic Free Germany, and as I said, almost no one saw it coming.  This my friend, is precisely what is occurring right now right here and right under our noses.  Moreover, almost no one sees it coming!

I fear for the unprepared citizens of America, so I have written a small book that might help.  It’s called “A Complete Guide to Basic Preparedness”. And by the way it is free to do anything you want with.  But I’m afraid if you haven’t done anything at all to prepare yourself and your family by now, it may already be too late.  At the risk of being too dramatic I almost feel like I can hear the all too familiar sounds of bombs falling and machine guns firing in the streets while I hurriedly struggle to write this article and get it published.  

Let this be a warning to you, a “Hue and Cry” if you will,   of what is obviously just down the road of America’s future.  Just imagine the possibility of a war right outside your living room window.  No matter how prepared we are, we will never be totally prepared for what is to come.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I would like to say that I hope I haven’t scared you nearly to death, but I won’t - because I hope at the very least I woke you up to the fact that “SOMETHING EVIL THIS WAY COMES”.
Moreover, it ‘will’ be soon, ‘very soon’…

May God be with you my friend and thanks for listing – de Andréa

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