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It all begins with IGNORANCE, and as you can see, I have displayed just under my banner at the top, the next three steps that one can expect to follow, all because of ignorance.  

By de Andréa
January 30, 2013

I certainly do not want to put the kibosh on anyone’s efforts to fight for the truth and what is right, but ignorant expectations must be brought to light.  I have only the highest regard for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) they are an organization dedicated to the defense of constitutional liberties and God given rights secured by law.

I received a letter from Jordan Sekulow ACLJ Executive Director.  It is about Pastor Saeed Abedini, who is a U.S. citizen and was sentenced to eight years in one of Iran's most brutal and deadly prisons (he likely won’t live more than a few months) “merely” because he is a Christian.

I would like you to read that letter below, and then I will explain what I mean by the title “Ignorance”.

“Dear de Andrea,

After a short sham trial, Iran has convicted American Pastor Saeed Abedini – a U.S. citizen – and sentenced him to eight years in one of Iran's most brutal and deadly prisons – merely because he is a Christian.

Iran has violated Pastor Saeed's human rights, violated its own constitution, and violated multiple international treaties and covenants that it voluntarily and willingly signed.

At the ACLJ, we are mobilizing a domestic and international effort to pressure Iran to abide by its treaties and agreements.  We are calling on the United Nations and the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights to directly intervene and demand Pastor Saeed's release.

More than 250,000 of you signed our petition to ask the Obama Administration to intervene, and the White House and State Department responded.  Take action.  Sign this new petition to mobilize the international community.

Jordan Sekulow
ACLJ Executive Director”

As I said, I certainly commend the efforts of the ACLJ as they have been working on this issue of getting Pastor Saeed Abedini freed for some time now.  Moreover, if you would like to sign the petition and/or contribute as I did, you can do that by clicking on the Highlighted Hyperlink, but because I know and understand Islam, their religion and culture, I would never have written a letter with ignorant expectations like this. 

I will address the letter a paragraph at a time
For the most part the opening paragraph is informing me of what has transpired regarding the Pastor, except for the last six words and I quote… “– merely because he is a Christian.”  In Islam being a Christian is a serious offence and isn’t so “merely” as is stated.  The reason I am going to pick this apart is not to decry or derogate the effort by the ACLJ to get this man released, but to point out the ignorance that is typical in the West about the Nation of Islam.  If one is a Christian in Islam one has three choices under Sharia law, the first is to convert to Islam, the second is to submit to the slavery of Islam’s supremacy and pay a tribute called the Jizya, and the third if the first two are rejected, is execution by a public beheading.  This is serious stuff; to Muslims it is not just merely being a Christian” it is about Sharia law.  It is even worse if one converts from Islam to Christianity; it is then an automatic death penalty.  It is surprising however that Iran is actually being lenient, which could be because’ of the ACLJ making it a high profile international case.  Nevertheless I believe there will be an “OOPS” in the near future…another Muslim prisoner killed him, we’re so sorry! 

The second paragraph has to do with human rights, constitutional issues, treaties and the like.  One must understand in Islam there are no human rights, no rights at all, so it’s a non-issue for them.  As far as their own secular constitution is concerned, it doesn’t hold the same level of importance that our Western constitutions do.  In Islam, Sharia always trumps any other law including their own secular laws.  And treaties are covered in their book called the Hadith, the only purpose for treaties in Islam is to deceive the person or country the treaty is with.  They will negotiate hard and finally pretend that they have compromised and got some of what they wanted, all for your benefit, but the treaty means nothing to them.   

The third paragraph has to do with the effort to get Iran to abide by those treaties, which I guarantee they won’t, and to get the United Nations to enforce human rights which as I said doesn’t exist in Islam, or the United Nations for that matter.

And finally the forth and last paragraph is about the petition, and to get Obama to do something to save one of Americans Christian citizens who has been prosecuted and sentenced for violating the laws of a foreign country.  First Obama cannot do much and second he will not do anything unless it puts a feather in his Muslim chechia (Muslim hat) as a great humanitarian or something.

In order to deal with any situation regarding Islam, first one must understand the mind set of the enemy and that my friend is the point of this article.  The Western mind has a difficult time wrapping itself around the religion and culture of the Mid-East because it is totally antipodal to our own culture.  Islam is not only a religion but it is the law and government of the land, it dictates everything from who one prays to and how; to the food one eats, to personal hygiene, to politics and war and on and on.  And to us that is extremism. 

Murder under many circumstances is expectable under Sharia.  For example a father can murder his child if the child brings dishonor to the family by just dressing inappropriately, it has happened here in America in Europe in Canada and everywhere there are Muslims.  Or if a woman is raped she can be buried up to her neck in the sand and then stoned to death.  There is a long list of legal murders in Islam and being a Christian, a Jew, or anything other than a Muslim is one of them. Moreover, wherever a Muslim is, as far as they are concerned, it is the Nation of Islam with its culture, religion, Sharia law, and hate for the infidel.  But if you on the other hand are in their country the same rule applies, but its up-side-down, it is still the nation of Islam and you are an infidel.  Your culture, your religion, and your rights, are in violation of their law, period.

So the letter is of course from the Western point of view and it lacks the understanding of the opposition completely, and therefore has unreasonable expectations.  This is not just that the ACLJ is ignorant, it is the entire Western culture including our congress, treaties for example should never be made with an Islamic Nation, they are automatically one sided, Islam totally disregards them as insignificant and are agreed to, only to deceive the ignorant infidel.  Look at all the treaties that were made between the Israelis and the so-call Palestinians, nearly a hundred.  How many has the Palestinian Hamas abided by?  NONE!  It’s just what they do and it is what they are.

THE BOTTOM LINE : When I read this letter as innocently ignorant as it is, the ignorance and lack of understanding and unreasonable expectations of Iran abiding by any form of humanity or treaties or even their own constitution, just jumped out at me.  In studying the religion and culture of Islam for over 20 years I see this ignorance as being at the root of the problem in dealing with these barbaric inhumane children of Satan.  All this ignorance accomplishes is deception and enablement of the enemy and finally our own destruction, whether it is in Iran or in America.

My prayers and I hope yours, are of course with Pastor Abedini, that God will watch over him, keep him safe, and give him the strength to endure, as well as the effort of the ACLJ to get him released from prison.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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